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Becoming a MAN to Erotic Girl

Hi readers, I am Jake. I am from Kerala, Kottayam. I would like to narrate my story here.This is the story happened to me in real life. I am having a little girlish body. In college for college day celebration we all are planning for a variety programme then somebody brought the idea of an item dance, then my friends compelled me to dress like a girl and do the dance and all others will act as males, after few resistance I was forced to agree to that.
On the day before programme we decided for a dressed rehearsal. I went to bathroom my friends also came they asked me to stand in underwear and I did they helped me to shave my whole body since I am fair my skin was glowing and looking so smooth exactly like girls, they removed hair from my legs, thighs, hands, belly, and from chest. And then I took bath, during bath I felt a little fun and shaved my pubic part and ass too.
After bathing I applied red nail polish to my nails of leg and hands, I wore pink colored sponge filled bra and pink panty, then I put sleeveless glittering blouse stitched for me which is low neck and just covering my boobs and with hanging beads to the naval area and mini skirt with skinny material which just only covers my thighs & also I got a high heels. Then I put some trendy necklace, bangles, kammal, kollusu and some rings on my fingers.
Then I started applying makeup firstly I fit a long hair wig which really looks like original it was my friends sisters she made it from Gulf gate when she was taking chemotherapy. Then applied kajal to eyes and my friends made me to do threading to my eyebrows to get more originality. Then I put blood red colored lip color and applied lip gloss over it. Applied same color to my eye shadow… When I looked in the mirror I was really astonished I looking exactly like girls.
We did the programme all said I was looking so sexy in that dress and really they felt like shagging. I felt so shy to hear that from my friends and seniors after dance many friends touched and pressed my boobs and ass as if I am a girl, I enjoyed that and it made me horny. Next day all my friends went home since it is semester break , I felt so shy to go home in such a situation with shaved body and eyebrows like girls so I planned to remain in hostel then I remembered about my +2 friend, he is dawn, now studying in Bangalore, he was having some attraction to my body, I realized that in our +2 tour he was sharing bed with me in night I felt his hands over my ass then he slide it into my shorts and grabbed my fleshy big ass and played with it I remain as if in deep sleep. I planned to go to Bangalore and I called him and said about the situation then he said when I am coming bring my girl dress and makeup kit also, he want to see me in girl dress, I agreed and went to Bangalore, he came with his car and took me to his flat. He was alone in that flat.
I asked him where the bathroom is and for a towel he gave me towel and soap and said after bathing he wants to see me in girls dress. I said ok and went to bath room and shaved my body again to make it smoother. First, I washed my face well with a gentle cleanser, shaved my face and applied moisturizer, kept it for a while to get soaked by my skin. Apply foundation evenly to your entire face with a makeup sponge. Then I applied concealer, which helped me in dark spots, ruddy areas and veins.
Then I gone for blush, I swept blush downward from the ear to mid-cheek, beginning in line with the top of the ear and ending at the end of the apple of your cheek. I used pencil eyeliner; finally I applied red color lipstick matching to my top. I saw myself in the mirror and oh my god I looked awesome. I was really happy. I put earrings and nose rings, combed my hair. I really looked hot. Wore bra, panty and dress I got. I looked myself in the mirror again, my heart started pounding at very huge rate.
Then I went to him, he was watching TV, he saw me and he was sitting with his mouth wide open. “You cannot be the person who went inside”, he said. “You are truly beautiful. Come here come sit next to me.” And I went. He started kissing me slowly all over my face and neck. I was enjoying myself immensely. His one hand was constantly fondling my nipple and pinching it through the blouse. He gently pushed me down on the sofa.
He was over me and licking my neck and the little cleavage. He slowly went down and licks my navel. He licked my armpits and soon, there wasn’t an inch on my upper body that his sensuous tongue hadn’t passed over. I shuddered with pleasure and moaned with slightly parted lips. Then told me that I look beautiful and he asked me to follow him and he took me to his bedroom and he closed the door and my heart beat began to increase and he sat on a chair he told me that I have a nice round ass and asked me to kneel down before him. I obeyed him then told me that my girl name is Sonia and I’m his sissy slave whore. Then he pushed me to nearest wall and started kissing me.
I felt nothing while kissing him back, because I was not a boy that time, I was feeling like a girl he rubbed his lips on to my lips, started moving his hand in my hair. I closed my eyes responding him and he took my upper lip between his lips and started licking it. After that he probed his tongue inside my mouth and searching for my tongue our tongues met, lips were on each other.
He asked me that who owns me and I told him that its him and he owns my cock and he told me to come closer and took a packet from the table it was a chastity device cb 6000 I was really afraid and begged him not to do that and he told me that he owns it and even I have no right to touch it he then put it on my cock and locked it. I was crying then he told me that it’s to keep me in high sex drive after cumming every male lost interest in sex.
I’m his sissy bitch and every time when he needs me I should do that whatever it is and he then pulled me up and kissed on my lips and squeezed my butts. He again made me kneel down and asked me to remove his pants. I do as he told and he then lowers his pants and took out his cock, its 8 inches thick black cock. He asked me to open my mouth and he put his cock in my mouth and asked me to suck it. I sucked it and after sometime he took his cock out of my mouth.
Then he removed my dress and made me to stand in bra and panty. I started to shiver with excitement and anticipation. Then took some snaps in that dress and in different sexy pos. then he removed my bra. He gave me a full kiss on my lips and was pushing his tongue deep in my mouth. He just did not stop there; he in fact bit my lips and my chin. He was acting as if he has gone mad by lust. He kissed through my neck and started licking my boy boobs; he drew circles with his tongue tip around my dark nipples that I was pushing them out for him. After teasing me for some time, he actually sucked the whole of my left boy-breast into his mouth. He sucked them so hard while his hands were squeezing my other breast. I don’t know how to describe that feeling. It was simply great!! Then he started teasing my nipple by biting them gently, sending shivers through my body. He sniffed my arm-pits and made me lift my hand and to my surprise he started licking the sweat beads from there. His tongue was doing wonders on my young body.
