Maid/servant Erotica

Mom Catches Me Having Sex With Our Maid Sheetal

Hello Readers. This is Rohan again.My maid Sheetal is a 45 year old woman. She has dark skin tone and is a little chubby. She has hanging boobs like most women of her age. She took my virginity and we have been having sex since then. She is very adventurous and this quality of hers landed me into trouble. She would often insist me on having sex with her when my parents are in the house. We had done that on several occasions and were never caught.
Maid SexLast week my parents had to go to a wedding for a week. My mom called her best friend Pooja to take care of me. Pooja aunty was a 38 year old woman .She is recently divorced. She is fair and has brown hair. She also has big breasts. During our one week together we ended up having sex on many occasions. It was later when we talked after our first sex that I came to know that my mom wanted Pooja aunty to take my virginity. Pooja aunty was very shocked when she came to know that I had lost my virginity to my maid Sheetal and had been having sex with her.
Pooja aunty wanted a sex partner and my mom being her best friend offered me (her son) thinking I am virgin and will enjoy her which I did. I and my mom did not talk to each other about sex with Pooja aunty until she caught red handed having sex with Sheetal.
It was a Friday evening around 5 O’clock. My father was out of town. It was only me and my mom in the house. Sheetal was also present who was doing some work in the kitchen. The bell rang and in came Pooja aunty. She gave me a naughty smile and took me to my room. She started kissing me. My mom said “Who is it?” and started coming towards my room. I said, “It is Pooja aunty”. She stared at both of us as we were really close and holding each other. She told Pooja aunty, “Why are you such a despo? Do you love my son so much?” Pooja aunty joking replied “Very much”
We went out of my room. I felt awkward as my mom knew that I had sex with her best friend. Mom said she and Pooja aunty would be watching a movie in the hall. I went to the kitchen. I told Sheetal that I was ready for sex. I told her to come to my room saving herself from the view of my mom and Pooja aunty.
Sheetal somehow managed to come to my room. She slowly closed the door. She came near me. Sheetal untied her hair from the hair bun. Her hairs were all open. She immediately removed her saree and laid on the bed. I too removed all my clothes and started kissing Sheetal. She said to do it quick as my mom and her friend were outside. I immediately entered her hole and started increasing my pace. We were having sex after two weeks. Sheetal started moaning loudly. I got scared if my mom heard her voice.
The next moment I see is my mom standing in front of us. Sheetal forgot to lock the door. I got ashamed and started removing my penis from Sheetal. My mom said have sex with Sheetal and than talk to me. She made us have sex for 5 minutes and we later dressed up and went to the drawing room. My mom got very angry at Sheetal and even slapped her. It was Pooja aunty who controlled her. My mom asked Sheetal about her relationship with me. Sheetal told my mom all about our relationship and was shocked to hear that her son lost his virginity to a maid.
My mom immediately fired Sheetal. Sheetal said that her last wish was to have sex with me for the last time. My mom agreed after some hesitation. She however wanted Sheetal to fuck me on the bed with she and Pooja watching us. Sheetal readily agreed but I was not ready. My mom slapped me and stripped off my clothes and said that I had to have sex with Sheetal. I felt awkward having sex with Sheetal when my mom and her best friend were watching us closely.
After our last sex, Sheetal left the house crying a little as she was now jobless and she also lost her chance to have sex with me forever. After Sheetal left, Pooja aunty came to my room and gave me a big hug. She took me to the living room where my mom was sitting. I apologised to my mom. She said if you wanted to lose your virginity, I could have had sex with you. Even Pooja aunty was ready to have sex with you since the time you were 16 years old. Why did you have sex with a maid? She has now made you impure. At this time Pooja aunty said she could make me pure again. She removed my cock and took it in her hand. She gave me a wonderful blowjob saying now it is all pure. My mom gave me a big kiss on my lips. This was the first time that my mom kissed me on my lips. She said that I should now go to sleep and she will talk to me next morning.
I went to my room and slept all naked thinking about Sheetal. Next morning I wake up to see Pooja aunty pouncing on me and riding my cock. She wished me good morning with a smile. I see my mom by my side and she has a naughty smile. I was in the middle of sex with Pooja aunty and my mom was watching it. After our intercourse, we sat down for a talk. My mom said “I need help for doing household chores after firing Sheetal. There are full chances that I will end up having sex with the new maid.
Thus I have decided to keep Pooja to do the works of maid and also have sex with you. Pooja aunty too wanted to shift somewhere after her divorce and this was an ideal place. She will be staying with you in your room and you both will share the bed. You both are now unofficially married. I can now have my best friend stay with me and she can fuck my son.” Pooja aunty immediately accepted the proposal and said she wanted to bath with her husband. I and Pooja aunty went to the bathroom and had an erotic shower.
Now I can have sex with my new wife – Pooja everyday without any suspicion. Pooja aunty takes great care of me. She made me realize that having sex with a maid was my mistake. My mom has no issues of me having sex with Pooja aunty. We now openly discuss about sex. Pooja aunty is now another member of our family. I and Pooja aunty always sleep naked at night. I can now have sex anywhere in the house anytime with Pooja when my father is not present since my mom already knows of our relation. If I am lucky, Pooja aunty might help me in having sex with my mom and thus strengthening mother-son relationship.

Rekha ne mera lund dekha

Hello readers. This is Rohan again after a long time.
Let me give you a brief introduction about myself and my maid. I am 18 years old. My maid is Sheetal who is around 45 year old. She has dark skin colour and beautiful long hair which is a great turn on for me during sex. Like all women of her age, her boobs were hanging and not the ones you would expect to have sex with. She was a little chubby. She was not the most attractive women but having sex with her was pleasurable. She always wore saree.
I later ended up losing my virginity to her which I have described in my earlier story. At that time I even had sex with Rekha her elder sister. Rekha is a 50 year old woman. She is dark toned with curly hair. She is a little fat.
It was a normal Friday morning and also a public holiday. I did not have college that day. I woke up to see Sheetal giving me a blow job. I woke up immediately and was scared if anyone saw us. She told me that my parents had gone to watch a movie since they have a day off. We were alone in the house. Sheetal came closer to me and kissed me very passionately. She went to make tea and breakfast for me.
While she was in the kitchen I locked the door so that there was no disturbance in our romantic mood. I sat at the dining table when Sheetal arrived all naked with tea and snacks. She sat on my lap and said she would feed me well today. I agreed. She made me drink tea with her hands. I wanted to have biscuits. She told me to remove my clothes and get ready. She lay on the dining table and stuffed pieces of biscuits into her hole. I sucked it like a hungry dog. We then did a 69 on the dining table where we covered our sex parts with Nutella to make the act tastier.
After our breakfast we were messed up and needed cleaning. We cleaned the dining table immediately and went to the bathroom. We cleaned each other and dressed up. As soon as we got ready the bell rings and my parents arrive. We could no longer be in any romantic mood. I the afternoon my father comes to me and tells that he has to go to Pune for some work and my mother would accompany her. They would return on Monday. My mother handed me to Sheetal and told her to take care of me. They left immediately. My mother did not know she took great care of me.
Sheetal told me that she had to go to help her (legal) husband as he was very sick. She promised to return as soon as possible and left. I was disappointed as a great opportunity was wasted. I went to sleep. In the evening I heard the doorbell ring and woke up. I opened the door and was surprised to see Rekha. Without saying anything she came inside and locked the door. She immediately removed my clothes and also her saree. She laid me on the sofa and we started having sex. It was after our intercourse that we had a conversation. Rekha did not have sex for 3 months and was in a desperate need for it. Sheetal had called her saying that my house is free and to come there quickly. Rekha was to stay with me for 2 days. It meant 2 days full of sex, kissing, stripping, with Rekha.
It was dinner time and we ordered food from a restaurant. We sat down for a candle light dinner. The most romantic part was we both were sitting naked. After our dinner it was time for deserts. I placed two scoops of ice cream near my penis and told her to lick it off. She did it very loyally. She then put a scoop of ice cream in her vagina and I happily licked it. She also put ice cream on her breasts and I enjoyed it.
It was now time for us to sleep. We went to bedroom and slept together. After an hour of passionate sex we got tired and slept. Next day I woke up early and Rekha was asleep. Both of us were naked. I quickly got my morning erection and started entering her. She woke up to an orgasm. She wanted me to make tea for her. I made the tea and thought a little naught. I put some of my sperms into her tea. She did not realize it. I was bored of the normal sex that I had in my home and wanted to spice it up. So I told her to get ready as we will be going out.
We got ready and left on my bike. I took her to a small beach in Mumbai which is not so popular but popular among couples to have sex on beach. On the beach there were a few couples intimate to each other. We laid the carpet on the sand. Rekha removed her saree and lay on the carpet covering herself with a bed sheet. I removed my pant and went towards Rekha. Within seconds we were in sexual intercourse. It was the first time I was having sex on the beach. We looked at other couples and they were smiling looking at us. They were probably shocked by looking at our age difference. Rekha now wanted to go for a movie.
We dressed up and left for the theatre. There was rarely any crowd in the audience. Those few present were busy kissing each other. We too did not resist and kissed each other. Rekha wanted me to go a step further and lick her pussy. I agreed and did so. She moaned very loudly that everyone looked at us. I felt very embarrassed. Rekha apologized to me and we left for home. It was night and we were tired. We did not have sex that night and decided to do it next morning.
Next morning I woke up feeling some bouncing on my penis and kissing on my lips. I was shocked to see Sheetal riding on my cock and Rekha was kissing me. I enjoyed that and wanted more. We continued our threesome till afternoon after which all three of us were very tired. Sheetal and Rekha were talking to each other while I went to sleep. It was time for Rekha to leave in the evening. She gave me a big good bye kiss and thanked me for my services. As soon as Rekha left, Sheetal locked the door and with a naught look asked me, “How did you like the surprise from your wife’s elder sister?” Before I could say anything she took me closer to her and kissed me. She told me let me now take care of you as your mother had asked me to. We went to our bedroom and laid there talking to each other.
The next day was a Sunday and we wanted to make it special. She asked me to again have sex with Swati to make her pregnant. I agreed. We slept after some passionate strokes of love.
I will describe about my experience with Swati in another story. Thanks.

Jaya – House Maid Is My Love Maid

We were happily married couples, both working in MNC, I worked in Health sector and my wife Minaxi worked in Insurance sector, though we had love marriage, and we know each other before marriage, it’s from our generation that Physical relation among a part of love. We love each other very much. We were very honest to each other. But know I think I am honest in love only, not in sexual pleasure. We’re nearly of same age group. Minaxi is 28 year and me 30 year. It’s nearly 8 years passed we were in a small rent house. We shift to a 2BHK flat know. As we were promoted to higher post our interest in house hold works got decrease as we get few times to spare.
Workaholic lifestyle makes us to be 8 to 10 hours together daily. While Minaxi have to be 7 to 10 day out station or away from home and Same in case of me, it’s effects our sexual life too . Therefore we plan to engage a maid, who will keep our home clean, and prepare food for us. Our watchman of flat searched a maid. In an evening when I was at home, our watchman and a lady came. He introduced me to the lady as Jaya, she is the maid. I told her them to come when my wife Minaxi comes.
They again came at 8 pm. At that time Mianaxi just reached home. Without changing the dress she talked to them. I came in between of their discussion to them and Jaya agreed to come on morning for 1 hour and 2 hour in evening, she will clean our home, cook food in evening and wash our cloths 2 days a week in return with a good amount of monthly wage. Jaya speaks very less, mild color face not much dark or not much white.
Next morning the door bell rang, while Minaxi and me having a morning session at that movement, it was around 7 am we cum very fast i.e. in a minute. And Minaxi dressed and went out to open the door. It was 1st day for Jaya, Minaxi gave her instruction of basic works, and Minaxi prepared the Breakfast we had it and ready for our work. We went to office together by our car always; I drop her and then drive to my work place.
We were very, funny and kinky couples, we make lot of fun, in the Sunday when we were free or together in home we go for long drive or sometimes to our friend’s place nowadays. In our office days, I usually reached by 6 pm, and Jaya comes by 7 pm. In beginning days as I feel tired of day long work, I don’t talk much with Jaya, I watch TV or some time sleeps. Jaya always, bring a cup of tea to me, as soon as she reached home at evening. And after that she starts her work, I observed that she don’t have too much of saree, may be 2 – 3 saree. But she was very tidy. Slowly, we began to talk little matters, as I inquired about her, her background, I got to know, and she was 25 and married with no kids, her husband works as a watchman in a company who visit her twice or thrice a month.
She stays at a rent which is some 1 km away from our flat. She works in two places daily, one at our place and at a flat nearby ours. This all information takes 2 week to collect from her. She was very scary to talk me at the beginning. With the passing of days, we start to be free with each other. She works very tidy and neat and clean. My wife Minaxi was very satisfied with her works, and we some discuss about Jaya when she was not in our home. Minaxi praise her a lot. Even Minaxi planned to give her old sarees and a new saree from market. Jaya was very happy with the gift. In the week Sunday Minaxi asked Jaya to accompany with us, where Jaya was with us. We went to cloth market where Minaxi had some cloths.
As Jaya was standing side by Minaxi bought her some cloths too, by this Jaya was very happy. On Monday Minaxi came from her office and said that she have to be outstation for a week from Wednesday afternoon. We tried to have good session before the day we were about to away from each other, we satisfied each other on Tuesday night, and I drop her on airport in Wednesday afternoon and went to office. After reaching home from office Jaya reach our place and start her job, after ending the job she left our place.
Next morning I wake up late and was hurry to my office. Jaya make everything ready for my breakfast I had my breakfast and left. In the evening I reached bit late and Jaya was standing nearby our door. She said that she was waiting since an hour. Feeling tired I talked to Minaxi and took a whiskey bottle, Jaya was cooking at kitchen. I went to kitchen as I was feeling alone in my bedroom. Taking the peg in my hand with some mild sips I was talking to Jaya about her. Today she looks bit different don’t know why. But maybe I was drunk.
As it’s 1st time I drunk before Jaya or whenever rarely I drunk I drunk in presence of Minaxi only. Jaya was wearing the new saree that Minaxi gifted her. I began to praise her, 1st I praise her job, than her personality and then her beauty. She had a smile in her face listening to all this. I ask her did she drinks, she said she didn’t drunk yet and she might be in problem if she drinks. In between my evil mind grew and scanned her body, her Boobs are of good size and hips were in good size. And little fats in belly which is necessary for a woman to look like real women.
After her preparing food, we shifted to the common room. I was sitting in dinning chair, having the mild and slow pegs. She was standing and watching TV there. I ask her to sit in front of me which she readily obeyed. We discussed lot of likes and dislikes. In between of discussion she was about to left my place but I treat her emotionally saying, Minaxi was not there so you are ignoring me but she conveyed me her problem. And as I understood the problem I said her to go. Next evening when I reached home I was refreshing myself. And she said me that some food items were not there which I forgot to bring from market though she gave the list in morning.
I ask her will take food in hotel. She said then she has to go. I said that, Jaya should accompany me to the hotel. Which she smiled and said that that her clothes are not in proper condition. I said its ok wear Minaxi’s dress. She was in puzzle. I said her that “you take food in our place at evening, if you won’t take food you will be hungry”. She agreed and I gave her a saree of Minaxi she said that the blouse won’t fit. I ask her what her size is! She said she wear 34 big size blouse, I said it will be problem as Minaxi wears 32 size. I ask to mange her. I was very happy because indirectly I got know her. Boob size with asking her in direct. Any how I ask her to take bath in our bathroom and wear the dress. Some wicked ideas running in my mind imagining her boob.
After nearly half an hour of patience she came out from bed room. Wow she was looking damn high profile wife. I gave her a pair of footwear. I ask her you don’t know to dress? She said what’s wrong? I said her, your navel should be viewable. It shows enlighten womanhood. She went in and done as I asked her to do.
We left to hotel in our car. In between I stopped in a market and we went to buy some perfume for her. Which she was very shy to go and move in market with me and scary too as her relative would complain to her husband. After having the perfume, I bought her good quality shampoo, face wash and other cream. We had our dinner, she was very scary because it was a good restaurant and she had never been to such a restaurant ever. We reached to flat very late. So it will be problem for her to go home. So I ask her to stay in our home. At night I teach her to do face wash, where to spray perfume she was very shy, when I instruct her to spray at armpit, I observe it’s hairy. And instruct some beauty tips.
She changed her dress at the other bedroom. And she was in her own dress. But I convince her to wear nightie. The lacy nightie of Minaxi changed her get up and looks. She is like a bed queen. She knows left for sleep at other bedroom. At night I wake up as my little brother is disturbing me. It is in full height. I went to have some water. I saw the bedroom door was not hooked. I went to the door and waited and think the problems and advantage of going in. I thought let me start at next day. So I controlled till next day. It is Saturday. And my bulge is on hearing the sounds from kitchen. I wake up and went to kitchen. As told her that I am missing Minaxi. And ask her don’t you miss your husband. She replied “missing will cause disturbance at mind and nothing else” I got to know that she too miss but will she accept me.
She was doing something and I touch her at hip or waist, which she replied “I am not bhabi ” I said “become bhabi for today”. Or let me become your husband. She replied “how it’s possible” in a naughty smile. I said don’t I care you, don’t you trust me. She replied” if you care me will you treat me like bhabi always?” I got the signal. And I was shivering. I turned her, and we were face to face. “Yes I will care you always, please become bhabi ” I grab her and press her towards me, pressing my cheat hard to her boobs. In a minute we became like a wild animal, make her to sit on the kitchen table, I am rubbing her ears, neck, untie her hair, pull out the nightie and she is in her old bra and panty. Her boobs were tight enough; I unhook her bra, suck her nipples, and pull out her panty. Wow her pussy was covered by dense pubic hair.
Women look homely in pubic hair. Smelled her pussy o, it was a heavenly fragrance I became mad on it. She knows nothing of foreplay. She was just moaning and co operating me. I adjust and make to sit in a good position at kitchen table , after half hour of foreplay, pushed her in a slow to her love heaven, she grab me tight and moan loud. . I fucked her, it was lubricated very much. Though I m feeling tough to push, my dick is getting in easily. I increase my speed of push, I hold her from table know she was moaning loudly. Giving lot of push frequently, she shouted high, rubbing my back, kissing me in my ears and chicks. I ask her how it is. She said first in a life time had a real love from real man.
I understood it, as I am getting late, I was about to cum. When I said it to her in no time she urges me to come in her womb. After Cumming I hold her for some minute. I went to my bedroom, went near mirror, saw both of us. And we look like a huge beast grilling a tiny creature. I sat on the bed, she moves up from me. She was standing on bed, a sound from her pussy came “paaaaasssss” and all my cum fell down from pussy. She grab me and kiss me, said “you are a real man; I never know that a women can also enjoy sex. You make me feel the heaven in earth , you are a God” I went to bathroom and get ready for office, I gave her some money, to go to parlour for some facial, and massaging her face with trimming her face and make some good hair.
Day long I felt tired in office came back bit early from office. I slept and had rest. When I wake up I heard the sounds from kitchen. I went to kitchen and felt joy of her she was looking very different just pushed my dick to her ass beneath our dress, she smiled naughty, I dress myself and went out. I bought some dress for her, nightie, lacy panty, and bra.
I reached home from market call her to my bedroom, show her the dress, she asked me “where shall I wear this?” I replied” keep all the dress with you at home, wear it when your bhabi ji is out of station”. I ask her to wear a set which she wears it and went kitchen. I said that you shall stay here today. She obeyed.
At the night I show her some seduction tips video from Internet at my laptop. And ask to rehearse it. She was a quick learner, she learn cat walk, and other seduction. Before she only smile back when I push in her ass by my dick. Know she react with push back of her ass. At Saturday night we had a great session. She is doing a good doggy, cow girl. She is great fan of my penis because of its big head.
On Sunday, I wake up. Jaya was giving blowjob to me. I wake up and had a good session. We went to long drive, had lot of entertainment. In this 6 days we became very close, she learn almost all seduction technique and techniques that satisfy a man’s need and a lady becomes a queen for man (she became expertise in all kinky sexual jobs at bed doggy, cow girl, sexual amusement dances etc) , and I don’t attempt any, while Minaxi is at home.
Now we do whenever Minaxi is out for tour, in those days Jaya is the mistress of our family. And she is a changed lady, changed in beauty, sexual desire, wants and need etc. from innocent lady to a Lusty queen.

