Thursday, 12 July 2012

Unsatisfied Housewife

Hi readers and this is a true incident that happened in our life and I am very eager to share it with you all. My name is Naveen and I am 40 years old and I work as a sales Manager in a Chemical fertilizer company in AP and was transferred to Bangalore some time in 2007 along with my family. I am married to Nethra, who now 31 years old is working for an international travel agency.
We have a 9 year old son who is studying in AP and stays with our parents in hometown and I am desperately trying for another child and finding it difficult with my age now. Let me explain about my wife, Nethra is plump in shape and has 36-32-38 size figure with 5' 2" height, fair in complexion and has a husky voice her eyes are very expressive and attracts people a lot.
She is very friendly and soft spoken person in nature and is a good partner in bed and her large size breast which looks full with thick and dark areola and a soft nipple makes any man squeeze his dick. She usually wears saree and salwar to work place and a sleeveless nighty at home which is above her knees. She has fair smooth thighs which beg you to hug them tight.
I will make you go mad and in between her fair butter thighs is her pussy with thick hairy lips and a pink clitoris that peeks out to tease your manliness. Since only two of us stay together in a rented house and we are back from work at 7 pm every day, the life is boring and we try to keep it spicy by our naughty ways and I used to give her a massage and make her nude entire night and wet her entire body using my tongue.
She likes to suck my thick 6 inches dark cock passionately and licks my cum as well. I too like licking her pussy wet until the love juice rushes out of her thick lips and trickles on her buttery thighs and I make sure nothing is wasted when we are in action but off late due to the sales pressure and my age factor and I get too tired and come home late sometimes and just feel like sleeping off.
This even led to a sexual problem, where in it was very difficult to get a good erection on a Saturday night as usual she washed all the dishes and joined me in the bed and sat very close to me, pushing her hand under the lungi and trying to massage my 6 inch dick, she squeezed my balls, pulled the hair and skin and rubbed me vigorously to awaken me! I felt the need to have sex but my body was not responding to her lusty needs.
She immediately stood up and took of her nighty and pulled down her panties and showed me her neatly trimmed hairy pussy and spread the lips to make me feel in mood. I immediately held her hands and pulled her closer and asked what she wanted me to do? And Nethra had solid plans to fuck that night and wanted to squeeze me dry.
She moved closer and started biting my lips and rubbing my foreskin to and fro rigorously and was asking me to hump her young and wet pussy with hard strokes to satisfy her and I pulled her down on the bed and smelled her armpits and licked them with my warm saliva and massaged her mango like full breast and sucked her nipples and made her more excited.
She too responded with high energy and took my medium hard dick in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop and moaning like she was a lioness waiting to pounce. We changed position and got into 69 and licked each other fully wet and I specially like to soften her asshole with the pussy juice that flows unlimited once we felt a bit satisfied and we moved to our favourite man on top position.
She held my cock firm and rubbed it against her wet pussy entrance and asked me fuck her like a bull fucking a young cow in heat and make her pussy swollen with pain and pleasure. I pointed my cock to the entrance and spread her thighs further with my knees and locked my lips with hers and pushed it hard and our bodies got locked immediately and I just started pumping my cock deep into her by separating her pussy lips wide to accommodate my 6 inches thick and wide cock.
She spread her thighs further to take me in fully and started moaning saying aaaahhhh Naveeen don’t stop fucking me, come inside fully and I need you deep inside aaahhhh hold my breasts tightly and squeeze them Naaaveeen, lick my lips and she was on and on with high excitement and I continued to ram her soft and young pussy until it made a greasy noise that excited both of us and I remember.
She came back to back with orgasm and was bouncing her soft ass high up in the air and the pussy lips got further spread wide the juice just started flowing out and both of us screamed in ecstasy and I just burst out with a huge load of warm and thick sperm deep inside Nethra's pussy. I think after this rock solid sex session, there was a long gap between us since.
I had to travel to the north for office related summit and reviews and kept me away from my wife and made me lose my sexual desire somewhere I started feeling that my young wife is taking advantage of my absence and my age factor to satisfy her. A month later, when I had come back and as usual, post the dinner we sat in our bed and were discussing about our lost passion and the need to rekindle it once again.