He then led me to his dining room and asked me to lie on the dining table which was a round table of 5feet and made of wood. I was lying on the table, exposing myself as a 7-course dinner for this hungry friend. He started kissing and sucking my feet and then he started moving up from my feet till my waist line. He squeezed my waist with both his hands and then kissed me just below my naval button. He licked the entire waist-line and then like in a porn movie, he held my panty between his teeth and started rolling it down to my feet. My boy cock sprung up into the air, standing erect like a lamp-post. He just stared at the “now-fully-naked” body of mine and was enjoying to the fullest.
Dawn gently spread my thighs and was enjoying the sight of my soft ball-sac hanging down till the beginning of my ass-crack. He gave a very soft kiss on my balls which made me let out a gentle moan. He liked the way i moaned and kissed me more on my ball-sac and slowly swallowed the whole of my sac in his mouth. Like a sex expert, he rubbed the tip (lips) of my cock with his thumb. The pre-cum gave a very good lubrication for this act and i was moaning like a girl. He changed his focus from my ball-sac and started to show his mastery on my erect tool. He attacked the lips of my cock with the tip of his tongue and was trying to open the piss-hole of my cock, slowly he peeled down the foreskin and the musky smell of the boy-cock filled up the air. He gently licked the under-side of the boy-knob and it literally made me shiver with pleasure. And then he put the head of my cock in his mouth and started sucking so hard. I was not able to control my emotions and was on the verge of Cumming. He suddenly stopped sucking my cock and asked me to turn around and stand on all four legs so that my boy-buns will be facing him. I stood like a bitch waiting to be penetrated. But he had different plans for me. He, in fact, was enjoying the sight of a young boy, with juicy buns, bending and exposing his world for him to be explored.
There were no more secrets, no more hidings, and no barriers to conceal my nakedness from this man. I am showing him things which even i never saw in my life. And he was enjoying this supremacy over me. With his rough hands he parted my boy-buns so that he has a wonderful view of my boy-hole. His hands were enjoying the fleshiness of my boy buns and he showed no mercy in enjoying their sponginess and softness. He parted my buns so wide as if he wanted to tear open my boy-hole. Then, to my greatest pleasure, he started licking my ass-crack from the top till the place where the ball-sac hung down. Slowly the licking became stronger, it was almost like sucking, and he was sucking really hard and then it became almost like biting and all this while i was moaning like a bitch. He wanted me to moan more. He was encouraging me to moan loudly and keep muttering his name during my moans and also to say that he is the sexiest person i have ever met .honestly I didn’t had any problems in doing so, because indeed he was the best!!
He slowly pushed his tongue inside my boy-hole and i could feel the muscles around my whole twitching for more. His tongue moved in and out of my hole that my horny hole wanted more of it. He realized it and then he inserted his finger inside my hole. Still, my hole wanted more of meat inside it and he slowly inserted his other finger also and without a warning he inserted one more finger and this time, it was painful, but he didn’t care about it, he started moving his fingers in and out of my hole and i was moaning with pain and pleasure. His other hand was slapping the soft dangling ball-sac which was hanging freely between my thighs. He was enjoying the way my dangling ball-sac would swing with each of his slap and the way i moan with his every slap and his fingers fucking my hole. Sometimes he will stop and start spanking and biting my ass buns and give a tight squeeze on my boy-boobs. This routine continued for almost 5minutes until i was not able to control my passion anymore. He sensed it and this time he increased the pace of his finger fucking and ball-slapping. He increased the pace of the rhythm so much that i was literally gasping for breath and i was moaning uncontrollably. He increased the pace further, the whole table was shaking, and there was total submission from my side. I was moaning loudly and i kept repeating his name and then i let out a loud cry and a huge load of cum spurted one after another on to the dining table. He still continued his activity though my ass muscles where giving wild spasms and finally i just collapsed onto the table, almost my senses knocked out.
I woke up by the gentle kisses on my lips. I looked at his face and smiled with shyness and gratitude and admiration. He held my face in his palms and gave a passionate kiss on my lips. I did not make any attempts to cover myself, mainly because i knew he was enjoying my nakedness and this was the least i could do for my friend who gave so much of pleasure. Then he said he wants his cock inside me and said you sexy bitch walk to bed room and I followed him. Then he told me to lie on the bed. I turned doggie style on the bed and he wore a condom and applied some oil on his finger and inserted it inside. I felt great. After a little bit of finger fucking he kept his dick on my ass and gave a push.
My ass started to pain. And I shouted “aaahhhhhh…..sss slowly.” He took it out. And then again gave a push. This time it hurt even more. But I closed my eyes and tried to bear the pain. Tears rolled down my cheek but I didn’t say a word.
And started moaning like a bitch… Dawn had inserted almost half of his dick in me. He suddenly took all of it out from my ass. And then suddenly in a single push his 6.5 inches dick was fully in my ass. I was not able to scream even.
He started stroking and I was like “ mmmm,,mmmmm cum on.” I’m your slut and I need your cum. I’ve been waiting for your cum. fuck me, fuck me hard! Please!” This drove him into frenzy and he grabbed my shoulders and fucked my ass furiously. Was again begging like a whore for more and more. His thick and long dick was like a magician’s wand. My ass started paining but it was such a sweet pain that I wish I feel that pain for my lifetime in my ass. My ass was torn apart. And he was thrusting his cock in me with increased force each time.
And I was shouting in pleasure. I was feeling like a complete girl now. He was fucking me like a dog. His thrusts were so forceful that I started crying and tears rolled down my eyes and pleaded him to leave me. But he kept on fucking me like a whore. And finally came up. He took out his dick from my ass and went away. I was lying alone in the room on that heavenly bed.
Then I woke up and went to wash myself, and then I went to him. He kissed me and told me that he wants to take me out in girls dress, we went to textile shop and brought some modern dress and went out in girls dress….i

Majboori Ne Banaya Gigelo

Hi sexy dosto
Mere naam Rahul hai. Umar 33 saal. Meri height 6 ft hai.
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Baat aaj se kai saal pahle ki hai. Mai ek ghar me pg rehta tha. Landalady koi 55 saal ki rich aurat thi. Pati marr gaya tha aur bacchey metros me rehte the.
Waha hum 2 log alag alag room me pg rehte the.
Hum aksar tv dekhne aur chai peene ke bahaane neechey jaaya karte the.
Hum unki respect karte the aur wo bhi humara khyal rakhti thi. Aur aksar humey gudie karti thi.
Hasee mazaak aur masti chalti thi. Par akelapan saaf dikhta tha.