Driver Seduces And Making Pregnant His Madam - Part III

This is the continuation for my story please read the part I and II first:
Madam Inturrupted me and said 'stop! She then said in a low shy voice by looking down driver. I surrender to you driver please quench the thirst in my body that you have created please do whatever you want I’m your's. I said 'you bitch then why did you teas me all these days and showed all those dramas of a loyal housewife. I knew you were easy lay. Madam said no still today no one other than my husband has ever touched me but from the day you had seen me in the bathroom.
The way you see my body your touches have set fire in me and it’s unbearable for me now. You scroundel driver you have destroyed my married life (driver please tum mere jism ki aggg mita do. Main tumhain mala mal kardungi mujhe) I said 'then madam and when do you want and how will it be possible as Boss is around? Madam said by looking at me sexily for business purpose your boss is going out of India tonight for seven days.
I went closer to madam and her busts pressed against my chest and I hugged her and caught her bums tightly oooohhh what I feeling indeed two huge jel bags they were soft! She also hugged me and then she said that there is a small problem. I asked what.She said though boss is going out and but at night madam's daughter would be staying at house. I said no problem and we have to arrange outside your house. She smiled.
I went out of the trial room and after three minutes she dressed back in saree and came out. Probably as we both were too much excited so we did not talk to each other much.We went to the parking and I opened the door for madam and as madam was getting in the car and I slapped tight on one of her soft bums with my big rough palms.Madam yelled in pain ooooo and sat in the seat when she looked at me. I gave a wicked smile then madam also shyly smiled me back.
I started driving and left the mall and all the while driving we did not talk to each other but kept on looking at each other's eyes frequently through the rear view mirror. I dropped her at her house and went to office to take boss untill night my exitment knew know limit. I could not believe that my long dreamt madam my sex goddess is going to be fucked by me. I can use her as I like and she is mine and I went to chemist's shop and took high doses of viagra.

I was impatiently waiting for the night to come in our servant's equator. Just then boss called me up and said to bring the car and be ready to drop me in the airport. It was night 10.30 pm when I was waiting with the car and boss and madam both were ready and they both were approaching the car when I first saw madam. Ohh! My dick started dropping pre cums just by looking at her sexy outfit and by the thought of getting her tonight.
She was wearing very light total transperent costly white siffon saree, white backless choli (blouse) the choli which was tied on her neck and a transparent string low on her back was exposing her whole back and was so low cut that showing more than three fourth of her huge milky cleavage by chance a string is broken then every one will see her pigeons fly. She also wore her saree very tightly over ass and much much below her navel.
She was looking drop dead heated gorgeous.I made way for her to go in front as I wanted to drink her jiggling back and bums from behind and there you are: I was walking behind Minu madam and I was going mad after seeing her madam's milky white back and her jel filled bums vibrating by each of her steps. She indeed had hugely protuding round ass. I thought what an ass jiggling like gel bag. I thought in mind various postures to bang this slut as soon.
I opened the door for her and she got inside the backseat of her mercedece my eyes widened as I watched with awe Minu's hugely exposed flaunting cleavage perhapes madam has worn the most lowest cut blouse today,that I have ever seen. My mouth was almost watering seeing her big globes in half exposed blouse Boss was sitting at the madam's side but perhapes didnt paid proper attention to this beauty and kept on talking in mobile some business points with somebody.
I could not realize that when we reached airport Boss bid goodbye to madam and made entry inside the security checkings. We came back to our car and madam sat at her back seat and I started driving after two minutes of complete silence madam asked shyly where you are driving. I replied in a harsh tone chupkar saali aj se tu mera rand hae mae tujhe jaha bhi chahu lejaunga jo bhi chahu karunga na to tu mujhe kuch
Kahegi na to tu mujhe kuch order degi (from today you are absolutely mine and I'll take you whereever I like do whatever I like with you neither you will say anything nor you will give me any orders) Madam kept silent I took the car in a near by city by-pass,and came down from the road to deep into the side by dark fields and turned all the lights off. The night being a day after no moon night it was impossible for the passer bys of the road to see.
Besides at that hour traffic was least on that road and the mercedes had black glass and so I only switched on the light inside the car and the ac. I came down from the driver's seat ,opened the back door and got in and locked the door from inside.I saw madam's eyes full with lust and fear Boss had innovated the interior of the mercedes for luxory purposes. He had shifted the back seat much behind and made a great space in between the front seat and back.
The floor was furnished with costly carpet I sat on the floor and watched madam very well with lusty eyes from head to toe. She became shy and couldnt look at me. I said to madam to come down on floor and sit at my side. Madam said niche to ganda hae" (the carpet is dirty) I replied to keya hua aj ke baad tu bhi gaandi ho jaigi! (So what after today you'll also become very dirty) Madam hesitatingly came down from her seat and sat on the floor.
Madam was was 5’.5 inches tall with milky whitish complexion, long black hairs up to her massive protruding hips with attractive face and I had a very big and well shaped boobs and ass and both her boobs and butt were abnormally large compared to my whole body structure I on the other hand was deep black in color. I was 5'10 mascular rather bulky man. Zade black complexion.
Bald and I looked exactly like those African men in blue films where as Minu looked like a sex goddess. I went close to Madam I could almost hear madam's heart beat loud and clear in the silences of the field. I grabbed the pallu of her saree out came her ripe balls.Oh! What a scene was it inside her cleavage her mangal sutra was stuck. I was having a good hardon. I asked her to untie the saree from her petticoat.
She did it without a word her saree had a charming smell I took the saree and threw it in the front seat by that my sex goddess was sitting infront of me with only a thin tight sleeveless blouse with a huge busty bulge and her petticoat in her lower abdomen exposing her big navel. My mouth was watering I placed my two big rough palms on madam's huge softy boobies over her low sleeveless blouse.
Madam gasped 'sshssssss I started pressing madam's boobies a little and she closed her eyes.Then suddenly I with one pull tore madam's blouse apart and held it wide open. Her boobs jumped out with skinny thin black bra. Madam's eyes were wide open and asked with terror in eyes why did i tear it was her costliest blouse. I said I did it as a punishment for teasing me for so many months. She did not reply me anything I threw the blouse in the front seat too.
Now she was only in her bra and petticoat I pulled the string of her petticoat and pulled it out from her leg and threw it in the front seat. She was silently presenting herself to me.Wow! She was a sex goddess to look at. She was only in a very thin black panty and a bra and her bulkyness added to her appeal with that dress. She was not looking at me properly and had her eyes full of shame. I sat in front of her and opened my uniform shirt and vest and pant and underware and became totally nude.
It was like those of the African mamba cocks. My cock was almost 10 inches long even when half erect. It was more than 6 inches thick with a big triangular cap on top.My penis was a cut penis,as I was a Muslim my testicles were like two large tennis balls hanging. They were big round and heavy I was full nude in front of madam Minu. Minu madam was seeing for the first time any man nude other than her husband in her life. I saw madam's eye widened in fear by looking at the size of my cock.
She asked with fear 'how can that go in me? I replied by destroying your vagina aaj ke baad teri ye bur aisi 18 saal ki bachchi ki tarha nehi rahegi ye kisi rand ki gandi bur banjaegi I saw fear in madam's eyes. I stood up and sat at the back of the front seat and asked madam to come forward. Madam crawled in her knees and sat infront of me in her knees. Oh it’s a great feeling to have my own madam my long dreamt sex goddess on her knees between my legs.
I then said lo ab choos Madam refused strictly. She said its very dirty and she has never done it in life neither she would do it. I caught hold a tight grip of her open hair.In pain she said 'aaaaah' and as her mouth opened while saying aaaaah, I shoved my penis in her mouth at first she resisted by biting my penis. I said if you bite my penis then I'll leave you nude in the middle of the by pass road and go away.She eased her jaws and I started shoving in inch by inch.
My dick had became so much swallowen that madam had opened her mouth to her full extent yet my dick was having difficulty getting in only a quator entered and it was not going further. I started pushing in and out and that state only. I held madam's hair in one hand and by other hand I held her face up by her chin oooh it was a great view as madam's thick sexy lips with red lipstick on them wrapped my black thick penis with in second madam was coughing as if vomiting.
She said she cannot tollerate the smell and she will die and I by hearing it again shoved inside her mouth and kept pumping. Madam was making sounds from her throat like gargaling ggghhrrrrrr ggghhrrrrr hhuuuaakk hhhhhrrrr. She was indeed choaking and her eyes were full of tears and she was looking at my eyes with fear in her eyes. I kept face fucking her soon she started vomiting water as I chocked her mouth totally with my penis.
I saw she was vomiting water through her both nostrils. Oh! What a feeling was it? I felt her warm vomit passing from her throat up to her nostrils on my penis tip and I just there I started cumming Madam was about to spill it out but I quickly pressed both her nostrils close and cummed in her throat by holding her head tightly with lots of choking sound and she swallowed each of my drops. I never felt like that before it was greatest of my cums as I took out my penis from her mouth
I pulled her face up by holding her chin and kept tightly kissing her thick juicy lips. Oh I had never tasted such lips before it was so thick and so soft that I within no time got a hardon. It was mesmerizing I pushed her strongly and she laid flat on the floor of the Mercedes ooooh what a sight my madam in black bra and panty lying infront of me and her thighs big fat fleshy fair with a perfect triangle in between and her flabby tummy with a big navel and huge boobs within her skinny black bra.
I pounced on her and lay on my madam. I looked at madam's eyes directly and she did not say anything to me but I saw her eyes filled with water. I pressed my lips on her lips and started kissing her passionately. My kisses were very hard and rough during all that time and I was slipping my rough palm on her soft inner thighs and butt and squeezing them passionately.
I was kissing very slowly on her ear lobes, neck and soon I made madam moan hhoooooo ssshhh no oohh mm. I raised her arms on her head and started licking her armpits like some icecream.She was fascinated by such act.She started moaning very loudly hoo driver what no sssaaaa ooooooo mmm oooommm please aab ieee rookoo na please! While moaning like this she was arching a lot while being pined down by my body weight.
By each of my licking in her arm pits and she arched her back to her full extent with her boobs up in the air.Then I looked at madam's swaying massieve boobs. The bra that she was wearing I had never seen such bra's fashion it had a single button at the centre of her two tits and it clenched tightly madam's milky jugs. I asked what type of bra is this. Madam said that this was gifted by her husband purchased from abroad. Then I just with the tip of my two fingers opened that button between her chests.
Right there her entire bra sprang and opened wide apart on car's floor as she had wore the bra very tightly so immediately as the bra fell,madam's two voluptuousness boobs just jumped out and bounced freely. I gasped from my mouth wow! By looking at those huge boobs swaying and bouncing. Madam in shame closed her eyes tight. Then after almost one minute of silence I said in a evil tone madam these huge bombs look even larger without bra and by that.
I hooted and Whistler at her in shame she just closed her eyes and I saw tears rolled down her cheeks without wasting further time. I caught hold of madam's bare breasts and started squeezing roughly. I was squizing them so roughly that by now her both melons had turned red. She was screaming in pain aaaaaa nehhii nnnaaa tears were rolling down her cheeks while roughly squizing one boobs.
I took for the first time one of her nipples in my mouth right then her screaming in pain changed to ecstasic moans of pleasures. She gasped loudly hhoooo no yeah hooo! By each of my squize at her boobs her pussy was jumping up and down from the car's floor.  Madam realy knew how to enjoy a man's touch. I could well realize that madam was discharging a large amount of fluid from her pussy because.
I could well smell the entire interior of the car filled with dense smell of female discharge.It was a fantastic view to see that two big hairy black hands were totally exploring madam's fair milky busty breasts, but her breasts were so large that my large masculine palms could not totally engulf her boobies at a time.
Madam's nipples were poking out like arrow's heads and became solid rock hard by my passionate fondling. I found madam's boobies by now becoming very heavy I was gradually increasing the pressure of squizing on her breasts and more the smell of female liquid was increasing in the car by it. To be continued.