I felt like having a whiskey drink, which I drink at home and also offer my wife a peg or two, when she is in a good mood to enjoy. I made two glasses of drink and my wife readily accepted hers, since she had not had it for a long time as we gulped down two shots, my wife started speaking a bit free and spoke about how she missed me and our downward sex life.
She slowly started getting tipsy and told me how unsatisfied she was these days and commented on my erection problem as well. I got the hint that she is surely unsatisfied and immediately my devil mind started thinking of making her satisfied using another man but who would that be was a big question? So I took advantage of her tipsy condition and asked her further, if she had to choose a man other than me for matching her sexual passion, who would it be?
She was blank and took few seconds to think and looked into my eyes and asked me if I was sure of what I was offering her? And I said I was sure and I wanted her to feel satisfied sexually but not break the marriage or get separated from each other when I told this, she got bolder and came close and hugged me fully and bit my ears and slowly said that and I will leave that option for you to choose. My brain worked at lightning speed and there were two people who flashed through my mind one was her colleague Rajesh.
The other one was our house owner Sunil. Rajesh is her colleague and Nethra's job requires her to work closely with Rajesh and sometimes during the weekends too and that’s the reason Rajesh comes home sometimes and helps Nethra in her work related matters, but I have also seen him lustily looking at my wife's shapely round ass and her exposed large soft mangoes.
The other guy I mentioned Sunil was our house owner who is 32 year old young but a bit dark guy who is a Telguite, married to a very sober and conventional woman from a small town in AP. I offered Nethra one more drink and slowly caressed her neck and held her soft mangoes in hand and made sure she was getting more tipsy as per my plan then I told her.
I have thought about a partner who can help satisfy her and Nethra looked into my eyes with curiosity and asked me who that was and I boldly told it was either Rajesh or Sunil. I love my wife and her assets but somewhere deep inside me I realised that there is a cuckold thought that was getting stronger each day. I wanted to see my wife sleep with another man, enjoy sex, experience the pain and pleasure and completely give herself to him.
This was, it not only excited me but I felt she would be satisfied sexually and our marriage would remain intact. The next day, my wife realised and remembered some parts of the conversation and asked me what was happening on our sex life? I had to explain her the previous day what we had discussed and gathered courage to openly spoke to her on our plan.
She sounded mum and quite for sometime but asked if I will continue to like and love her and accept as my wife. I looked into her eyes and held her close and assured her that she would remain my wife forever but this is just a kindle, a spice that we will experiment and enjoy our passion. Finally, I made her agree to call in Rajesh to our house over a dinner. Rajesh stays alone here and he is a divorcee and he really looks younger than 34 years of his age as Rajesh entered our housel
I offered him a cozy place and as usual we decided to have a drink while we were drinking, Nethra sat next to me and switched on the TV watching some English movie. She was dressed in a black sqlwar pant and red sleeveless top with a bit deep neck that offered to show her young and soft mangoes that any man would want to squeeze while she was more into watching the movie.
I noticed Rajesh was gazing at Nethra's breast and thighs. To make it more simple, I had already spoken to Nethra and had told her to be prepared when Rajesh advances to touch her and feel her and she was ok with it. I asked Rajesh to tell something about my wife Nethra and her behaviour since they worked very closely. Rajesh smiled and said that Nethra is a beautiful woman, loveable, someone who has good sex appeal and feel like having a wife like her.
This made my job easier and I immediately made large drinks and offered it to Rajesh and one glass to Nethra they both looked into each other's eye and took a long sip and smiled at each other in no time Rajesh started praising my wife Nethra with her beauty, her helping nature etc and that made her sit in between me and Rajesh as she sat next to him, he could clearly see those mangoes shake and jump and her lovely ass swing in tune to the subject.
I noticed that Rajesh was pleading inside to touch her and feel her hand and of course her waist that was exposed. I signalled my wife to get a bit close to him and keep her hand on his lap and she was successful in getting Rajesh's full attention and he looked at me and I smiled and told Rajesh, that he can touch my wife and feel her too and she would also like it if he does it passionately. Rajesh was surprised but dint waste time in thinking about
I offered Nethra and he jumped close to her and kept his hands on her thighs. I even offered them privacy by leaving the place for them as if I had to take some water from kitchen and Rajesh understood it more meaning fully and he hugged my wife Nethra fully. She stood up and took his hands and pulled him into our bedroom and looked to his eyes lustily begging to be fucked.