Sidhey story pe aata hun.
Ek din mai jab akele tv dekh raha tha aunty ne kaha mai bathroom. Se naha kar aati hun. Tv par ek romantic film chal rahi thi.
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Achanak dekha aunty ne muzhey aawaaz lagayi. Mai bedhak aunty ke kamre me gaya to dekha aunty petticoat me thi aur upar se poori nangi. Gora rang tarbooz jaise boobs par abhi bhi thode kadak the.
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Mai aunty ke chaati ko dekhta reh gaya. Nazar hat hi nahi rahi thi aur pant me tamboo bana jaa raha tha.
Aunty mere paas aayi aur mere haatho ko uthakar apne gol gol papiton pe rakh diya aur kaha Rahul mai jaanti hun ye galat hai par aag hum dono ke andar hai.
Aaj mauka mila hai meri pyas buzha do mai tera poora khayal rakhungi.
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Uskey haatho ko aage karke ab mai uskey gaand me apna lund anadar baahar karne laga. Thodi der baar wo bhi gaand peechey karke mere saath dene lagi. Kareeb 25 min ki jordaar gaand marayi ke baad mai Jahr gaya aur uskey oopar hi let kar haanfne laga. 5 min lete rehne ke baad mai utha. Wo jab khadi hui to turant jameen pe gir gayi. Maine ussey sahara diya aur bistar pe leta diya. Uska sir ghoom raha tha aur jab uskey moonh se kapda nikaala wo jor jor se saans le rahi thi.
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Hope aap logo ko meri story pasand aayi hogi. Aaj mai gigelo hun aur dusre bhi kaam hai.

Lost My Virginity Who Turned Out To Be An Escort In Delhi

This is Sahil Khan here from Mumbai. I’m a big fan of IE n reading it since many years. I have a big fantasy to make love to adult ladies in their mid-30′s to mid-40′s.. I’m going to narrate you a real story of losing my virginity who was actually an escort from Delhi. Please forgive me if i do any mistakes as I’m not a professional writer and don’t know how to express the feelings in words.. Let me tell u about myself very frankly as i know many of them fake their looks on this page but i will u my truth.. I’m 6 ft. tall, fat guy with cute looks; size 6.7 inches long and 2.5 inches circumcised tool.
It was a winter of February in 2010…My college decided to make an industrial visit to Delhi for studying of how in real life the company operates.. When i reached in Delhi it was chill and the climate was very romantic. Two days past nothing happened just visited two three companies with whole group and damn it was boring. Third day we all frnds were sitting at our hotel room boring. One friend (who was basically from Delhi only) decided to go to a pub. Being a shy person n never had a gf in my life i first refused to go but frnds r frnds they took me with them.
After reaching the pub all of my friends just started boozing as if their no life tomorrow i was just sipping a mock tail.. I saw a girl who might be in her early 20′s was continuously staring at me n given a light smile. I also reciprocated. Suddenly she came to me and asked me to buy a drink for her.. I did as she commanded, we had a chat of about half an hour or so n came to know she is studying in college of fashion designing and frequently visit the pub. She enquired i was new to the place n i told her as i m from Mumbai n here for a small picnic kinda with my college group. After two three drinks she asked me to come out n have a walk with her.. I was stunned as it was happening with me for the first time but i said ok.. After few minutes of walking she asked me” can u drop me to my home? “I said “yes y not”. She invited me inside her house as she stays alone as i came to know that later on. She offered me coffee i accepted the offer. Let me describe about her little bit she was 23 years old, 5’5 height, fair and beautiful boobs and a nice round ass. Her name of Neha..Man she was a stunning beauty even impotent man’s dick can rise watching her beauty.
During a conversation i was staring at her beauty n she noticed it and thrown a bomb on me at that moment. She asked “do you like me? “My jaws were dropped that time hearing this.. I was hell scared what to say as I’m new to the city n if anything happens what will i do.. All these questions were arising in my mind. Again she asked a naughty way “I’ve been noticing u r admiring my beauty” to which i replied hesitatingly “you r beautiful girl n it’s my luck to b with u now as I’ve never got the opportunity to b with such a beautiful gal.” She smiled and stood up and followed to the bedroom and asked me follow her.. I’ve got confused what she is up-to? She started removing her clothes slowly staring at me giving a naughty smile.. I was stunned watching her action like that. I was out of my senses she came near to me n kept her glossy lips on my lips. A current passed throughout my body.. That was the first kiss of my life i was outta my mind dunno what to do. I dint let go of this opportunity and responded her with a deep French kiss. We indulged in this for around 10 minutes or so and fondling each other. I lift her up and put her on the bed and started removing her top n bottom.. She too removed my shirt and jeans..
Omg what a lovely pair of boobs she was having my eyes got widened watching the real boobs with my naked eyes for the first time. I dint wasted a second and pushed my lips to her nipple n started sucking like a baby drinking milk. With the other hand i was pressing her other boob, she was making wild noise and started inserting her hand inside my underwear. She removed it immediately and noticed my bulge and said “wow. U r Muslim?” i said “yes.. Y?” she said “i luv Muslim cocks” i was astonished and asked her curiously “you had sex before?” she replied “oh yes she luvs sex a lot” to which i replied “well I’m a virgin and this is my first time”. She was happy to hear this and pounced on me like a bitch and started eating me.. Her body was all over me, slowly she went down n teased me holding my dick in her hand n said “i luv this lollypop” and took it inside her mouth. Man i just can’t describe the feeling of the hotness of her lips just in few sucking i was about to cum. I told her that I’m going to cum but she was busy sucking my dick like a lollypop. In few seconds i exploded my cum in her mouth to which she took it happily and drank all of it.. She said u came so early it wasn’t your fault as this was the first time.. She told me to come to the bathroom and have bath together. During that period we were caressing each other body n licking it, my dick started to salute again to which she said “let’s go for real action”. I was worried as i don’t have the condom with me and asked her about this to which she said not to wry as she is clean n hygiene with disease free. She applied soap on my penis and told me to lie down on the floor. As i lied down she came on top of me and started to insert my dick in her pussy.. In one stroke it went inside very smoothly. I was in heaven.. It was so hot n wet i can’t tell u guys.. Feeling a pussy without condom is world’s best feeling. She started to pump on me slowly. Her boobs were bouncing like a ball and i was playing with it. After about 2 3 minutes she told me to come in doggy style.. I dint knew how to do it as i was new. She guided me and i started fucking her like anything. I fucked her for around 5 minutes and exploded my whole cum inside her pussy and she loved it very much. We came out of bathroom n i was really tired as i cummed twice in brief time. We lied down together on bed. She told me “i have to tell u something”.