Driver Seduces And Making Pregnant His Madam - Part II

This is the part II please read the part I first:
Two days passed and madam did not face me or come out of her house on the third day. I took boss to office in the afternoon boss called me in his office and said that he had given madam a phone's memory card,in which confidential documents of income tax and business were saved. Boss had forgotten to bring it in office and he needed it urgently then. So he said to me that to go to madam, in the house and ask for that chip and bring it fast in the office.
Just by the thought that I'll be meeting madam my dick flickered. I drove to boss's residence and our kamwali bai and our maid opened the door and I smartly went to madam's bedroom and without knocking I entered. Madam was sitting by the dressing table and by looking at me in the mirror and she litterally sprang up. She was wearing a thin transperent lemon colored saree and thin sleeveless blouse. It was a costly siffon saree.
She had applied mehendi to her hands and they were wet. She said in a rude tone 'what do you want? I asked for the chip and said boss wants it urgently at first I could not understand that as I asked for the chip madam's face turned horrified and panic stricken and only murmoured oooh no! I aksed what happened madam? Madam said she was a bit busy and so does he needs the chip very urgently and I said yes madam I found madam's cheeks turning red and her big eyes were full of shyness.
I enquired that was everything all right? She said that she has applied a costly mehendi to both her hands and it’s wet and so she cannot give it. I said that then I can take it and tell me where it is. I found madam's eyes becoming wide in panic and she started sweating in air conditioned room. She said in a low voic no! I asked I cannot understand madam what you are saying please say clearly where is the chip.
She again said that as I applied mehendi, I cannot use my hands. I said fine and where is the chip? Madam with a trembling and shy voice said as your boss had said that the chip contained very confidential income tax datas so to keep it safe and secure it is in my and I asked where madam? She looked down at floor in shyness and in a very low voice she whisperred it is in my blouse, I stood stunned for a second there and I got a instant hard on by hearing it for a moment there was a complete silence in the room and madam couldnt look at me.
Then I broke the silence and said so what? Madam looked up at my eyes in astonishment and said that you dont understand and I have a very wet and costly Mehendi at both my hands and the saree is a very costly siffon saree too which if spoiled once will be difficult to recover. I said to madam,'so what Madam looked at me with her eyes full of questions. I said with a wicked smile that I can take it from there for you while you can retain your mehendi.
Madam said with panic what nonsense is this behave yourself and don’t forget your place you are a servant of mine! I said that then may I go to boss and say that madam is not giving the chip and is saying that she'll give it later. Madam said no your boss will get very angry at me and shout at me. I said that then dont you think that this is the only option we have madam let me take it out for you. Madam panicly said no, never!
I said very casually 'whats the problem and why you are shy. I have already seen everything of yours. Madam became terrified and shy and couldnt look at me. Just then boss called up in my cell and shouted not to be late and bring the chip quickly. I cut the phone and asked madam that what should I do.Madam with much hasitations and nervousness first looked down then closed her eyes tight,took deep audible breathe and then whispered that bai is working in the adjesent room please close the door.
My cock became full erect just by hearing it, I quickly went to the bedroom's door to close it and found that bai was cleaning the floor of the next room our eyes met and I winked at her and closed the door at her face.I turned towards madam and saw that she was standing by looking down in shyness like a new bride. I went up close to madam and found she was taking deep breathes. I went further closer my cock started ozzing precums. I could smell her shampooed hair which was left loose. 
My hands were shaking I put them hesitantly over her left shoulder. The saree was pinned to her blouse. I said it is pinned and she by looking at the floor whispered removes it. I put two fingers inside blouse near her shoulder. That made me touches her intimate skin for the first time. She jerked upon my touch, involuntarily. I used both the hands and removed the pin smoothly. I slowly brought the palloo down as my heart began to beat faster out came her two footballs, hanging before me, waiting to be invaded.
Madam had a big full round bust,and as the blouse that she wore was very tight fitting and sleeveless,so more than half of her cleavage was already exposed and bulging from the top of her blouse and from the sides of her armpits. Her blouse clad tits were now in front of me, inches away. She was breathing heavily I see the sweat near her armpits and that part of the blouse was drenched.
Her blouse was transparent enough to reveal that she was wearing a white bra inside. I to further tease her asked her mockingly that if it was ok to proceed. She just nodded shyly.I turned towards her and I asked which side is it? Left, I put my hand over her bosom. There was not much of a gap for my hand to enter in. I looked at her and said I can’t put my hand as there is no gap.She said shyly removes a button.
I caught her blouse top with both hands my palms feeling madam's tits for the first time and released the first hook of the blouse. Out came her cleavage into view and some fresh air for her tits without asking I removed another and I came to know she had a mole on her left tit and her cleavage was shinning as I found that she was sweating all inside with a smirk on my face inserted my dark rough hand inside from the top of her blouse fingers first, over her left one.
My hand was over madam's tit now. I gently grasped her tit to assess the size and shape. It was firm and round like a ripe watermillon. She said the chip is in a small purse that is in the bra. I looked at her and she turned away in shyness. I now inserted my hand and kept it now inside the bra. I entered heaven. My dick was tearing my underwear by now. I touched her nipple with my finger tip and it became erect.
She arched her back and thrust her tit further towards me and moaned ssshhhhh and her tit was crushed in my hand now. It felt very soft and warm. I could feel a small purse on one end but I didnt go there immediately. I delayed my movements there.I was searching on the other end of her tit and feeling her boob fully. I was tweaking nipples with my finger tip movements from side to side. Her nipple now became erect and it stood up firmly. I could see her nipples poking out from over her blouse.
Madam kept her eyes closed tightly and was breathing very heavily.Her boobs were constantly moving up and down. I bet her pussy juices were flowing by now. She whispered stammeringly the purse is on the other end oooh, I see. I now moved my hand and felt a small purse while trying to grasp the purse I grabbed her tit and gave it a squeeze oosss and she let out a sound and showed lust in her eyes and looked up at my eyes for the first time.
Oh no, this housewife was fully aroused by now by seeing that I intentionally placed my palm directly on her nipple and started rubbing them by pressing and asked casually 'is this the chip madam? Madam closed her eyes rolled her head to one side and started gasping no please no shhh as I went on rubbing she was gasping and arching up and down. I said madam your boobs are so big that it’s difficult to locate the purse I need to open the blouse (Madam apki mamhe itni badi hae ke mere unglihi nehi ghus raha hae)
Madam with panic stricken eyes looked to me and whisperred please no, I took out my fingers and started opening her remaining two hooks of her blouse without waiting for her consent as I unhooked them, I smoothly opened her blouse wide and saw her two huge melons tightly held by a thin skimpy total transperent bra. I started cumming inside my pants just by looking t them on the left side of her melons near her nipple was a small purse.
I inserted my long fingers and pulled out the purse containing the chip while doing so I again brushed her nipple intentionally for the final time ooohh my! Now it was rock hard as I stood there holding the purse her face was red now. I stood there staring at her tits. She whispered by looking down cover me up now and leave from here. I buttoned her blouse and adjusted her tits back in place and covered her palloo as well.
I said in evil tone Thanks madam it was great and she blushed red and by looking down she said 'now go from here driver. I left and started my shagging while driving in the car to office to give the chip to boss.While driving I could still smell the strong aroma of madam's body on my fingers and nails. That night I masterbrated so many times that whole night I was awake and my cock was paining by dawn.
The very next day I drove boss to office and was shagging by the thoughts of madam in office's parking in the car and what happened next was unbelievable for about a month after all the incidences with madam and she had stopped coming out of her house or talking to me and didnt face me and just as I was wanking my phone rang and it was madam. I took up the phone and she said to bring the car as she needed to go for some shopping.
I quickly drove to house Madam came out by wearing a beautiful heavy orange saree  and a matching thread blouse, big diamond necklace earrings her back was open and she looked stunning.  Minu madam had done her hair loose and she looked stunning with hair flowing loose and she smelled really good and her big breasts were pointing straight from her new orange blouse. I could see the shape of her breasts to be described as perfect 10 inches round and big as her saree pallu,.
I was covering only one left breast and exposing the other half of the blouse was right side breast. I went up and opened the door for her and she sat in the car. I drove madam to a costly mall.In the gate of the mall madam said me to join her in her shopping. I asked with shock Madam me with you madam that too in such costly a mall? Madam said 'dont worry, I'll be bored shopping alone so I would prefer you being with me,yes only open your uniform's hat before coming with me or else people will think you as my driver.
I was shocked to see such behavioral change of madam and she was no more rude to me,she was behaving very pleasantly with me.I parked the car and we both went in the mall. I had never walked so close to madam.So all the while I was watching madam walking and her exposed midriff. Ohh my god! Her bums jiggle like anything and her boobs also jumps by her each steps. Her sex appeals and beauty are far higher than any slut or models. I found many head turning towards madam from teenagaes to oldages.
I was indeed feeling very proud walking with her inside the mall madam asked that will I like to drink anything. I said no its fine.She said dont be shy then she paused and said in a low voice that yesterday you destroyed all my shyness so today how can I allow seeing you shy. My jaws dropped by such kinds of words from madam's mouth. We went to a clod drinks shop and madam ordered for only one bottle of pepsi. I asked will you not have madam.
She said ofcoarse and I'll share it with you and I was dumbstruck. She took the bottle threw the straw away and started drinking directly from her mouth after she had drank some gulps and she gave the bottle to me.I with a pause started drinking with my mouth. Just by thought that my madam had drank by touching mouth on the bottle and I was also drinking from the same place gave me a feeling that I was smooching her and I was getting hardon.
I also after some gulp and gave the bottle to madam and she drank it with lusts in her eyes and like this we shared the bottle. Then we entered a shoe store as madam needed to get some sandals as madam sat down and I found her huge busts bulging out and dangling. So I kept standing infront of her to enjoy the good view as madam tried on a couple of pairs my eyes widened by watching her fahion of sitting. She was sitting with both her legs apart.
Her pillars like fat thighs were a view to look at even from above her saree which was thin and a clear impression of her crotch was visible to me. She was trying each sandal and as she was bending down her milky busts would bulge out. My dick hardened by looking at this fucking tease. Then we went to a dipartmental store and where ladies and gents undergarments were being sold. My dick was pulsating as I was standing in between undergarments and half nude dolls with madam.
Madam said to me 'driver please chooses a bra and panty for me and my dick became tight. I asked what size Madam said with a shy smile 38 D I surfed through few and selected one very revealing pair. Madam said wow they are great while giving it to madam. I caught her soft palms and said that I wanted to see them how it fitted. Madam did not reply me anything and shyly took the garments from my hand and went towards the trial room by sexily swaying her hips.
I waited in front of the trial room with my heart beat speeding up.Withing three two four minutes and I heard madam opened the lock of the door and called me in.I went in and oohhhh my! Madam was only in that skimpy bra and thong like panty and her saree and entire dresses were on floor. Madam was fairer than milk and on it tight black colored bra and panty were actually making her look like sex goddess.
The way she looked at me and made my dick fly and she was biting her lips and she was full with shyness and tried to avoid my eye contact.
The room was a very small trial room and so we were standing so close to eachother that her nipples of her huge busts were almost touching my chest. I said 'madam you are a very hot item. She smiled by looking down and said am I that much beautiful my husband always says that I’m fat. I replied oooooh madam you look like goddess to me and you are not fat.
You are sexy,hot sexy and such sexy figures must not be wasted with wimp like husbands,it must be put to good use it must be manhandled by animals like me,I must use this body like a dustbin and make you dirty be my slave for one night and it will be a life long memory for you madam as I kept on saying these I found madam was getting very aroused as her breathing was becoming heavy.