Rajesh asked my Nethra, if I was okay to all this and she smiled and called me to the bedroom to give my affirmation. I stood in the entrance and told Rajesh that on one condition I would allow him to fuck my wife and that would be to allow me to watch them fuck each other. Rajesh did not waste any time and pulled my wife closer and kissed her neck and his hands were roaming all over her ass and waist and squeezing everywhere to which
Nethra started responding my hugging Rajesh and putting her hand into his pant zip and massaging there in no time, both were nude and Rajesh was sucking my wife's breast and squeezing them harder than I do! He was tall, a bit dark, broad shoulder and hairy chest with a small paunch and muscular thighs his grip on my wife Mae her moan and beg him to fill her pussy.
Nethra, looked into my eyes and went ahead to caress Rajesh 8 inches large cock that was pouncing to come out and she knew how to handle a man and gave all that importance to Rajesh. I was just standing at the entrance of the room and could see both the bodies getting closer in the dim light on our large king size bed. My wife knelt down and pulled Rajesh's 8 inches monster cock into her mouth and made it fully wet with her saliva.
She rubbed her soft fingers under his balls and caressed his manhood completely on the other hand, Rajesh took full in charge of my wife and fingered her hairy pussy deep and made her beg for his cock. He pulled her down on the bed and put a pillow under my wife's large ass and positioned himself and asked her to guide him and rubbed his monster cock to her cunt lips roughly. Nethra was fully excited and was waiting for Rajesh to fill her wet cunt fully and hold her and squeeze her.
I was also getting excited looking my wife responding to her lover other than her husband and was lustily biting him all over and waiting to be fucked by his monster cock. Rajesh took on last look at me and asked my wife Nethra' that if she would be able to take him fully to which my wife moaned and said that it is definitely bigger then her husband’s and it would initially pain when it tears her labia further but she was ready for a fuck that will satisfy her lust.
She pleaded him to ram her pussy until it gets swollen and painful for her to give herself in no time Rajesh rubbed himself to my wife's thick cunt lips and the wetness was all over his cock and made him easy to just push deep inside my wife's hot cunt they both hugged each other tightly and kissed deeply with lips locked and I could see my wife spread herself fully to accommodate her lover who was fucking her pussy deep and Rajesh lied on my wife with his ass muscle pumping his cock deep inside my wife.
I could hear my wife moan and plead Rajesh not to slow down and this was something she never had with her husband and kept lifting her ass high and thighs wide as she could her hands were squeezing Rajesh's ass and she had locked her legs on his waist on the other hand Rajesh was kissing my wife as if he was her lover for past so many years and kept squeezing my wife's breast and made it more bigger.
I was happy to see them both enjoy and was assured that Nethra will be sexually satisfied here after while I was looking at them and I was also ejaculating my thick cum that slowly dripped on my thigh and I heard a big grunt from Rajesh which I think he was shooting his cum inside my wife, and my wife was responding to him with moans louder than ever and she was trying tell him that she needs the sperms inside her pussy and was begging him to ejaculate inside her.
She hugged him tightly to suck his dick deep inside her cunt and Rajesh was grunting and shooting his sperm load inside my wife in about a minute after they had their orgasms, Rajesh got up and looked at me and said Naveen, thanks or making this happen, your wife is very horny and lusty and I will need her twice a week to fuck her young cunt with your permission and I just smiled at them as Rajesh wore clothes and left to the other room.
Nethra was still in moaning and signalled me to come close to her and when I went there, I could smell the fresh cum just pure inside my wife's hot cunt and spread on her thighs and tummy. Nethra asked me if I enjoyed watching them fucking like true lovers and I kissed her lips and breasts and slept on her and rubbed myself with the fresh cum and cunt juice that had got mixed a minute back and I felt fully satisfied with my cuckolding desire.
This is something I was waiting for a long time and discovered my cuckolding desires and I would truly appreciate if you all could share your opinion and your interest so that it will help me manage my wife better and will come back with new incidents. You can also send an email to me at and I will be glad to share whatever you need.


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