I asked “what” she said” I’m a part time escort worker”. I was completely out of my mind hearing this. I said “u should have told me this earlier as i had sex with u without protection”. She said “don’t wry dear i don’t do it without a condom with others”.
I asked “y a special treatment to me?” she said “u told me that u r a virgin guy and liked your cute looks n smile”. I said “as u r an escort so u will charge me a fees” she said “no dear i wont, as it was my choice to have fun with u not yours.” i was amazed hearing this. She said “u r nice guy and it’s hard to find such man nowadays.” then we had small snacks together as it was around 2 am in night n we were hungry after our session. Later on i asked her “if u don’t mind can we do it again?” she replied “y not my love” and we had sex whole night till 7 am in d morning and then we slept in each other’s arms. It was my life’s first best sex encounter which is still fresh in my memories till date.

Finger Fucked On 1st Date!!!!

Hi, I am a regular reader of IE from last two years, after reading stories from so long, I thought today why not I also participate in uploading my real sex story here, before I start posting my story, let me introduce myself first, my name is Sanjay (real name), I am 43 years now, residing in Ahmadabad, I am married and a Casanova, flirty by nature.
Now, over to the story, It is a real story which took place in the year 1997, at that time I was doing business from Kolkata to Bangladesh, I used to travel frequently, one evening I landed Kolkata from Bangladesh (Dhaka) and from the airport I called my friend and told him that I have landed and where is he, he told me to come to one restaurant and from the airport I directly went to the restaurant. He was dating a Bengali female. I got introduced to her, her name was Mona (name changed) and she was damm sexy and all the while I was staring at her while sipping my beer which she noticed and gave a smile in return, which was an invitation of her equivalent attraction towards me. While sipping beer we became a little friendly and my friend (he is very close to me – we did 3some many times) noticed it and after few hours when it was the time for departing he told me to drop this girl which she and me both accepted with thanks.
I took the car of my friend and me and Mona started for her home, on the way I showed some courage and took her hand in my hand and succeeded in holding her hands without any resistance from her, and she showed some courage to lock our fingers which encouraged me. I then took my hands on her shoulder and pulled her towards me and placed a kiss on her cheek for which she gave a smile and kissed back to me on my lips. While driving we chatted and became more familiar with each other and once you are chatting with a female of equivalent interest then time passes in no time and we reached near her home it made me sad that we are going to part away now.
I was reluctant to just drop her which she understood and was smiling wickedly learning about my desire.
She asked me wickedly what is it, I asked her in return where is my smooch, she said it’s here, it made me happy, seeing my sparkling smile on my face she said park the car in the by-lane which I did without wasting any time, after I parked the car I pulled her to me and placed my lips on her and started kissing her passionately, she put her tongue inside my mouth which I started sucking, I wrapped her in my arms tightly and was kissing her passionately which she was loving and I could smell her body fragrance which was making me insane. I kept her kissing and while kissing I moved my hand on her knitted top and started to press her left boob from outside the knitted top and I could make out that she loved it. While having this intimate closeness my dick was getting hard, I removed her top along with the bra (she was wearing a black bra) and her both the lovely melons popped out, size must be 34, which I gazed at and greedily I took them in both my hands and pressed them and in the interim the kisses were on. I now moved downwards to take her melons in my mouth and started to suck those lovely melons and started to bite her nipples and she started to moan in pleasure and whispered in my ears ohhhh Sanju I’m loving it, please don’t stop, suck it more and more and bite it more harder, I could not resist myself and fondled / bit her hard on nipples, I was sucking her boobies and took them deep in my mouth as if I want to eat them completely and her nipples were rock hard like a mountain tip. While I was sucking her boobies and biting her nipples the color of the nipples went pinkish red and I sucked her nipples and she was getting wet down, I unzipped her jeans and started to rub her pussy from outside her panty which was completely wet by her salty flowing waters.
She was so hot at that time and she could not control herself and she unzipped my jeans and took my fully erected hard tool in her hand and started to kiss it in madness like if there was no tomorrow. When she took my tool in her hand I slid her panty down and started fingering her wet pussy and slowly slid my middle figure in her pussy and she took my cock in her mouth and started to give me a blow job, I took out my finger from her honey hole and I went down to her pussy and her wet pussy fragrance made me wild and I put my face near to her pussy and touched her vaginal cave entrance with my tongue and I started to lick her wet pussy which was having a salty taste and I started to lick her more and more and after licking her few minutes she was sweating in excitement and then I took out my hankie and wiped out her sweat and this time I started fingering her honey hole and this time it was deeper and deeper and my thumb was rubbing her clitoris and she was shivering in excitement and moaning in ecstasy. There was a look of ecstasy on her face. She gave me a nice blow job and I finger fucked her on day 1 of our introduction. We both reached an orgasm without doing intercourse and dressed our self and I dropped her with a deep smooch and went back home, I was not completely satisfied and I masturbated while thinking of this scene and I ejaculated more, then we chatted on phone for some time with a promise that first thing to do in the morning when we wake up would be to talk on phone.
Next morning we talked on phone and will tell the next meeting story in my next post, till then bye.

Trained My Girlfriend To Be A Slut, Now Regretting It

My name is Akshat (24 yrs., 5.9 ft.) and my girlfriend name is Priyanka (21, 5.4 ft.). She is one hot girl every guy dreams to fuck. She has a figure of 34-27-36. In my last story “Trained My Girlfriend To Be A Slut, Now Enjoying Every Moment Of It”. I thank you people for giving it high rating. In that I explained how I trained her to get horny in public and enjoy the strangers occasionally. She now obeys all my commands like a trained horny bitch.
This is also based on real incident which happened few months back. I have a college friend (Rohit). He and my girlfriend works in the same company (They got placed together from college). 3 of us were best friends in college. He knew all about both of us. How we used to fuck like rabbits all the time but what he did not know was that Priyanka was horny as slut and love to have a stranger bang her once a while. He knew she was horny but thought only for me (Akshat) but in reality she is just horny.