Driver Seduces And Making Pregnant His Madam - Part III

Driver Seduces And Making Pregnant His Madam - Part I

My name is Mahemood and I’m a driver for a rich family in Kolkata. I drive a beautiful Mercedes for a rich industrialist. He has a beautiful young wife. Minu Sharma. She is 26 years old beauty with massieve volupterous figures.She has one daughter of 6 years old. Minu is as beautiful as the Mercedes I drive, perfect round breasts like the headlights on the car.
She must be more than d size cup, a bit thick body shaped like the car but not fat by any means, full lips, big appealing eyes for sure and a smile that can kill any man easily.Her bums were to look at her bum chicks were huge when she used to walk her each bums used to jiggle like two jel bags,by each of her steps.I always watched her midriff,the area not covered by the saree even I splur at her navel and her navel is  cute one of the best I’ve ever seen.
It is as big as one rupee coin and very deep on a flabby tummy by the manner she looks at me from the rear-view mirror to give me orders only by looking at her eyes through mirror, my dick flings. She always wears tight blouses, poking her nipples through the fabric, sometimes in Kolkata heat and due to lots of sweat, one can see clearly the impression of her nipples on her blouse, sometimes I think she doesn’t wear any bra.
I guess due to heat but I also sometimes see her blouse wet from her sweat. Madam mostly wears very low thin sleeveless blouses by which her huge busts always bulges out when ever I open the door of the car for her,i notice that she bends to get in, her huge busts bulges out from below her transperent pallu of her saree mmm. I peek at her when she does this, it turns my tool on, and my god I can not stop thinking about grabbing and smooch her juicy jugs at that very moment.
I day dream of her all the time when will that moment come when my lips are glued to hers because I know I will one day end up fucking her because of her sex appeal and she also knows that I always watch her from the rear-view mirror when the boss is not in the car and I drool. I swallow my saliva in excitement. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see her daily and it makes my day when i see her lusty and sultry looks.
However, I just knew it in my mind and my heart that one fine day or at night I’m going to lock my lips to hers, latch onto her nipples sucking hungrily on her breasts and fuck her brains inside and out. I just knew it and I always used to rape her with my eyes whenever I used have eye contact with her and I used peep on her boobs,her exposed big deep navel as she always wore saree very below in her lower flabby abdomen her crotch.
Her whole figure with lusty eyes and in the end I used to give her a wicked smile but I always saw by such actions of mine she used to get very much irritated and angry as she used to frown and go away.She never could tell me anything as she did not had any proof.I many times over heard that madam used to tell boss that she did not like me at all and I am not a good person and wanted me to be kicked out of my job as soon as possible.
I guess she was a perfect loyal housewife but my boss couldnt think anything more serious than his business. He used to reply madam that they were all madam's complicated mind built stuff and it was nothing like that as Mahemood is working here for more than ten years and he is very honest by saying so he used to either go to sleep or sit with files of his businesses actually this behaviour of boss towards madam gave me courage to put my lusty glances on madam's figure directly on her face and days after days.
Actually my boss never paid any attention to his beautiful wife. I realized that she is too bored housewife with her husband, he was being ignorant and he never spoke nicely with her, Madam never used to talk to me anything in excess only formal orders of where to drive rather she was always a little rude to me in her attitudes before this incident happened. Months were passing and each day I was becoming impatient to get atleast a touch of her and each day.
I was in search of a single moment to make her lay beneath me. I never passed a single night without masterbrating by thinking of her. One magical day my luck rang up peculiarly not the way I wanted that day madam was in the house alone. I took my boss to his office.Suddenly in the noon boss called me in his office and gave some important files and said to drive fast to his house and get them signed by madam and bring them back to office as fast as possible.
I took the files and drove to house I pressed the bell but no one opened the door but I could hear madam's deck in high volume being played from her bed room. I understood that for that reason she might not be able to hear the bell but boss said the files were inportant and needed to be signed very fast. So I took out a metal wire from my pocket and inserted it into the keyhole and within fews minutes of difficulty I opened the door actually before being employed here as a driver I used to be a thief at my younger age.
I knew the art of opening any locks or doors. I went towards madam's bed room and saw that the deck was on and madam's attach bathroom's door was half closed and from inside the sound of running water was coming right there the gear of my mind started working in a evil way and I simply tip toed and went to the door of the bathroom and in one blow I opened the door wide. My jaw dropped wide open in disbelief.
I saw my madam and my sex goddess totally nude infront of me wet and covered in soap.Madam was totally terrified. She was fumbling and could only manage to say you, how did you? And how did you get in? No! But then there was a total silence in the bathroom for about two to three minutes as I was scanning her entire body each parts with my eyes with an evil smile. She was standing there dumbstruck with big eyes wide open in shock as she also realized that my eyesight was moving up down her body.
Her entire volupterous body was shinning due to soap and water. She was breathing heavily as my eyes first glued on her two huge footballs. They were milky white with pink nipples and big aerolas. What I saw was most amazing that I dont know whether due to nervousness or she was getting aroused that I saw her nipples graduallly becoming big and protruding out and becoming erect.Then I saw her big deep navel in which soap was inside.Then my eyes went to madam's genital area ohhh!
It was clean shaved it was shinning only a thin long cut in a triangle it was just like a genital of a 18 year old girl. She was indeed a sex goddess oooohh! I suddenly felt a cold patch infront of my penis tip at my pants, I realized that I was having precums shooting. I had seen so many nude women in my life pictures so many at red light areas but none I could ever imagine that only by looking at a figure one can have precums.
A long dreamed sex goddess a ripe sexy voluptorous full jawani of 26 years was standing infront of me totally nude. It was then madam came to the senses after two minutes and she murmured go out from here driver. I said I needed an important sign that boss has sent to fetch. She said first go out from here and I went out of her bathroom and waited for her in her bedroom. She shut the bathroom door behind me. I suddenly saw that on madam's bed madam's cloths were lying.
My dick further flickered by the very thought that madam didnt had any dress inside bathroom and if she has to come out to sign she has to come in a provocative manner. Just as I was thinking so madam,the most conservative housewife came out infront of her driver,servant by wrapping only a towel,which was hardly covering her busts and pussy.She was drenched,nice smell of soap was there on her body and the towel was a short towel that was tied lower to her big busts and barely came down to her triangle.
The towel had stuck to her figure due to wettness. Her big flabby milky thighs with water droplests on them was just making me crazy. My cock was no paining in my zippers. She came out took the file from my hand and kept on signing pages.what further astonished me was that turning pages to sign,she was stealing glances at my pant. It was then I realized that my 10" shaft was totally erect and was creating a great bulge from beneath my pant. She somehow signed the pages and gave it to me. I took them and went out.
All through the while she didnt look at me but before I left the house and I went to the backyeard of the house and peeped at madam's bed room what I saw fascinated me unexpectedly. I saw madam was sitting infront of her jiant mirror. She slowly opened her towel and threw it away and became totally nude and started crying by coverring her face. I opened my zippers and started masterbrating looking at madam's nude figure it was awesome just by few hand strocks.
I was ready to cum but then I saw something that I couldnt believe in my eyes. Madam was crying but as she settled down slowly and she looked at the mirror slowly stretched her flabby thighs and started massaging her cliotris. My jaws dropped looking at that and I was she really aroused by me looking at her nude body, I was she? Within minutes she started to moan mm hhhhmm ooooommmm hhhhmmm. I also started masturbating at full force by it.
We both were now masturbating. I found it hard to control it so I came with a bang. I never came like this ever. I went on cumming I was having problem standing erect. The wall of the house was wet with my cum like I had urinated there as I settled down slowly,madam also started shivering oooohh her ass cheecks and boobies were shaking like anything she was moaning a lot mmm hhhaaa sshhsss.
She also had a good orgasm as she finished her orgasm and she looked at the mirror very shyly to herself but just then my boss called me at my cell phone to tell me to hurry up and so the cell rang and madam looked towards the window with panic in her eyes and saw me standing and our eyes met I gave a naughty smile and went away to boss's office for about 12 days madam did not face me,neither did she came out of her house but from that day onwards each day.
I masturbated almost six to seven times day thinking about madam's nude figure. I masterbrated at public urinals at boss's office's staff urinal in the car while parked even sometimes while driving alone before going to sleep,while taking bath, I masturbated so many times regularly that after 12 to 13 days I was ejaculating very little or least sperms even after masterbrating so many times,when I used to get up from my sleep I used to find that.
I had ejaculated in my sleep also like in my teenages after almost about 3 to 4 weeks still madam didnt face me and stayed inside the house. One day when boss was about to go to his office when he came in and sat in the car and he remembered that he had forgotten his mobile phone in his bedroom. I thought it could be an oppertunity to meet madam after a long time so I told boss that I will fetch the mobile for him by saying so I rushed to boss's bedroom.
I saw madam sitting on her couch by wearing a thin transparent nity and just by seeing me she got shocked. She only managed to say 'you what do you want? I said 'you know what I want madam. I was expecting some anger from madam as usual but instead I found Madam's fair cheeks turned red and looked down in shyness and just then kabab me haddi my boss shouted from car what’s taking so long driver? My boss is always short tempered.
I replied 'just finding it boss.'I said to madam that boss has forgotten his mobile phone. Madam got up from the couch.Oh!! Madam was not wearing any under garments. She was wearing a transperent white nity and I could clearly see her two footballs danngling. The nity was so thin and transperent that madam's huge ass's crack was clearly visible and her huge bums were jiggling fantastic and her aerolas and nipples were poking out.
Clearly visible through her white nighty by seeing my descent madam in that dress I instantly got a tight hard on. The mobile was on the bed under boss's pillow as madam bent down to pick up the phone and I went behind her and intentionally I shoved my 10" erect hard cock straight between her massieve bums.In that bent position her ass cheeks were open and my cock tip landed on her vaginal entrence oohh! What a feeling! It was soft like sponge. Madam in shock stood up fast.
I pushed my groin further in and I heard madam let out a painful moan oooh! Before she could react properly. I caught her waist and pulled her back further onto my dick. My dick entered half between her huge flabby ass cheeks. Her huge bums were indeed soft. The feeling was uncontrolable for me and so I started cumming in my pants and just then she pushed me with her elbows and moved forward and with anger in eyes she slapped me tight and yelled what nonsense!
What do you think you are doing and I will tell your boss and throw you out from here! I also replied to madam harshly that 'go ahead tell boss, I know boss will do nothing and further more I'll also tell boss the detail descriptions of your sexy figure and will say that you have tried to seduce me.
Madam with panic in her eyes said 'No! I just then boss shouted from the car that if you cannot find the mobile then leave it and lets drive fast to office as I am getting late and I took the mobile from madam's hand and went away to drive boss to office. Madam stood there frozen in panic whole day I masterbrated in the parking of boss's office thinking about the feeling of madam's bums. To be continued..