She was not that bright from the starting. She always required someone to help her out in doing things and since she is now working in an MNC, it was difficult for her to cope up with all the work. I knew she is having troubles in office. She was horny but not actually a slut. She used to wear proper clothes to office and not reveal anything. It’s just that when I used to come to meet her at home or go somewhere out with her, we both used to make full use of it to fulfill our fantasy.
Since I cannot help her as our job is not related, I thought there would be no harm in taking help from colleagues so while having phone sex at night. I asked her if she is okay to flirt with her colleagues to get little help from them. I told her that I will be fine because it is only flirt and not sex or anything. She told me that she can get into trouble also. I suggested let’s try it once and see how it goes so she agreed.
I asked her to wear trousers which are tight on her juicy ass with no panty and a translucent wide neck white shirt from which everyone if standing close can make out that she is wearing a black bra. I also told her to wear a little bra so that her big firm boobs stay bit outside giving a deep, juicy cleavage on that white skin. She went shopping the next day for these and similar clothes and then on the next day she was ready to try what we planned. I called my friend Rohit as well to make sure nobody misbehaves with her and since Priyanka and Rohit were in the same project but different team. It was bit easy for him to do what I asked him. She came to office that day. Even Rohit was stunned after looking her.
Now everything from Rohit’s point of view which he told me later when we met. She sat on her chair and started working. Her manager came to talk to her. He was standing next to him and early morning he got a very good hard on thanks to Priyanka’s juicy tits and cleavage which was more visible from top. Manager enjoyed for a while and then left. I (Rohit) thought it will be one interesting day for sure.
I went to Priyanka, fuck her boobs are so delicious. If I was not her friend I would have started sucking them then and there. I told her that if you ever feel uncomfortable let me know. Akshat has asked me to take care of you today. She was happy to hear that and said ok.
We have a stand up meeting in which whole team gathers in a room and update the manager about their work progress and the manager tells everyone what all needs to be done on that day. That meeting room is a small room as compared to the no. of team members plus the room is bit dark also as 1 of the tube light was not working that day. Since I was on a different team I was unable to go inside and check on her but from outside I can make out that she is in front of a guy that also at the corner of the room.
I sat in other meeting room with lights off so that no one can see me, which was in front the room in which Priyanka was present and from where I can easily see her. I msged her “Are you comfortable? Who are the guy behind you?” She replied “I am ok. Bit congested but nothing to worry about. He is Ankit (6 feet. Good muscular physique). Works with me on the same tech. in project”. Now I was just sitting. When suddenly I noticed that Ankit gently started rubbing his cock on Priyanka’s ass. She might have not noticed but few minutes later I can see Ankit’s both hands on her waist. It’s as if he is holding her and trying to fuck her ass. I thought Akshat needs to know about this so I called him but his cell was switched off so I thought I will record and then show him. I started the recording.
Story from Priyanka’s point of view. Ankit is rubbing his cock on my ass what should I do. Akshat told me to flirt but this is getting out of hands now. This meeting will go long and I cannot leave or say also. What should I do…ahhhhh (soft moan). I am not wearing panty. His cock is growing over my butt line and I can feel everything as if I am not even wearing anything. The cloth of this trouser is so thin.
He is intelligent and can help me also with my work but this was not what I and Akshat agreed. He will get so mad if he founds out. I hope Ankit does not figure out that I am getting wet because of his abuse. His cock is feeling so good. Ohh yeeeahhh. Wish there was no one right now. I could have moved my body a little. 20 mins. Meeting went and whole 20 mins. Ankit abused my ass with his monster cock. While leaving the room. He squeezed my ass with both hands and pinched my ass cheek as well. Ohhh..that was 20 mins. In heaven. I went to loo immediately and fingered myself. I came out after 10 mins. and met Rohit. He asked if should talk to Ankit or not. I refused, I said don’t worry things did not go out of hand.
Same day evening. I (Rohit) was searching for Priyanka to give her a message from Akshat. Message was that he does not want you to continue with flirting plan as it was really looking risky. I was unable to see her at her desk. I called her but she was not picking my call. I was just passing by when I heard some noise from the storage room which is at the corner of that floor and usually nobody goes in there apart from maintenance people.
I peeked from key hole and I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes. It was Priyanka with her trousers down till knees, bent slightly making sexy arch from back and her tight round ass towards Ankit and Ankit was sitting on a chair watching from behind. It was as if she is strip teasing for him. Priyanka said “Ankit see my wet cunt. How is it? Do you like my juicy firm ass baby. You have teased me so much in meeting room. I wanted to take your big cock inside there only..ahhhhh. Do you like my pussy juice flowing till my thighs? Do you want to lick it off me my love?”
Ankit now got up and stood behind her and started rubbing her dick over his jeans on that bubble butt of my friend’s girlfriend. I was so surprised to see Priyanka like this. She was looking as if she has become slave to Ankit’s cock. Priyanka enjoyed his cock over his jeans on her ass for few mins. then she turned around and went down without asking. Started removing his jeans and as soon as his cock was out in front of her she said “Ohh fuck Ankit, I didn’t know you have such an awesome cock. I would have fucked you long back only if I knew it before. Ahhhhhhh Ankit. Its smell is making my pussy so wet. The precum is flowing till your balls. Let me lick it for you my master. I am your slave. Fuck me my master. Punish your whore. Make me your bitch for today. Ohhhh fuck Ankit”.
With one hand she was massaging his balls to get more precum and from the other stroking his cock. She was taking his whole cock in her mouth and I could clearly see Ankit’s precum and her saliva dribbling from the sides of lips while she was enjoying sucking it. Priyanka sucked him for around 10 mins. straight. She was literally choking on his precum but she was not stopping at all and Ankit also holding her hair, sometimes holding her head with both hands and fucking her mouth. Most of the office was empty so there was no risk for them as well for me too. I was also enjoying with my cock out and stroking on the view of my friend Priyanka’s hot blowjob session. I completely forgot that Akshat has asked me to keep her out of trouble and here I was enjoying the sight of his girlfriend’s naked body.
Now Ankit pushed Priyanka on floor and jumped over her as if an animal has found his prey. Came over her and started unbuttoning her shirt. Once done he stared those juicy firm tits of her’s who if anybody sees would want to suck on them whole night. If a virgin sees those juicy boobs so close to him, he probably ejaculate without even doing anything. Even I was having hard time not to imagine myself with Priyanka at that time. I was fucking horny and forget that she is my friend and my friend Akshat’s girlfriend. If I was with her, I would have had my way with her not matter what. I would have fucked the brains out of this sexy whore with lovely firm tits and tight pussy. Ohhhh fuck.
Ankit was one lucky bastard. He was sucking and biting those tits. Giving her bite marks all over them. She was moaning in pleasure…”ohhhhh Ankit..yeessss suck my tits. Drink my milk my love. Shake them. I like when you shake them baby. Bite my nipples..ohhh fuck. Fuck Ankit. I can’t resist you anymore. I want your precum dribbling cock inside me right now. Please fuck your bitch. I want you to hump me like an animal. Fuck me hard and deep. My pussy is so wet for you. Come on naa..please fuck me…fuck me..fuck me…”
Ankit put on a condom quickly and started to push his cock inside her and Priyanka like his personal whore, with her legs open in missionary position and with both hands stretching her pussy lips so that Ankit can easily go deep. As soon as he started, Priyanka was now moaning like a slut and her voice also raised with the pleasure she was getting from that pain Ankit was giving. “Ohhh fuck !!!!! Fuck me Ankit. You cock is so thick. My boyfriend’s cock is huge but I like thick cocks. I like when they stretch my pussy to the limit..ohhhhh yeeeahhhh..yes like that my jaan. Ohhh..ummmm…come on start pumping up my pussy. Ohh yeahh..ohhh yeahhh. Come over me, I want you to brutally squeeze my boobs and suck all the nectar from my lips. Kiss me Ankit. I am all yours. Don’t stop. Keep digging in. Fuck me hard..make your bitch moan in pain with your big thick cock.”
After 15 mins. in missionary position they switched to spoon position. I was all in front of me. Ankit with hand holding her boob and with the other spanking her like she is a whore. The sound of spanking was so loud and even louder was Priyanka’s moan. She was with her one hand massaging Ankit’s balls while being fucked by his cock and with the other pinching her nipples. Her head was back towards Ankit and both were sucking each other lips. She was literally drinking his saliva and whole time looking into his eyes.
After fucking for another 15-20 mins. He removed his condom and unloaded all of his cum on her body. Her face, boobs all were covered with his thick sperm. She licked all of it from her boobs. She cleaned his dick by sucking another couple of mins. That time I quickly left from there to the loo. I also masturbated with her image in my mind.
This is what Rohit told me (Akshat) later. He also told me that her project got changed and she never wore dress like that again to office. He kept eyes over her for few months but never saw her doing such thing again but he had seen her occasionally enjoying people rubbing their dicks in crowded office lift on her ass. I couldn’t believe what I heard. Priyanka never told me anything about this incident. I have not confronted her till now. Will use this to my benefit someday. Will plan something special for my slut girlfriend.

Alone in Summer With ROhan..........

One summer afternoon, i was alone at home. Or at least that is what i thought. My younger brother Rohan was gone for the day at his friend’s place. And dad as usual was at his office. He had already told me that he was going to be working till late. Finishing my daily routine of household chores had left me quiet sweaty, more than usual. But i have to accept that those chores kept me in perfect shape. I am Ruhi. 26 years old; unmarried and pursuing PhD. I liked to keep myself clean n nicely groomed. I was 33-28-34
Not the most wanted figure but not so bad either. I was never curvy from my earlier childhood. My growing up phase gave me this figure. I am quite happy about it. So, coming back from my memory lane, i was all sweaty n dirty… I was getting ready to go for bath when d doorbell rang.
I was dressed in shirts n a short tee as i was all alone at home. I saw Rohan standing at the door. He was looking quiet impatient. His impatient look triggered me to tease him more.
I answered the door saying that i am changing so it will take me 2 minutes to open. Hearing this he was surprised. His face had an interesting look. It was as if he would just break d door to see me change. This excited me. Until that moment i had not realized that my baby brother had really grown up and had moved out of that shy boy phase. He had a stupid grin with a little hint of guilt on his face. I opened d door to let him in. He gave me a head to toe look and went straight to his room at full speed. This was unusual and new for me, as he had never reacted to my any kind of provocative dressing like today.
I closed the door and shouted to by brother that i was going for bath and went to my room. I usually locked my room while i went for bath as i never closed my bathroom door. That day for some reason i kept my bedroom door ajar as well as my bathroom door ajar. I went in shower, closed my shower curtain removed my cloths and started shower. After a few minutes in the shower i heard my bedroom door opening. I knew that it must be Rohan. I behaved as if i had not heard the noise. Then the door to my bathroom opened a little bit and i knew that he was watching me. He didn’t know that i could see him through my curtain. I was surprised that he had changed his cloths. He was in his shorts alone. I kept on taking shower. I was enjoying him looking at me. I started rubbing my hand one after the other. Then i rubbed my face slowing coming down to my neck then my breasts. I was paying special attention to my boobs. I started massaging them. I was pulling and punching my nipples. I was so excited myself that i took a risk of taking a look at Rohan. My actions must have excited him too. He was rubbing himself over his shorts. I started playing with my boobs with one hand and my other hand went down over my tummy and then down between my thighs.
By this time Rohan had put his hand inside his shorts. This excited me even more and i started rubbing my clitoris. I was so engrossed in myself that i didn’t know what Rohan was doing. The hot water on my body, my hand on my breast and my rubbing my clitoris had taken me to another world. I didn’t notice when i started moaning Rohan’s name. He must have heard it, as i was taken by surprise when his hand took hold of my other breast from behind me. I was taken by surprise and a shriek left my mouth. Rohan pulled me towards him and put his other hand on my mouth. He put his lips on my neck, kissed me there and then bit my ear lobe. Both of us were too aroused. He moved his hand from my mouth and moved it down my neck, boobs, and tummy and over my hand near my pussy. He took my hand away from there and instead put his. Before i could react, he put one of his fingers inside me. I took a breath in. It was nothing like before. He slowly started moving his finger. It was amazing feeling. Out of the blue he pulled his finger out and inserted two together. I gasped. I was already moaning loudly. He was biting and kissing me on my neck, ears, and back. I was nearing my orgasm. I knew Rohan could feel that from my breathing. He started rubbing my clitoris faster and faster. And i just came.