Seductive Maid Radha Seduced

This is Senthil on this forum for the first time... This is a true incident happened when I was in my early days of work at Chennai during 2005.
Before going into the details, first let me explain some details about myself. I was 25 yrs old at that time with a very fat figure wherein, my hip size was nearly 39 inches with a big belly. I was staying in a double bedroom flat in the 4th floor of my apartment in the outskirts of Chennai with many small huts used to surround the place. I preferred this flat because, no one could see others balcony as there were only two houses on each floor facing each other.
In the beginning, I used to do all the chores in my home. After 6 months, I got bored and started eating out. Even that did not last long as I was falling sick. Then I searched for a suitable maid to take care of my house work and it did not take long to find one. Yes, as I had mentioned that this flat was surrounded by many hut settlements, which was mostly occupied by people who work as maids in the neighborhood. I asked my neighbor for a reference through their maid servant and she referred her daughter by name Radha.
Radha, aged around 18 was bulgier for her age with a hip size of around 35 inches and her breast size around 40, black in colour with no extra flabs around her waist and with reasonably big breasts typical of a teenager. But one thing was she was very talkative and very bold and gutsy too. I could make out as she agreed to work in my home which is occupied by a 25 yr old bachelor with no other occupant in the house. She demanded a salary of 3000/- pm for doing the cooking night dinner and washing and cleaning the apartment on a daily basis.
I had to agree for the high salary as I was desperate to have a maid. She used to come by 8 in the morning and leave by 10 am and again come by evening 6 pm and leave by 7 pm.
One thing that attracted my attention was not only her cooking was excellent and the upkeep of my house drastically improved after her arrival but also as she moved around the house for cleaning and cooking, the movements of her huge, milky, tender soft breasts juggling around like a free birds.
After 6 months of event free happenings and also her mother stopped working for my neighbor as they moved to a new house, slowly Radha started talking freely to me on regular occasions about my marriage plans and the ideal girl of my dreams. I told her that who will like to befriend a 25 yr old fattish man like me and I don’t know whether I will be lucky enough to get married unless otherwise I drastically reduce my weight.
Later, I started going to a nearby gym and also bought a cycle at home to pedal at leisure hours. It so happened naturally, on holidays, whenever I cycle at home, I used to remove my vests and used to wear very short white shorts for convenience and likes to wear with crystal micro briefs with black and white strips made of thin cotton material which really and nicely covers my lund to its size and shape and gives in ultimate comfort for wearing it.
Radha used to come and do the house work during that time and gets amazed at the amount of sweat I exhaust and my body used to shine and sometimes, gets stuck admiring my huge breasts glittering with sweat and she will be amused to see my huge belly hanging out around my hips with wet sweat flowing from my chest.
On some days, whenever I decided not to wear my briefs along with my shorts while cycling, Radha’s eyes will deliberately stare at my groin area while I used to sit on my sofa after a rigorous round of cycling and to my amusement I will realize that my junior would have been peeping out through the side opening of my shorts.
On every festive occasion, I used to give 2000/- rupees to Radha asking her to get some good dresses for her and family.
After a year and half, Radha was on leave one day without any information and I really missed her presence as it was a holiday for me due to a festival. The next day Radha came and apologized for not informing me in advance about the leave. and her face was looking dull.  I asked her and Radha said that some prospective groom had come and seen her the previous day and their family is planning to get her married to that groom. The marriage had been finalized and is due in another 3 months.
Even I was shocked to hear this. The next day as usual, she came in the morning wearing a yellow chiffon saree with red colour floral designs and a yellow blouse with a black bra. Her pallu across her breasts was in layers and that partially prevented me from seeing the big melons hidden behind her pallu, but I could see the black brassier from the sideways thanks to the transparent nature of the yellow saree. I was bemused seeing Radha like that because, that was the first time in the last 1 and half years of work, she had come to work with such a transparent dress and again for the first time, she was wearing a low hip saree revealing most portion of her hip and navel areas.
On that day, I was wearing my brief with my shorts and after finishing cycling I sat on a chair and wiping my sweat from the body and Radha came out of the kitchen and said Senthil sir, your breakfast is ready and she said that she is going to wash the clothes and asked me to take bath quickly.
I wiped myself well and observed that Radha was again daringly staring at my groin area and to my amusement, even on that day, the shape of my rod could be seen through the transparent nature of my shorts and sweat was oozing out of whole body and dropping into the floor through my huge belly. The moment I realized that Radha is starring at my groin area, I started having a real hard on and it started to grow in size and started to enlarge the bulge inside my shorts even more. Seeing this, Radha was giggling and she could not control her giggle.
I asked Radha, why she was giggling and she said that my Sunday is getting bigger than Monday and it is there to be seen. I was shocked to hear this comment from her and admiring her intelligence, I said, it is there for everyone in my gender and what is special for her to giggle and anyhow she is going to see the Sundays directly after she gets married to her prospective groom very soon.
Being very talkative, Radha said, whether such a fattish men like me will ever be able see our own organ if we stand straight and that’s what made her to giggle more than seeing my enlargement.
I was appreciating her frankness and said whether she is interesting in verifying her doubt now itself. This question of mine put her off for few seconds and then Radha said, she won’t mind checking her doubt as long as I don’t mind showing it to her.
As the door was closed and nobody could see what’s happening inside my house I dared Radha that I am prepared for this challenge and she should not reveal this to anybody. Radha did agree and said I can think twice before going ahead with her challenge.
I told Radha that since she is known to me I don’t mind this challenge and being an interesting one, I would love to see whether her perception is right or wrong. Then I got up from the chair I was sitting and started unbuttoning my trouser, Radha said, Senthil, I just made that comment for fun and don’t take it seriously and asked me whether or not I am ashamed to unbutton my trouser and be prepared to stand naked in front of a stranger?
I stopped unbuttoning my shorts and told Radha that she is not a stranger to me first and I told her that this is not the first time she is going to see my cock. Hearing this, Radha giggled even louder and said Senthil, you naughty fellow, knowingly you had exposed yourself to my preying eyes and now you are pretending to be very upright.
I told Radha that since she was not minding and being a man, I did not mind too. Then without waiting for her further comment, I just removed the shorts in a jiffy and stood with my brief’s on in front of Radha, my maid. Radha, in the mean time, covered her face and ran into the kitchen and I could only hear her giggle getting louder and louder.
As she was commenting, I could only see the tip of my toe as my big belly was preventing me from seeing my own organ covered by my brief’s while I was standing upright. I called Radha and as she did not turn up, I walked into the kitchen and there she was standing near the stove showing her back to me.
I went closure to her and kept my hands on her shoulder and turned her around and still Radha was covering her face with her hand and said, she never expected me to be so bold. I told Radha that I have not removed my brief and she can check the fact. She giggled even louder and politely refused.
While Radha was talking, I gently removed her left hand and took and kept it on the right side of my hip and slowly but steadily guided her hand downwards. Even as Radha was resisting mildly, I could feel the mild shivering in Radha and she was feebly murmuring that Senthil this is not advisable and requesting me to stop proceeding further.
In the mean time, Radha could feel that Radha’s hands were covering my lund over the brief’s and as she was little tensed, she cupped my lund and I screamed out of severe pain. Immediately Radha  removed  her other hand from her face and look down to see whether I was alright.
That when I used her hand to pull down my brief in a moment and my cock sprang out in full light and in full size, a thick, 8 to 9 inches long,  black, well rounded cock throbbing at 90 degrees, with pre cum oozing from it, swinging up and down like a pendulum to the feasting eyes of Radha.
Out of ecstasy, Radha grabbed my cock with both her hands and cupped it tightly and started moving her hands up and down by gently massaging my cock. I for the first time started shivering and jerking wildly.
Radha really got tensed while moving her hands up and down, she started squeezing my balls mildly and this made me go mad and started vibrating mildly and I could not control myself, I pleaded Radha to stop massaging my cock as I was nearing my peak orgasm and about to ejaculate. I literally cried and begged Radha repeatedly to stop doing this and finally when I was about to cum, she stopped. I got tremendous sign of relief and started sweating even more.
Radha said, for a man who is very bulgier and fattish, the size of my rod, both its length and diameter was very big but still I agreed to her saying that I could only see the tip of my toe not my lund when I stand.
Immediately I pulled up my brief and with a little hesitation, I moved away from Radha and I could hear her murmuring that Senthil is it all that you can do now?
I for a moment was truly shocked hearing this and turned around with disbelief and asked Radha that what she was murmuring now. Radha said that she did not murmur anything.
Again, I turned away from Radha and moved towards the hall and I could hear Radha giggle again. Now I asked Radha that what made her to giggle now.  Radha said, Senthil, your butts are very big and the swinging movements while you are walking reminds me of a giant elephants butt and while replying she too came to the hall.
I told Radha that she is too naughty in her imagination and her groom will find it difficult to handle her. While talking to her, I started wearing my shorts in front of Radha and took a towel from the nearby chair and started wiping the sweat from my body.
Radha said, Senthil, you are good natured person in general, but the present day girls like their men to be also little naughty and bad and I had to change a lot in this regard. While thinking how bad I could really be, I told Radha that I will try to change.
After this incident, on the same day, I could feel the difference in the way Radha moved around the house and to my amusement, her saree pallu was not in layers around her breast but spread like a sheet showcasing the two beautiful big melons to the world which were nicely well rounded and tender and big for her age. I was about to burst in to my brief on that day thanks to the mild massaging of my lund by Radha and also the sight of her big melons and the explicit dressing.
I was just waiting for the weekend which was 4 days away from now and those 4 days were like 4 years for me and I was itching for the Sunday morning. Cleverly on Saturday I gave Radha an additional 5000/- rupees to meet her marriage expenses. She happily received it with her eyes moist with tears and said, Senthil, I don’t know how to repay this.
Next day, being a Sunday, I deliberately did not do cycling and waited for the calling bell to ring with bated breath. I was with my white shorts with my crystal micro brief but with my t shirt.
The calling bell rang at 8 am and when I opened the door, to my bemusement I found Radha’s mother Karnamma standing there. Before I could ask her about Radha, Karnamma said, that Senthil sir, Radha will come at 9 am today and told me that her marriage is dropped as they found out the groom to be a drunkard and requested me to advise Radha not to worry about her marriage and told me that Radha is little upset on this count.
I told Karnamma that I will speak to her and make her normal today and while leaving the house, Karnamma told me that as she is going to her brother’s place near chenglepet, she requested me to allow Radha to continue her work in my place till evening and not allow her to return to their home as she will be alone, which is not advisable in the current circumstances. I agreed gently for this and closed the door.
It was around 9.30 am in the Sunday morning, I heard the calling bell ringing in my flat and I got up from my bed and opened the door. To my utter disbelief, I could see a fresh, happy Radha in her half saree with a small carry bag in her hand.
Radha was in a choco cream colour skirt with a light choco cream half saree. Radha was wearing a cream colour matching blouse with a black colour brassier. Her pallu was not in layers but spread in a single sheet form exposing the well rounded shape of her melons to my feasting eyes.
There was a definite spring in her steps when she entered my flat and she was for the first time having jasmine flowers in her head.
Radha prepared the breakfast and I too had it without wasting any time and immediately she said Senthil, today I will prepare a good lunch for you and again went into the kitchen. That’s when I realized she had purchased tender chicken and few eggs and started the cooking preparations without wasting a minute.
I was in the meantime enjoying the aroma of her cooking and reading Kamasutra book in my bedroom hiding it behind the newspaper. While reading the kamasutra book, I really struggled to control my hard on and my groin area started bulging again and to control the bulge, I moved my left hand and inserted it inside my shorts and covered my penis over my brief.
Suddenly, Radha, entered my bedroom without knocking the door and saw me inserting my hand inside my shorts and mildly squeezing my penis while reading Kamasutra. She giggled loudly again and I realized her presence in my bedroom and looked at her.
I deliberately did not take out my left hand which was inserted inside my shorts and still continued  squeezing my lund and asked Radha what she wanted. Radha said Senthil, the lunch is about to be ready and requested me to take bath immediately as she can complete her washing schedule and iron the pending dresses immediately.
I told Radha that I will take bath in another 10 mins as I am reading the paper. Radha said that Senthil, I think more than reading you are indulging in something else. I told Radha that I was gently massaging my junior as it was feeling very good and I had been doing this since the day she showed me this new world of sensual feeling couple of days ago.
Radha’s face was blushing with wicked smile and murmured again that being an obedient maid, she won’t mind massaging me. I did not react for this deliberately and told Radha, that her mom was here this morning and asked me permission for making you stay here till evening and Radha said, Senthil, I know and I am not too perturbed by the marriage plans getting dropped after having known the true colours of my fiancĂ© and among all today I am extremely happy to spend the whole day in your place and doing everything for you.
Immediately I got up from my bed and asked Radha to switch on the geyser and keep my clothes and towel in the bathroom for me to take bath. After telling Radha, I removed my t shirt and vest threw it on the bin meant for keeping washing clothes. I was with my shorts and as usual my big belly was bulging out and Radha came out of the bathroom after keeping my clothes and got stunned seeing me with my shorts alone. I could really sense that Radha was again staring at my lund and again it started to bulge and grow in size.
Quietly I went inside the bathroom and started taking bath after removing the remaining garments from my body. After completing my headbath, I took the towel and wiped myself completely and came out of the bathroom with my wet towel around my waist and nothing else inside. In the meantime, Radha, was taking the clothes for washing and raised her head and saw me coming out of the bathroom with my wet towel around my waist.
Thanks to the bright white light inside the bathroom which I did not switch off, and the bedroom being naturally lit with sunlight, Radha could see the physical inner structure of my body behind the wet white towel and froze for a moment seeing me like that. My big lund was throbbing inside the wet white towel, moving up and down and Radha could clearly see my thigh lines and the outline of my lund through the transparent  wet towel.
I casually told Radha, that my undergarments had fallen from the holder inside the bathroom into the wet floor and asked her to get me a fresh set of undergarments. Radha immediately had a mild smile in her face and went and took a fresh set of brief and vest. To remove the shrink, Radha deliberately stretched my micro brief using both hands by keeping it in front of her face and asked me how such a small brief is sufficient for me to wear and moved towards me to hand over the brief and all through her movement, Radha was deliberately looking at my groin area and having a teasing deep look thru my towel.
I collected my brief and vest from Radha and asked her about the menu she had prepared. When Radha was about to answer my query, I started wearing my brief by inserting my legs and moving my brief upwards through my legs. While I had taken my micro brief half way upwards and the towel around my waist was giving way to my brief as well as exposing my big thighs and my body to her preying eyes, Radha was jaw dropping in her reaction and stopped telling me the menu. Without showing my lund, I managed to wear my micro brief and removed my towel and gave it Radha saying that she can wash this too. Now for the first time, I was standing in front of Radha with only my crystal micro brief and nothing else.
Radha was literally frozen and her eyes become wider and mouth slightly opened in awe and she could not move her eyes away from my micro brief as it was just enough to cover my vital organs and even the hairs around my penis could be seen through the front side of my micro brief.
This I did it deliberately and had a big giggle and that disturbed Radha and made her realize that she had all along been staring at my.I asked Radha that where is my trouser and then only she realized that she had not given me my shorts and asked her whether she had not given it intentionally for want of seeing me like this for the rest of the day inside the home.
Without waiting for a moment, Radha said, why not Senthil, as it is not going to be a problem for her and if I don’t mind, I can be like that as none from the outside world is going to see this. I for once stunned with Radha’s spontaneous response and immediately asked her whether she is daring enough to be like me.
Radha was speechless for a moment as she did not expect this question so soon from me. Radha gathered her breath and said why not and if I were to be daring enough to challenge her, she will. This was the reply I was expecting all along and told Radha that she can remove her half saree, skirt and blouse and remain in the house with her bra and brief for the rest of the day.
Radha immediately obliged and immediately I went to the corner of my room and stood there waiting for Radha to remove her garments one by one.
Radha started removing her half saree and removed the strings of her skirt and it fell on the floor exposing the black colour panties of her. It was a thin micro cotton panty with white floral designs on it. I was awe stuck for a moment and before I could realize, Radha removed her blouse too.
There she was, standing in the middle of my bedroom with only her panties and bra and nothing else. Radha bend down to take her skirt and other garments from the floor and I could clearly see the cleavage of her breasts and the big melons were throbbing out of her big brassieres. I could also see her broad shoulders and the tenderness of her breasts were making me go mad and I did not want to rush anything which will spoil the progress I had made in seducing my dream maid till now and I was sure that by that days evening Radha will realize, how bad and ugly Senthil can become with women.
Radha went and kept her garments in my wardrobe and went to the service area of my flat to wash the clothes. Since it was in the 4th floor and no other apartments were there in the near vicinity, no one could see what’s happening in my flat and in my floor. Radha daringly went and sat and started washing my clothes.
I also went to the service area and sat near the door and started talking to Radha admiring the tender coconuts swinging and moving freely while Radha was busy washing my clothes.
Radha also got drenched while washing the clothes and the water droplets were making a glittering look to her tender big sized boobs. I was deliberately staring at her boobs and her cleavage and asked Radha whether wearing brassier is comfortable for women who are having such big boobs. This direct question of mine made Radha stunned for a moment and she said the brassier is the garment which makes every women's breasts more appealing to the feasting eyes of men in general and the shape and firmess of breasts can be made to look different thanks to the type of brassier one wears.
After finishing her wash, Radha got up and rinsed the clothes and dried and put it on the hanger. I got up from the chair and stood near the entrance of the service area and having a deep look at the floral designs of Radha’s panties.
After putting the clothes for drying, Radha entered the bedroom brushing her huge boobs against my chest and I for once, was feeling like being in heaven and held my hands to the wall behind me. All through this, Radha was not for once feeling shy and after brushing against me, she looked deep into my eyes with a mischievous smile in her face. 
Immediately I took the towel from my chair and moved towards Radha and told her that I am going to wipe her whole body which is sweating due to the intense work and kept the towel and my hand on her back neck.
Radha was stunned by this move of mine and said Senthil, today you seems to be in a different plane and showing me a different behavior. I told Radha, come on, when a girl of your age can be so daring; men like me will definitely be even more daring.
Without waiting for her response, I circled my right hand with the towel behind her neck and started wiping the sweat profusely coming out of her tender body. The moment I started circling her back, her big boobs started swinging mildly and it was at a grabbing distance of my left hand.
Yes, as you all anticipate, I lifted my left hand and kept it on the right hand side hip of Radha and slowly and steadily moved up and rested it just below her right tender breast. Radha just closed her eyes and moaned shshshsh... and said, Senthil, what are you doing?
I did not reply deliberately and cupped her right breast under and squeezed it mildly and using my index finger and thumb, I just pinched her tender, but very firm nipple of her right breast. Radha screamed closing her mouth and let out moaning noises ah ah sh sh and pleaded me to stop this act.
I just release Radha and went and closed the door near my service area and came back to Radha, who all along kept her eyes closed and biting her lips and standing near the cot in my bedroom. I hugged her tightly by keeping my hands behind her hips and planted my lips on the virgin lips of Radha. She was shaken for a moment but immediately tightened my hug by keeping her hands behind my buttocks and started crushing and squeezing my butts using her soft hands.
I gave a deep kiss in Radha’s virgin lips and slipped my tongue out and forced open her mouth and got lip locked for few minutes. Radha could not tolerate my huge body crushing her big melons and my throbbing penis under the micro brief cover was bulging and becoming bigger and bigger and Radha could literally feel the growing size of my penis in between her thighs.
Even while searching inside her mouth through my tongue and biting her lips mildly, I moved my hands from her back and kept my left hand on one of her butts and started crushing and squeezing it and at the same time, moved my right hand around her hip and took it down slowly. While moving it down, I stopped for a moment around Radha’s navel area and pinched it mildly and immediately she a severe shivering and jerked violently.
Radha in the mean time understood my intentions and pleaded me to stop moving my hand down but I was not in a mood to listen and gently took my hand further down and took it near her G spot. Sensing that I will not stop, Radha immediately took her left hand from my buttocks and brought it in between us and inserted it inside my micro brief in a jiffy.  Here it was... yes, Radha’s tender soft left hand is above my lund and she started squeezing and turning and bending my junior to the hilt. I did not know for a moment what is happening and started screaming in pain and pleasure and because of this I seriously bite into her lips.
Immediately Radha released herself from me and ran towards the kitchen. I took a long breath and went to the kitchen. There she was, yes, the young and bubbly Radha standing in the corner of the kitchen showing her sweating back to my feasting eyes.
I took a pre-packed cover from the nearby shelve and grabbed Radha thru her neck and dragged her to my bedroom. In the meantime, Radha was resisting and pleading me to go slow and said she will do what ever and how ever I wish her to be today. I was in no mood to listen to her request and pushed her into my bed and closed the bedroom door too.
I switched on all the lights in my bedroom and in addition, all the windows upper half portion were open and this made the entire room brightly lit and glowing in the afternoon of that Sunday.
Radha fell into my bed crushing her tender breasts and turned around and had a terrified look at me and asked why I am so brutal to her today  and with a wicked smile in my face, I told her that she will know it as day progressed. As I was talking to her, I went near my bed and kept the packed cover in my bed and in one swift move, removed my micro brief and threw it on the floor.
I took both my hands and kept it on my huge belly and while moving my hands in a circular motion around my belly, I had a sarcastic smile in my face and told Radha that she will have a different opinion about Senthil, from today.
For the first time, I could see a real terrified Radha in my bed about to weep in tears. I knew, heart of heart, I am on the right path and kneeled on my bed and pulled Radha slightly up and made her keep her head on the pillows and pushed her both hands wide in line with her head. Radha was wondering and asked Senthil, what are you doing.
Before she could react, I opened the packaged cover and took a small rope and tied Radha’s right hand with the cot’s frame and did the same for her left hand too. While I was tying her both hands, my penis was rubbing Radha’s mouth and nose and she could not breath properly. Radha’s eyes became wide open seeing my big penis at such a close range and she could smell the hairs around my lund. While I was tying her left hand, Radha in one sudden move, bite my hairs around my lund and I for once, jerked and slid on the bed.
Radha laughed out loudly seeing my shock and said, Senthil, this is not fair and pleaded again to untie the knots from her hands, which I politely refused. Radha was in for more shock as I widened her legs and tied it too with the frames of my cot.
Now I turned around and kneeled in between the legs of Radha and had a deep look into her eyes and smiling said, Radha, the game begins now and immediately took two carrots from the bag and Radha, by seeing this was surprised and wondering what am I going to do with that.
I pulled Radha slightly down made her lie on the centre of the cot with equal space above and below her. I moved up and kneeled by keeping my both legs beside Radha’s face and looked down her body from above.
Now Radha’s eyes could easily see my ass cracks and anus. I for once, without any second thoughts, fell on top of Radha and asked her to open her mouth. Radha refused and shook her head violently and said, she can’t swallow my cock and do a blow job. I mildly hit her in her cheeks using my right knee and due to pain, she had to open her mouth. I used this opportunity to insert my huge cock inside her mouth and took it deep inside her throat. Radha gasped for breath and struggled to speak.
Without moving my hip, I took my mouth near her G spot and found that to be covered with her panties. I had no choice but to tear it into pieces using my big hands and that shook Radha terrifically and before she could react, I planted my lips and tongue on the outer layer of her vagina and bite few of the bushy hairs around her vagina.  Radha was in tears and she could not even moan or bite my penis as it was so huge and unmoved in her mouth.
Radha pleaded, no no no Senthil... please stop this and I ordered her to suck my cock and immediately like a obedient student, she did suck and moved her mouth up and down and struggled to breath. Once her saliva was coated over my big penis, her movement of mouth over it became easier and once in a while, she used to mildly bite the outer layer of my penis.
In the meantime, thanks to my biting of her vaginal hairs and a little probing over her vagina, within minutes, her vaginal juices started flowing out and she was getting into her orgasms quickly. I took one carrot which I had kept it all along in my left hand and inserted it inside her pussy. Radha was shocked beyond limits and could not react  or speak and stopped moving her mouth over my big penis. I then moved my hips up and down and literally fucked Radha through her small, tender fresh mouth and she had no other option but to cooperate, even while I was inserting and taking out the carrot from her pussy.
Radha was in heaven and in tears and her body was jerking wildly and she could only let out her moans and could not do anything to stop me proceeding further. I could not tolerate the sensations running around my big penis and while I was about to ejaculate my white juices inside her mouth, Radha sensed that and shook her head wildly indicating to me not to ejaculate into her mouth.
As I was not in a mood to listen, I increased the pace of carrots movement and Radha too was peaking at the right time and jerked vigorously and in one sudden jerk, I ejaculated all my cum inside her mouth and Radha had no other option but to swallow the entire white juicy fluid into her throat and while swallowing, she gave a vigorous jerk, indicating that even she too climaxed and I did collapse over her.
Both myself and Radha were sweating out and breathing heavily... I slowly moved and rose up and released my cock from her mouth and moved sideways and sat near Radha’s face and looked into her eyes. She smiled mildly and said, Senthil, you are little bad and not a good fellow as I thought to be.
I did not reply for this and rose up and took the towel from the chair and wiped my sweat over my body and cleaned the penis area as it was covered by Radha’s saliva and some of my overflowing white juicy fluids. As I was doing this, Radha was looking mischievously at my naked body and further had a deep, probing look at my penis, which had shrunk by now due to one workout. As I was cleaning my groin area, it started to grow in size again and Radha was looking curiously as it grow big in size and shape and wondered loudly by saying, Senthil, this is the first time I am seeing a man’s organ grow in shape and size, that too in such a close fashion in a brightly lit room and asked me Senthil, are you not ashamed to be like this in front of a young girl.
I told Radha, that definitely not, that too, after today’s happenings. Then I turned around and went and sat on the bed with my towel on my hand. Radha was wondering what’s stored in next for her. Before she could ask anything, I lifted her thru her hips and unbuttoned her brassier and pushed it over her head and planted my lips on her right breasts and sucked and pinched it using my lips. Then in one swift move took my left hand and crushed her left breasts which was very soft, loose and tender and her nipples were even darker and while squeezing her left breasts, I pinched it too using my thumb and index finger.
Radha was again jerking heavily and immediately shouted at me pleading to stop my actions henceforth and cried out loud as she could not tolerate the pain and pleasure at the same time. As I told you earlier, I was not in a mood to listen and took my right hand with my towel and kept it over her pussy and started rubbing her wet pussy using the towel. Before Radha could react for this move of mine, I inserted my middle finger into her pussy using the towel and finger fucked her continuously. Radha was trying to move her legs up and down as if to indicate to me to stop with this and she could not as it was already tied into the frames of the cot.
Radha shouted out loudly and literally cried and pleaded me to stop as she could not tolerate it anymore and it is literally paining her everywhere. But I did not and within minutes, I could sense that her vaginal juices were flowing out again as my middle finger became wet and that moment, I increased the pace of my finger fucking and sucking of her tender boobs even while I was crushing the other one. Radha again jerked heavily and let out a sigh of relief and started breathing heavily indicating that she had reached her peak of orgasms twice in a short span of time.
I was amazed to see a girl of Radha’s age getting two quick orgasms in quick succession. Then I took my hand from her pussy and cleaned her vaginal area which was covered with overflowing juices from her pussy and cleaned my hands too.
With two quick orgasms, Radha was really tired and exhausted and sweat very heavily. I again took the towel and cleaned her whole body and gave special attention to two big melons and Radha came to life a little with that sensuous rubbing of cloth over her body.
Radha let a sigh of relief when I started untying her knots at all ends and made her free. Radha for the first time, smiled a bit thinking that everything was over and there she was mistaken again on that day.
After removing her knots, I jumped over the bed and lied beside Radha and put my right hand over her tender soft breasts and cuddled her cheeks mildly and told her that you sweet little girl, you had teased me enough all these days and that’s what made me to determined to bed you today and saying this, without waiting for her reply, I rolled over Radha and lied above her and planted a deep kiss over her lips.
Now for the first time, my big penis was struggling to find a way inside Radha’s pussy and was in contact with her skinny and bushy vaginal area without any barrier. Radha did not expect this to happen again and unknowingly by now even she was sensual and started enjoying my act and slightly widened and parted her legs.
This allowed me to find the G spot and insert my big throbbing out penis into her small pussy. Even though Radha’s pussy had seen a carrot and my middle finger earlier, my big penis struggled literally to find a way inside and I had to really pull my weight to inject it inside her virgin pussy.
The moment I used a mild force to enter her pussy, Radha was in tears and bite her lips again and again and really pleaded stop with this immediately as it is really paining her to the extreme. I for the first time, requested Radha to bear the pain  for few moments and it could become the ultimate pleasure in her life after a while. But still, Radha shook her head wildly and said, Senthil, enough is enough, please stop. As I told her already, I was not in a mood to listen, and I did not listen even now.
Just to give her a different pleasure, I rose up and sensually encircled her tender breasts without making any movement over her vagina and this gave Radha the required relief for that moment. Before she could realize, I started moving my hips up and down, and as I found it difficult to position myself for long, I took one pillow and immediately inserted it below Radha’s hips and made her to rise few inches from the bet.
This move gave me a perfect position and I realized, beyond a point, that is only half way I could penetrate Radha’s pussy and not beyond that. In one sudden move, I pushed hard inside her and I could hear a teary noise inside her pussy and small amount of blood was oozing out of her pussy.
The pain in Radha became a pleasure and she literally widened her legs further and folded it around my waist and kept her hands behind my head and held me tightly for me to increase the pace of my fuck. I gradually increased the pace of my hip movement and went deeper into her vagina and could feel the deep end of her pussy and the pace of thirst also increased progressively and I climaxed inside her pussy unloading loads of white juicy fluids into her virgin(no longer) pussy and lied over her body breathing heavily.
Radha hugged me tightly and said, Senthil, you are really really a bad boy and I never ever in my wildest imagination thought you to be so bad and planted a deep kiss in my chubby cheeks.
Myself and Radha were lying for a while like that and then got up and cleaned ourselves and had lunch together. The lunch tasted the best all thru my life and while having food, I could sense Radha was having something running in her mind.
I was wondering whether she was planning for revenge act or else just thinking about today’s happenings. What happened next... will be in my next episode...