I was gone beyond speaking ability at this time. He turned me to face him and kissed me full on lips. He lifted me unto his waist and rested me against the shower wall. This was the first time i noticed that he had taken off his shorts off. He must not have been wearing any underwear as i could only see his shorts on the bathroom floor. Before i could react any further he simply put his pennies in my. He stretched me fully. He was pretty long and thick. I could feel his hot rod intruding me. I loved the feel too much to stop him. He started moving in and out. Initially he started slowly and then faster and faster. We went on like this for quite some time, finally both of us cumming together. He was inside me. We finished off the bath in silence and got out. He went to his room saying that i should get dressed and he would be back after getting dressed. I knew we had a talk coming up………

Mom forced to fuck to Save Aunty!!!!!!!!!

Hello friends. I am back with another story. As I said in the previous story I see these stories as an escape route from my desire for an incestual relationship. This story is just fiction which is being narrated by the son Ganesh.
I am 20 years old. This story happened when I was 11. My mother was 36 years old then. She is a tall woman with a slightly bulky body and average looks. Her name is Mini. She is a loyal wife and a conservative lady. Her figure is 36-32-34. she always wears saree and that too above the navel covering her belly properly.
Once my moms sister, Smitha paid us a visit. They decided to go for an English movie. We booked tickets for the 6. 30 pm show. Saying about Smitha aunty. She is a 29 year old spinster. She is slim, tall and is a beauty. But her tits are too small. She has a very good body shape that resembles Deepika Padukone.
It wasn’t a really crowded theatre. We got seats in a corner. There was no one else in our row. I fell asleep after about 15 minutes as I felt it boring. But my aunt and mom were very interested. I woke up just in time to see the words intervals flashing on screen. I was so tired that I didn’t raise my head. I saw Smitha aunty going outside towards the toilet.
Within 5 minutes, the movie had resumed but there was no sign of Smitha aunty. Finally after 5 more minutes she came panting towards mom. Aunt Smitha whispered something in her ears then both went out towards the toilet. I was confused. I waited for some time. They did not return. I got a bit worried and decided to go in search of them.
As expected the corridor of the theatre was empty as everyone were there inside watching the movie. I advanced towards the toilet from where I could hear the voices of my aunt and mom. I couldn’t clearly make out what they were saying. They were not alone. There was someone else inside. I opened the door a crack to see what was happening.
“Here look at this clip,” a man dressed as a security guard in his late thirties said showing a video in his mobile.
“I should say that you have nice curves Miss Smitha,” the man said with a sinister smile on his face.
“Who the hell are you? Do you think there is nobody to help women in this country. Do you think you can blackmail a women by video taping her having a piss? We will go and report this to the police,” Mom threatened.
“Haha. The police. Hmm……!!!!!!!”
“By the time they catch us your gorgeous sister’s would be raped and killed.”
“Either you can have sex with us just once and go free without anybody knowing it or else you can go file a complaint in the police station and get raped and killed. The choice is yours. We have nothing to loose,” he finished.
“You creep. I will call the police this moment,” Aunt Smitha stammered taking out her phone from her handbag.
But she couldn’t make the call. Before she could dial the number the man snatched her phone from her hands.
“Young lady think before you do. If you don’t cooperate with us, then we are going to rape you and may be kill you afterwards. We are so desperate for sex,” the man said taking out a knife from his pocket
“Probably your sister can understand the situation much better,” he said turning towards mom.
Mother was confused. She couldn’t take a decision. If she shouts and alerts others then this man would kill them both. And moreover having a spinster involved in such an incident would affect her future. But they couldn’t have sex with him either. She was crying.
The man moved forward and held the knife against my aunt’s throat.
“Hey lady we don’t have all day,” he said fiercely.
“No no please don’t kill her. I will do what ever you say,” my mother cried out. She had no other option.
“But please don’t touch her. She is not married yet. You can do what ever you want with me,” My mom pleaded.
“So you are a virgin ehh honey?” he asked Aunt Smitha.
She did not say anything. Instead she started crying. My mother got on her knees and started begging him to leave her sister. Finally he said.
“Ok. We wont fuck this young lady. But both of you should do what we say. Agreed??”
My mom nodded her head in agreement. He lead mom and aunt Smitha out of the toilet. I had just enough time to hide behind a pillar. I followed them out towards the back of the theatre where there was an out house in a secluded corner. Inside there were noises of other men. The man opened the door and asked my mom and aunt to step in.
“Guys here are our sluts for the day. Lets enjoy them,” he said to the two men.
Meanwhile I had found a small gap in between the curtains of the window through which I could see what was happening inside clearly.
All the three men started to admire the beauty of their sluts. Then each one went upto the two ladies and introduced himself with a spank on their ass. The security man who had threatened my Mom and Aunt introduced himself as Ramu. Then another man in his late fourties introduced himself as Razzaq. Then there was a boy in his late teens who introduced himself as Shameer.
My mom was in a blue coloured saree which properly covered her belly. While Aunt Smitha was in tight salwar kameez. Mom asked aunt to go outside. But Ramu held her hand.
“I said that we wont fuck her. But I didn’t mean that we don’t want to see her body,” he said with a smile on his face.
Before mom could say anything he grabbed Aunt Smitha and drew her closer towards him. He kissed her passionately squeezing her tits. She started to protest. Mom could do nothing as Ramu had his knife still with him. Meanwhile the other two started to smooch my mom. This went on for 10 more minutes.
Then Ramu started to strip Smitha aunty. She was crying. She tried to protest but Ramu placed a nice slap on her cheeks. Her cheeks were all red. Smitha aunty realized that she had no other option but to cooperate with him. Ramu removed her top first and then her pants. She was in bra and panties. Razzaq meanwhile was turned on by her beauty. He left mom and went towards Smitha aunty. Ramu decided to have a look at mom now.
Now Ramu and Shameer were sitting in the chair and mom was asked to rub her saree covered butt on their cocks. Ramu kissed mom while she sat on his lap. She was doing it quite well. Each time mom rubbed her ass on their dicks, the size was increasing phenomenally.