Shanti – An Overheated Maid

I had many more encounters with hotter and hotter women as the days progressed. Shanti had got used to my sex life and knew how to make her scare. In the mornings, the bedroom would be in a mess, with my clothes strewn around, sheets stained with sweat and love juices, used condoms lying thrown around and sometimes, a bra or panty which I would keep back as a souvenir, as a reminder of the wild sex that I had. 

Shanti would dutifully clean everything up during the day for me to return to a spotlessly clean house. She never mentioned or said anything, always demure and quiet, never as much as a hint of discomfort. Things became routine now and I too became casual, moving about often in just a pair of boxers or shorts, the outline of my large dick often visible, yet we maintained our distance. 

Soon the monsoon started and it would rain the entire day. Our clothes would take time to dry and Shanti soon ran out of fresh clothes. The power supply also became quiet erratic at home and we often faced periods of no power. This impacted the water supply too in case we did not switch on the water-motor in time to fill up the overhead tank. The toilet attached to the kitchen was most affected since the inlet from the tank was highest and often, there would be situations 

The other rooms in the house would have water supply and not the servant room. It was a Saturday afternoon; I had not had sex for over 10 days now as I was extremely busy in a project. The project had just ended and I had spent Friday night getting drunk and Shilpa and Sheena, the twin sisters were due at my place for lunch, followed by a plan of intense fucking, my balls were boiling as it is and I was horny as hell. 

I had met Shilpa and Sheena in a gay-rights meeting. Not that I was gay, but I was an active supporter of gay rights. They too confided that they were “semi straight”, and to my asking they said “well, we like threesomes and enjoy giving each other pleasure”. After more than two months of getting to know each other, today was the day we were to meet, for a weekend of pure orgiastic bliss. At 11am, as I lay in my bed reading a book, Shanti came up and asked if 

She could use my bathroom to take bath since there was no water in hers. I didn’t look up from my book and just said hmmm, ok” and continued reading. From the corner of my eye, I saw her go back to her room, get some clothes and a towel and move to my bathroom. Once she went in, I remembered and spoke loudly before she shut the door, Shanti, bas zara jaldi karna, mere kuch dost log aane wale hain aur and I kept quiet. 

She said “Haan babuji, theek hai and then I suddenly heard a loud cry of surprise/shock. I ran towards the bathroom, the door still being open and went inside concerned. I shall never forget the sight in front of me. Shanti was standing drenched, the shower nozzle dripping; she did not have a bra on, her beautiful firm breasts visible clearly. I avoided staring at them unsuccessfully as my dick grew hard creating a tent. 

I gulped and asked “kya hua” and she pointed to the shower and asked “Yahaan bucket mein paani kaise aayega, meine khola aur poora paani mere oopar aa gaya, sorry babuji. I could feel her oozing sensuality as I went and adjusted the knob to the tap setting instead of the shower, all the while staring at her. Her breasts were round and full, they were firm and upright, her dark nipples showing clearly pointed tips aroused by the cold water poked her wet saree. 

I started oozing precum and a big wet patch formed on my shorts within seconds. I felt awkward staring at her breasts so intently and raised my gaze to meet her eyes, and instead found her open mouthed, staring at my engorged penis and the wetness in my crotch. She too looked up and stared at me, and was taken aback by the lust in my eyes and heat from my body. She took what seemed like a step forward, opened her mouth to say something when the doorbell rang 

And we were both snapped out of our reverie, she immediately turned her back to me and I stepped out of the bathroom, shut the door, not before feasting myself to a view of her bulbous ass, and then went to open the door. It was the istri-waali bai who gave me my clothes and asked for Rs. 70. I just realized that my purse was in my jeans, which was in the hook in the bathroom. I had to knock on the door and waited for the sound of water to stop. 

I then said in a voice low enough for only her to hear “Shanti, mera purse dena zaraa. I heard her walk towards the door; she opened it slightly and said “ek minute babuji. While she stood behind the door, I could see her nude body in the mirror from the side, her breasts glistening with water, her ass curving perfectly and her dark patch of pubic hair clearly visible as water droplets clung to them, not wanting to leave. 

I stood transfixed and rooted to the spot, as shanti then reached out and gave me the purse, not realizing how she had inadvertently exposed her raw sex appeal. I took the purse, shaken completely by this innocent display and walked to the door. The istri-bai was waiting for me, smiling and I realized she could see right to the bedroom from the front door. I quickly gave her Rs. 100 

And she looked at me with a slutty smile dipped her hand into her blouse in an exaggerated gesture and took out a crumpled purse, making sure she didn’t readjust her pallu, giving me a full view of her taut breasts. She put the 100 note into her purse and said in tamil “Saar, change illai, next time kudutha parava illiya all the while smiling. I said “ok, next time and she again put her purse inside, this time in the other breast, exposing her heaving cleavage to me completely 

And said ok saar, vera yedhavudu velai irrukka? do you have any other work for me), to which I just dumbly said huh? and she said “vera clothes irrukka sir (any other clothes) and she smiled, still not adjusting her pallu, staring at my monstrous hard on my precum had started dripping along my thighs and before I could say anything, the slut just smiled and said naan apparum varain saar, neenga appo ennakku kudunga (I will come later, you can give me then) 

She said her words reeking with double meaning as she then adjusted her blouse and pallu, and smiled and left. I was sweating like a ragged bull, unsure of what the fuck was happening around me. I turned to head to the bathroom, almost in a trance like state, which was broken by the ringing of my cellphone. It was Sheena on the other end, I heard Shilpa giggling, and they said we are at your main entrance, where do we park the car. 

As I was about to answer, Shanti opened the bathroom door, her tight body wrapped in a see thru towel as she carried her used clothes. I pointed to the phone and whispered mere dost aa gaye”, and she nodded quietly, stared at my thigh wet with precum. She came close to me, leaned against me ostensibly to whisper in my ear, and said “theek hai babuji, mein apne kamre mein hi rahoongi, aap bata dena kab mera baahar aana theek hoga. 

I felt her breasts and nipples against my arm, and in a state of sheer horniness, moved away and told the sisters. Just park anywhere and get home now, I’ve been waiting for 10days! I heard them giggle, I saw Shanti walk towards her room and shut the door, and I lit a joint to bring myself into another state of reality, my balls aching and my dick at its hardest, as I waited for the slutty horny bisexual fuck-bunnies to come up images of Shanti, the istri-bai 

And the twin sisters played havoc with my mind as I drew deep drags on my joint, I felt the blood rush back and forth into my swollen penis as precum continued to ooze out with every throb, and I steadied myself for an afternoon of a wild threesome. More to follow I am reachable at Please let me know if you are enjoying this story. Request any interested women to ping me with a number and photograph, for an assured response.

Loosing Virginity To My Lovely Maid

My name is Kunal, I am 26 years old and presently staying in Chennai. I am in general a reserved and a shy person, who don’t talk to girls very much. But I have high sexual energy and most of the times think about sex and girls. I came across this web site by accident. My story which I am going to write here begins around 4 months ago when I shifted from Bangalore. The story is as follows:
I had got a job in one of the engineering company in Chennai. I had to stay in hostel and as usual the hostel food was very bad by the end of first year I had lost around 7kgs. Then I was on a look out for a rented home in Chennai and finally got one nice 2 BHK house and shifted there and got settled. But I felt that I needed a house maid to do the home course and cooking. So I spoke to the watchman for a maid.
The next day he came back with a maid at 8 pm after I reached home. She was in her mid 20 and had a lovely body of 36 28 32 and she was staying alone with her mom. Praveena was around 25 years and she was from Chennai itself even though she was tan but she had an excellent figure and a very beautiful face. She had huge firm boobs, medium sized ass and excellent curves at right positions in fact after seeing her.
I was having all the wrongs thoughts and was thinking how to take her to the bed but Praveena was a poor girl who had lost her father and brother in an accident when she was around 18 years old. So she was brought up by her mother who used to work as a peon in a school and I hired her and asked her to come at 8 am sharp initially I spoke very little to Praveena but as the time passed we became close friends in fact
She used to come to my room to flirt with me whenever she was free or finished with work even in morning when she used sweep my room she used to always lift her skirt a bit higher to revel her legs. Slowly I started liking her and used to always fantasize about her. Even while masturbating I used to always think about her and when ever I used to get a chance I used to stare at her boobs or at her beautiful ass.
I was a still a virgin at that time and was desperate to loose my virginity to her and back in my college days I didn’t have any girl friends as most of them were already preoccupied with other boys. So I thought Praveena was the appropriate girl to loose my virginity, as she was the only girl who I was close with but I didn’t have guts to reveal my feelings towards her.
More over I dint wanted to force myself on her and wanted to fuck her with her own consent. I dint know how to approach to her regarding this matter but one inciden happened when Praveen’s mother’s condition was getting worse. So she needed more money to buy more medicines. So one day she asked me to increase her salary by 500 Rs, to which I said no. I saw tears rolling down from her eyes by witnessing this incident an idea came to my mind but to execute my idea I had to speak to her.
I was waiting for the right time. The right time had come on one Sunday. That day I went to her and told her that I was ready to give her 1000 Rs, but in return she had to do me a favor. By hearing this, she was very happy and told me that she is ready to do any favor for me. By hearing these words, some tension had reduced from me. I said to her that she must do this favor only if she felt it right and must do it only if her heart said yes in reply.
She promised me that she would accept my favor only if she felt it right and only if her heart said yes. Then finally I said to her about my intensions. I told her about my desires and dream to lose my virginity to her and finally I told her directly that I wanted to make love to her. Hearing this, her face expression changed completely. Her smiling face disappeared and there was seriousness in her face. There was complete silence in the room.
My tension which had eased a lit bit had all of a sudden increased rapidly. To ease the situation, I told her that I would use a condom and that she should not be worried of getting pregnant. Hearing this, she became more serious. I was confused and I dint know whether I had eased the situation or added fuel to the fire. I was eagerly waiting for her to open her mouth and was extremely tensed.
Finally she broke the ice and told me that even she liked me and wanted to make love to me, but also told me that she cannot take the money for this reason as she was not a prostitute in reply I told her that I would never treat her like a prostitute and said to her that she must accept the money as a gift with great persuasion, she agreed to accept the money and agreed to have sex with me but she told me that she cannot have sex with me for the next 4 days as she was having her periods.
So accordingly everything was planned and decided. According to the plan it was decided that Praveena would come to my home on the following Saturday night around 11 pm and 12 pm on Saturday. So I had to wait for 5 more days for Saturday to arrive. Those 5 days felt like 5 years. During those 5 days I had bought a packet of condoms, watched porn movies. I did this, to gain a lot of knowledge on sex and wanted to know different technique to satisfy a woman.
Finally Saturday had arrived. I had slept properly on that afternoon, just to ensure that I don’t sleep off during the act. I was becoming more restless and impatient. I decorated my room neatly and sprayed scent. It had become 11 and I was getting more and more exited just 15 mins past 11, I heard the door bell. The moment I heard the bell, my penis became rock hard. I opened the door and saw Praveena standing.
She was in her new nighty and looked a bit nervous and tired and welcomed her into the home and locked the main door. I took her hand in mine and asked are you okay? Yes. A bit tired and I had to do a lot of cleaning and washing’ she said standing up. I put my arms around her shoulder and directed her towards my bedroom and closed the door and I slowly kissed her on her cheeks, neck and then on her lips.
It was my first kiss. I started to kiss more vigorously on her face oooohhhha, were the sounds emanating from her mouth. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying my kiss and we hugged each other. She put her head against my broad chest and murmured, be gentle with me. I have not been with a man before. I am scared.’ I hugged her and said, ‘There’s nothing to be scared of.
I am not a sex maniac and I would be very gentle and polite.’ Hearing those words from me, made her relaxed and tension free and she dug her face on my chest, clasped me by the waist and we kissed each other and we lied down on the bed still. I slowly unbuttoned her nighty and my shirt and pants. She was only in her black bra and black panty and I was only in my underwear.
I gently rubbed her shoulders, back of her neck, her spine, her buttocks and her boobs. She was enjoying my touches and was in a deep pleasure. I unbuttoned her bra to reveal her beautiful and huge boobs. It was the first time I was touching a naked boob and that too a huge one. Seeing her boobs I got more exited and started to kiss one of the breast more vigorously. I felt her breasts getting warmer under my palm and her nipples hardened like cherry stones.
She began to gurgle with pleasure don’t neglect the other one,’ she murmured. I did the same to the other breast. I removed my underwear and felt my hard penis throb against her belly. ‘Oh my god you are big!’ she exclaimed in alarm. I started to kiss her belly and slowly removed her panty. Her pussy was completely covered with thick pubic hair and was wet. I spread her pubic hair and planted a kiss on her clitoris. The moment I kissed her there, her body started to shiver with pleasure.
I also started to finger her.  She began to moan oooooh ahhhhhhha aiyoooo,’ were the noises she was making. ‘O God! Don’t stop,’ she cried. She was aroused to the maximum level. After good half hour foreplay, I sensed that she was ready to receive me. So I put on the condom and spread her thighs. I directed penis into her vaginal hole and started to push it inside.
As I proceeded to enter her, she twitched with every move I made. She let out a loud scream of pain the moment I tried to enter her. ’Don’t worry, it is just a momentary pain,’ I said to ease her lit bit. Listening to her moans and seeing her shiver with pleasure, had got me more and more exited. I couldn’t control any longer, so I pushed my rod into her hole with a great force.
Once again she let a loud scream of pain with much more greater intensity. She screamed as though I cut her into half. The white bed sheet was splattered with blood. Seeing the blood and listening to her screams had made me a bit tensed. ‘Should I stop,’ I asked. ‘No. Please continue’ was her reply. Hearing those words had eased me a bit.
Now my penis was moving with ease in her hole. I was slowly moving up and down and simultaneously kissing all over her face and pressing her boobs and ass. She started to moan with every thrust I made. ‘Ahha ahha mahaa’ were the sounds, continuously coming out of her mouth. Apart from these there was also sounds coming from the bottom as my balls were hitting her ass strongly.
I started to increase the pace and stared to thrust into her with much more intensity. Her boobs were also moving according to the rhythm. I could not hold myself any longer and pumped into her. I had climaxed. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced. Simultaneously even she climaxed and became like corpse. I removed the condom I was wearing and it was covered with blood stains and overflowing with my semen.
After that, we had two more sessions that night, each lasting longer than the other and more exiting than the other. That Saturday was one of my best days in my life. It was that day I realized, what it is to be in heaven but it was the first and last time I ever had sex up till now. Praveena’s mother’s condition was getting worse, so she left to her home town that very next week and never returned.

Wild Sex With My Maid 

Hi to all again, friends! My narration of my experience attracted few responses encouraging ones and thanks for that. Now, I’m going to tell you all about my wild sex experience with a maid who had worked in our house during my stay in Chennai few years ago due to my profession, I was in Chennai and I had taken my family along my wife and two kids. Oh and let me introduce myself again to those who are new comers.
My name is Shuai now 38 years young 5 feet 10 inches brown complexioned fit enough and my friends say I look 8 years still younger as I am a regular exercise freak, I look fit with not so fat around on bed I think I am a kind of person who forgets all, treat woman under me without any inhibitions love to have very wild fuck love to make the woman beneath me to scream with wild ecstacy and coming to my experience.
We had a maid named Mary, who was taking care of all house hold hold works like washing dishes, cloths, floor and all. She used to come at around 5.30 am and leave at 2 pm. She was around 28 years, married with a kid and her husband was a auto driver. She looked good, with sharp features, dark complexioned, small but firm tits. Narrow waist and round hips. Woman of that age and sexy fig would surely drive men man. No man would leave any opportunity to fuck her.
She always wore sari with a blouse and short sleeves and her 5 feet 4 inches well structured fig was always a feast to my eyes but I always had to be in control due to my wife’s presence. I made it a habit to wake up before she came in the morning, so that, I could open the door at 5.30 am. I used to try to seduce her without any shirt on and only shorts on and she used to steal glances at my chest as she entered the house.
Sometimes I used to leave a narrow way for her to enter so that I could feel her body brushing against me and sometimes my hard cock used to brush against her. She never minded to all these. One day I thought I should go a bit further more I got up with a solid hard on, went to open the door as she tried to enter through, I stood on the way, completely blocking the way. She looked up at me and smiled. She put her hands on my waist and pushed to one side.
I turned to one side and put my one leg in the way my hard cock trying to come out she put her hands on my thighs and looked up at me. I asked her how she would enter now. She slowly started moving her hands on my thighs up towards my shorts I started getting out of control and I put my hands on her waist ran my hands towards her round buttocks, cupping and squeezing them. She came closer and I pushed my rock hard cock towards her belly.
She suddenly released from my hug and ran into the house. My wife was still sleeping but she might wake up at any moment but I was so much sexited and aroused that I could not hold myself. I wanted to fuck her immediately. So, I went to the kitchen and grabbed her and pushed her to the wall, thrust my mouth on her lips, my cock  thrusting her on her belly, she was responding well by hugging me.
I had to cum right there, later I could fuck her cunt by thrusting my 7 inches rock hard cock in to her wet cunt but immediately I wanted to cum in her presence my mouth wildly suckng her lips her cheeks her boobs over her blouse, still thrusting my cock on her belly on one side my wife would come and see us like this on the other hand I wanted to cum. I lowered my shorts and took my lund started shaking wildly grabbed her hand and told her to squeez my cock.
I wanted to cum soon and later I could fuck her and I was reaching climax reaching that wild moment of ejaculation suddenly I stood still, with my mouth on hers, exploded into her hand, her palm cupped to take my semen with other hand she squeezed my cock and drained. I got into this world kissed her and left to wash. My wife was still sleeping. I went to bathroom, washed and woke my wife up as usual day began but I was getting restless as I did not fuck Mary in her cunt.
Now that, this happened, I knew I could fuck her anytime but when? I had to wait for almost a month. My wife and kid had to leave for native place, Hyderabad due to some family matter. They left on a Saturday night by train and I was looking forward to get Mary on bed next day. No sleep that night watched some porn movie, shagged and slept. Next morning woke up at 5 am, quickly freshed up and waited for Mary. It was very long wait she came at 6.30 and I was a bit wild due to her delay.
She said she took bath before coming and that’s why delayed. I felt glad grabbed her and hugged her. She was also hungry for fuck so, she was wildly kissing me. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom and threw her on bed. Her sari parted and blouse exposed her valley and her belly looked so smooth and lovely. I feasted my eyes on her body. She slowly started removing her blouse buttons. Removed all, got up and took it off. She was wearing black bra.
I could not control anymore; I pulled her sari and stripped her bra exposing her boobs small but very inviting to be licked. I took my shorts off, my hard cock standing straight like a pole. She looked at it and smiled at me. I jumped on her like a wild tiger, pulled her petticoat.down exposing her clean shaven cunt. She looked magnificient black beauty naked and inviting me has a fuck feast.
I kissed her on her lips took her lips in my ,mouth like a hungry lion my tongue running all inside her mouth my cock rubbing her belly wetting her and making it sticky. I slowly came down to her throat kissing and biting and she was already in peaks of arousal. I came still further down taking her nipples in my mouth licking them wildly biting them opening my mouth widely and taking the whole breast inside my mouth and crushing with my teeth making her squeeze with pleasure.
I came down still further licking on her belly licking my own juices slowly parted her legs by running my palm. My! She was wet like hell and she was wet all through her thighs. I kissed her on the thigh close to her cunt she was out of control she moaned loudly and grabbed my hair and pushe my mouth into her cunt. I brought out my tongue out and started licking her wet cunt first I licked all her juices and penatrated my tongue deep inside her wide open cunt.
She was screaming wildly I raised my head up looked at her and she had closed her eyes and suddenly rose up grabbed my by head and pushed my head towards her cunt. I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt licking all around her wet walls of her cunt still deeper. I suddenly felt her shivering, shuddered and gave a wild and soft cry still she was raising her hips she came and her fluids allover my tongue. She relaxed al her muscles and fell on her back.
She gently opened her eyes and looked at me and I got up and kissed her on her lips kissed her on her tits put both my legs on either side of her chest and started thrusting my hard cock on her tits. She took the tip of my cock and started rubbing it on her nipples. It was so fantastic I moved further up and put my cock near her mouth almost sitting on her breasts. She took my cock into her mouth and I started moving inside and out as if I was fucking her.
It was so nice and she was taking my cock completely in to her mouth, run her tongue allover my cock. My movements started quicker I was fucking her mouth now wildly. I was moaning loudly she was doing a fantastic blowjob. I was holding on to the cot’s upper portion and I was just moving my hips while pushing my cock inside and outside her mouth. I did this for about 15 minutes and stopped as was about to cum.
She did not mind taking me inside her mouth but I wanted to fuck her cunt. I shifted and positioned in between her legs spread her legs wide open put my cock tip at the entrance and rubbed her there and she moaned loudly again and grabbed my cock and wanted me to thrust into her cunt. I wanted something below her hips and took some pillow to put below her hips. Now her hips raised cunt wide open and put my rock hard cock at the entrance and suddenly pushed into her cunt.
She screamed with pleasure and I went deep into her and started thrusting in to her cunt wildly grabbing her boobs and squeezing them both kept thrusting my 7 inches hard cock inside her cunt like a wild horse both moaning loudly then I stopped to take a break my cock still inside her and she must have got may orgasms by then and I was feeling very wet and sticky inside her and I still had my cock inside her and I kissed her nipples took them in my mouth.
I started biting them hard biting her tits wildly then while keeping the nipples in my mouth. I started fucking again my cock still getting harder and harder by each thrust. I was unable to control after 20 minutes of continuous ramming. I told her that I was cumming. I grabbed her mouth by my mouth just moving my hips to keep up ramming. I raised my head exploded my cum inside her cunt like never ending flow each drop bringing different kind of pleasure relaxed completely fell on her bossom.
My cock still inside her cunt still hard but spent slowly shifted and fell on my back both did not speak for a few minutes and just savoring those sexy moments kissed again and slept off almost an hour gone by woke up only after my phone started ringing. That was my wife to tell me that she reached safely and to tell me to be careful with Mary as she did not have good impression on her. I told her she never came. Mary was lying naked next to me.

Hello readers, This is Suman with a new story. This story was between me and my maid. I am 19 years old. 2 months ago I begin my studies at university and didn’t have any knowledge about sex. My parents work outside home. So we hired a maid who was 34 years old. She was black and also fatty. She used to do all the domestic works and lives with us (actually in my room because there wasn’t enough rooms in our house).
She slept on the floor and I was in bed.  At first I wasn’t interested to let her sleep in my room but somehow my parents convinced me. In the university my friends used to talk about sex and I begin to think about sex. But I didn’t find anyone to talk about that. One night while I was going to sleep suddenly my eyes got struck at our maid. I saw one of her blouse’s hooks broken and clearly saw her boobs from inside.
Her boobs were black and huge. That night I couldn’t sleep. I went near her and wanted to touch her boobs but I was really afraid.  The next day while she was sweeping the floor I again saw her boobs. They were dancing. That night when she was going to sleep, she closed the door of my room and when I asked her why she closed the door, she told me that some bad smells were coming from the refrigerator although I didn’t feel any smell.
Suddenly she removed her saree and laid on the floor to sleep. She was only with blouse and petticoat. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I understand that she wanted her to be exposed before me. But I didn’t show any interest on her. The very next night she again closed the door while my parents were sleeping. I was studying at that time. She came close to me and put her hands on my shoulders. She asked me why I was studying for so long.
I told her that my exam is knocking at the door. She took a chair and sat beside me. I was studying a lesson regarding reproduction system of human body. She saw that asked me some question about that. Although I didn’t want to answer that but she insisted me. Suddenly she asked me weather I am a virgin or not. I said I am obviously a virgin. She said that she doesn’t think so.
She thinks I am a player and she can prove that too. I said I am ready to give any test. She told me to stand up and remove my pant. But I said I didn’t want to do that. So she came closer me and took off my pant. My cock was hairy. She saw that and asked me why I didn’t shave that. I told her I didn’t know how to shave that. I again insisted that I am a virgin but she suddenly removed my shirt and I was completely nude in front of her.
She took a close look at me and began to squeeze my cock. She said, “I like this rod and want to be fucked by it”. I wanted to get rid of her and began to put on pants. But she took my hands and placed them inside her blouse. I couldn’t resist myself and so I quickly removed her blouse. She wasn’t wearing any bra so I saw her big boobs and began to squeeze that. She stood up and took her petticoat off.
I saw a fatty black nude woman in front of me. Her pussy was shaved and it was really big. She was only wearing a long mangalsutra and I wanted her to took it off but she told me she want to be fucked as my wife and want it to remain. First she took me to the bathroom. She applied shaving cream on my cock and took a razer. She shaved my cock quickly and told me to go to my bed.
She went to kitchen and brought some olive oil. She then closed the door again. She came close to me and began to apply oil on my body and then I applied oil on her too. We were two oily naked man and woman lying on the bed.  First I began to kiss her and exchanged saliva. We kissed each other for 10 minutes. She then took my cock and put it inside her mouth. She eats that for 20 minutes. She then told me to be in 69 positions but I didn’t know about that.
So she told me about 69 positions. I began to lick her pussy and she licked my cock. Suddenly she began to cum so I took off my mouth from her pussy but she insisted me to drink that. Although I didn’t want to do that but had to drink that. I then laid her on bed and placed my cock inside her pussy. I began to give her slow strokes. Gradually I began to increasing the speed and she screamed.
She was feeling real pleasure and told me to get my cock deeper. Her hands were really irritating because she wanted to take out my cock from her pussy. But at the same time she was insisting me to fuck her deeper. So I took some ropes and tied her hands and legs with the bed. Now it began easier for me to fuck her as she was completely helpless. I then placed my cock inside her pussy and began fucking. After a minute or so I took her permission and cummed inside her pussy.
I want her to get sweaty so I switched off the fan and continue fucking.  After 2 hours we were completely sweaty and so I opened the ropes knot. She then took me on her arms. I was lying beside a fatty woman but she was screaming in pain. We then slept. In the morning, I wake her up. I saw her pussy turned into red and she couldn’t walk properly. So I gave her some pain killer. We then took a bath together. After that night we began to fuck each other whenever we get time. Please send feedback at my mail address is