Soon the women were ordered to turn around and unzip them. Mom unzipped Ramu and Shameer. While Smitha aunty unzipped Razzaq. Razzaq’s cock was around 9 inches while Ramu’s was around 8 and Shameer’s was around 6 inches. Mom was shocked to see the cocks of these three men. I believe she had never seen such huge cocks before. She reluctantly put Ramu’s cock in her mouth while she rubbed Shameer’s cock with her hand.
Meanwhile Aunt Smitha was resisting Razzaq’s effort to put his cock in her mouth. But he gave her a slap on her face and forced his monster into her mouth. She was struggling to get the whole of it in her mouth. He was slapping his cock on her cheeks each time she pushed his cock out of her mouth. It took her some time to get used to the big cock of Razzaq. It was choking her and at times she was biting it as well. At the same time mom was in no difficulty even though she had two cocks to play with.
Meanwhile mom had raised her saree upto her thighs herself. She pulled Razzaq by his cock towards her. She wanted to save her sister from getting fucked.
“Dekho is randi ko abb maza aa raha hai,” Razzaq said surprised at moms action.
Razzaq lifted mom in his arms and kissed her passionately just like in Bollywood movies. Meanwhile Shameer became interested in playing with Smitha aunty. He took her bra out and tossed her onto the bed. He wasted no time in taking out her panties. Smitha aunty pleaded Shameer not to fuck her.
“Ab tumhe dikhaunga asli maza kab aatha hai,” Shameer said putting his tongue into her shaved pussy.
Mom was relieved that her sister was not being fucked. Razzaq had now put her down on the floor. Ramu started to remove her saree. Mom was now in blouse and petticoat. Razzaq removed both her blouse and bra in a flash.
Both Ramu and Razzaq stood open mouthed for some time on seing my moms huge boobs.
“Are ye tho kamal si aurat hai. Ramu bhai tumhare choice toh bahut badiya hai,” Razzaq exclaimed.
Mom got up herself and laid down besided Smitha aunty on the bed. Mom pulled Shameer towards her and whispered in his ear.
“Fuck me you pervert. Leave my sister alone.”
Mom pulled her petticoat slowly up till her thighs and then till her waist. Now her panties could be seen. Shameer moved her panties to one side and started licking her cunt. It wasn’t shaved but at the same time it wasn’t a big bush either. Probably she had shaved it a few weeks ago only. It had a light pink colour. She wasn’t wet yet. Ramu put his cock in moms mouth. While Razzaq had got hold of aunt. He was spanking her ass.
After about five minutes Ramu and Shameer shifted their positions. Ramu had his cock in moms cunt while Shameer had his cock in mom’s mouth. Mom started crying and started saying sorry to my dad. Slowly Ramu began to insert his cock deep into mom. Mom was in some pain but soon was all right.
Ramu started off at a slow pace and then slowly started increasing his pace. Ramu was fucking mom in doggy style. Soon mom stopped crying and started moaning. She was turned on and moreover she was relieved that her sister was safe.
After about 5 more minutes Razzaq pushed Ramu out his way. Razzaq immediately got his cock in her pussy and started fucking at a great pace. Ramu went towards Smitha aunty and put his cock in her cunt but aunt pushed it out in time. They went for a 69 position.
Meanwhile Razzaq was getting the hell out of mom. She was screaming like anything but her screams were silenced by Shameer’s dick. After a couple of minutes of fucking, Razzaq decided to change position. Mom was asked to ride him. It was clear that she wasn’t used with this position. But soon she recovered. Mom was moving her butt in a nice rhythmic manner while both her hands were holding her petticoats up till her waist. Her panties were already torn by Razzaq’s monster.
Smitha aunty at the other end now had two cocks. She was licked by Shameer, while she had Ramu’s cock in her mouth. Ramu was fucking her mouth. Suddenly Ramu pushed Smitha aunty’s head closer towards his cock and held her head firmly by her hair. With a loud roar he came in her mouth. She spat half of the cum onto her breasts. She did not like the taste of cum. She felt like vomiting but she did not vomit. Ramu used her hair to wipe the cum remaining on his dick.
Mom had an eye on her sister as she saw Ramu cum. She was glad that he had not fucked her virgin cunt. Now mom was tired of fucking. It was Razzaq who was moving his butt now. He was fucking mom like an animal. Mom was in pain in the beginning but now she seemed to enjoy it. Suddenly Razzaq made a sudden increase in pace. It was too much for mom. She started to scream. 10 strokes later Razzaq collapsed onto the bed. Mom was relieved but the relief was short lived as she realized that Razzaq had cum in her cunt. Now she could get pregnant.
She barely had time to think when a force lifted her off Razzaqs dick. It was Shameer. He tried to get the cum dripping from moms pussy onto Smitha aunty’s boobs. Mom was still clutching her petticoat without realizing that Shameer had lifted her.
Now it was Shameer’s turn. He placed his cock in moms cum filled cunt and started stroking. If anybody thought that Shameer being the youngest of the three wasn’t an experienced fucker then he was determined to prove that it wrong. Shameer could hold on for a longer period than the others. More over it was clear that even mom was enjoying being fucked by him. She no longer had the fear in her eye that she had a few minutes ago. She wasn’t crying either. She had only lust in her eyes.
Shameer tried various positions. First he tried doggy style, then he let mom ride him and then he continued with a few more positions. He fucked mom for atleast 20 minutes. Finally he too came in her pussy. He collapsed onto moms body. They lay there for a few minutes. Then Shameer got up.
Meanwhile Ramu had come back with his erect cock. He pulled Smitha aunty towards him and put his dick onto her cunt but mom was in time to prevent it from going further.
“You have got me. You can do whatever you want. You can have me as many times as you wish. Please let her go,” mom pleaded.
“Hmm then you will have to come everyday for the next one month. Exactly after one month we will delete this video clip. Agreed?” Ramu asked with an evil smile on his face.
Mom gave him a week nod. Both women cleaned up and quickly got dressed. I meanwhile got back into the theatre. The movie was long over. I acted as if I was sleeping when mom and aunt came. I acted as if I hadn’t the faintest idea of what had happened.
They continued to fuck mom for the next two months till they had trapped another woman. Luckily she never got pregnant. Nine years after this incident I feel sad that I couldn’t have an erection at that time. Or else maybe I would have had the best orgasm watching mom and aunt getting fucked.