Hi my name Abhilash(name changed) I saty in Kerala,Cochin, At the beginning I was least interested in her because I had not seen with the lust in my eyes for her before lust for her for me started accidently my aunt home is right next home of our house but the right plot next my home was empty as it was plot of a man who settled in USA with his family so one day I was reading newspaper on my small garden.
I was sitting in a chair and no one was at home because my mother and father both do jobs as reading newspaper I suddenly saw that a girl was peeing on the empty plot which was clearly visible from where I was sitting seeing that I got excited for a second but after few seconds when the girl finished peeing
I noticed that she was my aunt`s maid Meneka that was first time in my life when I saw a girl nude from bottom she was gorgeous that whole day I was just thinking about her and her body. Her nude bottom image was always before me that night I was not able to sleep the day at 7 am she came to my aunt`s home to clean that day
I was seeing her with lust in my eyes at that time I wanted to kiss her hug her but I could not do so but betweem 9 and 11 am she would surely come to pee on the same empty plot that day I made a clip of her with my mobile it showed her pink pussy showering sweet water to the land all day I used to see that clip and i often masturbate
But on January 14 I was peeping through my garden to see her pee she noticed me and suddenly stopped peeing and standed seeing me I was really frightened at that point of time she came near my garden gate and started calling me through her hand she was really in anger and ashamed as well she asked me what were you seeing and said dont you feel ashamed to see a girl pee
I could not say anything at that point of time she said this in clear Hindi as tumhe Sharam nahi aati ek ladki ko nanga muthe hue dekte hoo, but as no one was in my house I kept my cool and said in hindi that tum khule maidan mein kyon muthti hoo sab aas pass ke log tumhe roz dekhte hain
I said sorry to her and said ki pls kal se idhar mat karna kyonki log tumhe nanga dekte hain agar tumhe muthna hai hai toh tum mere ghar mein 9 baje ke baad aa kar kar sakti hoo (as my father and mother leave home at 8:30 am for office) hearing this she smiled a bit seeing that I was somewhat happy but she refused me that was quite ok for me from the next day when she came to pee
she was looking to my garden for seeing that im there or not but I waved hand for her she seen me and sat to pee and during peeing she had a smile looking at me from which I was really excited she was leaving from there and at last before leaving she blinked her one eye with a smiling face I was really happy at that point of time this continue to happen for 8 days but the ninth day the the watchmen of the colony was clearing bushes of the empty plot seeing this she came to my home at 10 am and knoked the gate
I was amazed to see her with a smiling face she said me udhar kaam chal raha hai mujhe muthna hai hearing this I opened gate and said her to come inside and showed her the washroom she entered washroom but she did not locked the washroom door (i think intentionally) when I intentionally entered washroom to see her
I again saw her naked bottom my cock was really hard by then ‘ she asked with a smiling face kya hua? I asked: kaar liya? She said: nahi abhi kar toh rahi huu dikh nahi raha tumhe? When she stopped peeing I said her I will put water she laughed and said meri chaddi (panty) Muth girne ke wajah se gandi ho gayi tum chaddi ko dhodhoge and gave panty to my hand and intentionally
I smelled her panty before her it smelled really nice she started laughing again hearing this and after that she leaved from my home she was quite open with me fom then often speak to me in a vulgar language and double meanig sentences but I was happy with her company
After 3 days from this incident when she saw my parents leaving for job she rushed to my home even without knocking the main gate I was amazed to see her in my drawing room seeing me with a smile on her face she said in Hindi: mujhe tatti karna hai (she had to shit) I took her to bathroom and when I was going to close the door she stopped my hand and said: tu toh mujhe nanga dek chuka hai phir ab kyon sharma raha aaja andar .
hearing this I entered bathroom and she started shitting with a smiling face but after some time she said: hogaya I said: toh? She said: toh kya meri gand dho? I was feeling frightened at that time cause I never touched a girl`s private parts before I took some water in the mug and washed her asshole compltely with my hand and when I was washing her ass she was laughing very loudly.
When all the things finished I washed my hand with the soap and we both left bathroom she sat on my drawing room`s sofa and ordered me to sit with her I must say I was really really happy about that I sat with her and i asked: tumhe aaj kaam karne nahi jaana kya? She replied: aaj maine sab jagah se chutti le li hai.
I asked: kyon? She said: tere saath rehene ke liye I was happy to hear that and after staring to my face for a while she asked me: teri lund kitni badi hai?
I was little shocked with her question I don’t know why I replied kafi badi hai kyon? She replis abhi tak tumne kissi ko choda hai I replied: nahi she said: toh phir tmhara chota hoga I replied: nahi mera bada hai kyonki mein roz moot (masturbate) marta hoon hearing this she said: acha matlab tumhari badi hai aisa hai toh mujhe zara dikhana

This is Asha again with my 4th story, thank’s for appriciate me after reading my last story ” how my nanand’s driver fuck me” I got at thousand’s e-mal and more then 2000 friend ship and chatting offer and almost 2500 fuckig offer. In this new advancher, I was humilated and rough fucked by my brother’s sevant Usman please read and send me feedback on ‘
Actuly this is my expriance when I went to Baroda at my brother’s place there how Usman who was my brother’s servant 18  year’s but very bilt up body atlist 6’3 hight and a very masquriyal body gave me pain and humiliation Usman who was working in this house for many year’s was very faithful servant of my brother this house he has already worked for more then 8 years.
I somewhat found very vague when Rajesh liked him very much it was always usman usman and usman. Sometimes I thought my brother is more depandent on Usman then my bhabhi Rati. I felt usman was everything to him. This incident took place befor 3 month.1 of my cousin’s function in Bombay and ratan had come to Bombay, where I live with my mother and also with my driver (for more Diteal Pl. reed ‘pain with driver’) usman too was there.
My bhabhi Rati went to her perant’s place. Everyone thought usman was Ratan’s friend but when his cousin and their family came to know he was working for him and stayed in their house everyone was stunned.
He was dressed nicely and Ratan always gave him new clothes. I disided to go to Baroda fore some day’s but I got pissed when my brother had some urgent work and he has to return and he took the car and told usman to bring me back by train or bus because my driver is on holiday for some days as the function was late in the evening and we were going to return the next day.
The next day we started to go to Baroda we had a train Saurashtra Express to catch from Mumbai central and we were staying at our cousin’s place in Andheri( I live with my mom and at oooooo y should I told to you where I live) ok Cousin told that he will drop us.
But didn’t think of troubling them and told him we will manage it we took a local train to mumbai central. I thought of going in ladies compartment but in the commotion got into a local compartment. It was raining heavily and i was wearing a jeans and T-shirt. I tried to manage the best to move in between. I felt I will be safe but with the crowd getting pushed in more I was almost near the next door and usman too was next to me.
Tried to find a place across, but got stuck in between few lusty men my new life started from here when all the manly sweaty bodies surrounded me and one was of course usman who was standing on one side. Feeling bulged cock on my ass by a young man who was trying to rub his crotch on my ass than making yell at him I was getting excited and on top I was aroused instantly.
In fact it wasn’t my fault as it was almost 2-3 month that i didn’t had sex with anyone ( my driver was his nativ place ) I was afraid as it was pretty dangerous but also love that a lot. I told my self to be calm and just enjoy making nuisance wont help, as I don’t know whom it is. Enjoying some strange persons rubbing me as guys were pressing me arousing me but i stood firm as i could feel someone dared to unzip my pants.
This was too much for me and I was ashamed on myself and pressed in more closely on nearest persan’s shoulders and this only helped whoever it was to insert his hands coolly in me and I almost bit my self as this person took his fingers between my panties and was trying to enter it in my cunt. I was unable to say anything. I could feel the knuckles of the man mauling my breast, which made my breast crush and release for a long time.
Whoever the person was there trying to enter in my cunt couldn’t do what he wanted and he just kept on rubbing my panties. Few times I felt it was removed and again inserted and was going mad. The crowd started to diminish when Dadar came and I was freed and somehow managed to pull my pant zips I noticing to usman eyes were on me. In fact he already had an eye long time back. It was almost a year or more of that.
Well, when I reached my brother’s home I hurd Ratan ask to usman to left him at the airport he shuld to go to chenai for 3 day’s for some property dilling. I was littel upset and dissaide to go back mumabi by next morning till the time I am lazing around when Usman is back from airport I told usman to remove the crockery and replace some of them. I was wearing a gown and this excited usman seeing my panties.
It was plain cream color gown and he got a hard on seeing my black panties. After all the work was done i left for my bedroom. I had to go out to the bank I had some work of transferring some funds. I freshened up wore my sari and was combing my hair. I was looking at the mirror and just saw that usman was peeping inside from the window, which was attached to the terrace.
My brother had a small two-floor house and had a terrace, which was attached to the bedroom. Also have a window out there and one could go to the terrace from the other bedroom also With a jerk i opened the windows curtain and found usman peeping in and he was shocked as I caught him red-handed and more then him I was shocked at that moment.
“Yahan kya kar rahe ho usman”i use to call him usman. In fact everyone calls him that.”Kuch nahi ashaji aise hi awaz aya bahar se to dekhne aya””Kabse kadhe ho” i yelled and asked him “Tumahari yeh himmat mujhe gandi nazar se dekh rahe ho aur kabse. Abhi Ratan ko phone karke batati huw tumhari harkat”Usman came running inside to my bedroom and i was just trying to dial the phone as i was much pissed off.
In fact I never thought of usman ever in my dreams too because I was always tired of my brother being very close to him and some time ignor my bhabhi Rati also. I hated him, thinking it was because of him Ratan was away from rati ashaji please maaf kar do, main kuch nahin kar raha tha. Please phone rakh do” usman tried to defend him.
“Haan, mujhe ye karna chahiye ki tum yehi pe baith jau aur tumhare samne hi mein kapde nikal deti hu, chupke se dekhneka kay jarurat hai. Waise bhi bhai ko ladle naukar ki himat ke bare mein pata to lagane do” i was always furious with him as he was Ratan’s pet “tumahre jaise harami logon ko ghar mein rakhne ka matlab to samaj mein ane do.”
Ashaji aap batka batangad bana rahe ho, maine aise kiya kiya jo kuch bhi bhaiya ko phone karke bat rahe ho” he told in a bit harsh voice. “ashaji main kuch nahi kiya bahar se awaz aya isliye main terrace pe gaya tha. Aapko galatfaimi ho rahi hai. Maine kuch nahi kiya I felt it was inough. In fact because of usman my bhabhi felt her privacy was always in under threat. First of all i didn’t like him just because my brother Ratan was always with him and he cared him more then my bhabhi.
He never treated him like a servant and to that matter my bhabhi and i had to face humiliation in front of him 2-3 times. No matter he was in the same house for almost 7-8 years for now right from his childhood but for me he was still a servant. I was trying to dial my brother Ratan’s cell number Usman forcefully took the receiver from my hand and connected the line.
I was fuming in anger as he forcefully took the receiver from my hand. Without looking or seeing i just gave him a tight slap and yelled at him “Tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe chune ka”i was boiling with anger. “Phone neeche rakho” usman kept the receiver and again picked the telephone and threw it across the wall I couldn’t believe what just happened Usman was starting at me in anger holding his hand on his face where I hit him.
“Tumhe to is ghar se jana hoga abhi isi waqt warna bahut bura hoga”I  screamed “Apne aap ko samjte kay hi, nikal jao. I just walked out of the room and to my surprise usman came from behind, as i was about to climb the steps down and caught me from behind.i just yelled. Usman kay kar rahe ho. He closed my mouth and dragged me back to the bedroom and pushed me on the bed and was staring at me.
I came to know his intentions looked bad to and without saying anything to him just got up slowly and stood. He again pushed me on the bed. I just looked at him, “chate kay ho, tumhara dimag tikh hai”I sat on the bed and was about to get up to which he slapped me hard and i fell on the bed sideways and looking at me and keeping his fingers on his lips telling, “ek awaz nikalna nahi chaiye”I was into tears like anything and started crying lying on the bed.
This was the first time in my life somebody slapped me. No one till date as even lifted hands on me as I a pampered child right from the beginning Usman again made me lie properly on the bed and i was more shocked as he touched me. The moment he climbed on the bed I got up and his slap on my left cheek. His hands were on my knees, which were bent he was not saying anything and i too was afraid to say anything.
But as his hands went down near my feet and started caressing me I just pushed meself a bit back and slowly asked him, “kay kar rahe ho Usman”Pushing more behind I was pleading him, “Please chod do mujhe kay huwa tujhe” usman didn’t moved but said to me, “Kay karu randi galti to teri hai, jabse maine tujhe chuwa hai tere kadak mame dabya tere gand masla hai mujhe chain nahi hay”
This really pissed me and said, “Kay bakwas kar rahe ho” Saying that I turned and was about to move sideway in a hurry. As I turned he pinned me back and just yanked off my blouse, which tore like anything and I could feel the pain on my chest as he pinned me down Usman” I shrieked and as he climber on me back and his hands was on my mouth I was hardly able to breathe as he was on me. Usman removed his hand and i pleaded as I was crying,
Kuch bhi kay bhol rahe ho usman please chale jao, main kisko kuch nahi boloongi. Tu sabh ko bolegi to mujhe kuch farak nahi padnewal hai, Waise bhi tu fikar kuy kar rahi hai meri pyari randi tujhe lagta hai maine bakwas kar raha hu. Tu train mein 10-15 logo se masalne ke maza uta rahi thi sweetyh kaha gayi ti teri sidhi sadi zindagi. Un badwo men, ek hath mera bhi tha. Aaj tujhe randi ki tarah chodunga aur gand marunga sweetyh jake meri dil ko tasli milegi.
Uske bad tujhe jisko bolne ka hai bol de”I had no words for the same, I never thought he could dare to touch me in that crowd and i completely forgot about the same as I was enjoying with multiple hands. “Usman, please aise kuch nahi tha maine wah pe kuch nahi kar sakhti aur apne aap ko us position pe pake mujhe kay karne ka kuch such nahi, please mujhe galat mat samjho” I could sense his hands pulling my sari and his hands on the back of my legs.
I tried to wriggle out and he proved to be to strong for me pinning me down on the bed.”Saali randi, jab tere pant ka zip khol ke who harmzada meri sheth ki bahen ki choot ragad raha tha sweetyhi tune kuch nahi bola balki puri maza le rahi thi.” “Aur randi tujhe malum nahi hai aur ek bat sun us time maine bhi teri khuli huwi pant mein hath dala tha teri choot ko teri panties ke uphar sahlaya tha bhi.
Itna sab karne ke bad tujhe lagta hai mere man mein ganda vichar nahi aya to mein to mard hi nahi teri brother ki tarah”Kay” i just heard something, which I couldn’t believe it. His hands were moving up and down and in between pressing my naked ass was tempting me to no limit. Usman too was clever and was tempting me by slowly rubbing my legs I couldn’t believe when usman tied my hands backwards with the phallu of me sari and that ended the fight I was putting on.
He turned me making me lie on my back facing him and my hands which were tied was really hurting me as i had put all my weight on my hands.”Usman, Tum paagal ho gaye ho kya” I tried pushing him with me legs “Choro mujhe, warna bahut pachtayega” “Please, usman, Pleease usman, chordo mujhe, chordo mujhe”i pleaded and at the same time I didn’t knew what was going on in my mind.
My mind was forcing to kick him beat him to death and at the same time my body was getting more and more tempted with his hard touches on my legs and body. In fact I always wanted to be treated the rough away and this was triggering me. I loved sex. i was crazy for a hard fuck. my mind revolted as my fantasy but i never wanted with a servant and on top of that who is going to be in my brother’s house.
I tried to resist for the same and he was wasn’t speaking anything just seeing me body me torn blouse gave him ample view of my cleavage and as he had gripped my legs pretty hard and at the same time in between slowing moving it up and down and was tempting me. He got up from the bed making me lay vertical on the bed.i tried to get up and usman turned and moving his index fingers sideways telling me, “uthegi to mar kahegi waisehi leti rahe”.
He came near me head and went on his knees on the ground and pulling me back making my head lay a float of the bed started torring my blouse.i went mad as he did it completely cutting of blouse and bra into pieces. He pulled his T-shirt and pushing me back he started kissing my neck in fact licking the same my ears and i could feel the stinking smell of his body sweat.
He hasn’t even taken a bath and I always hated the same and use to tell my driver to take a bath before touching me, literally made me arouse with his sweaty body as it was some kind of sexual booster. When he brought his face down on me breasts and started licking of me tits one after the another for a quite a long time I was unable to control the same and I loved it as someone for the first time was sucking me so good.
His sucking and licking of my tits was so arousing I was almost going to have powerful orgasm and my legs began to tremble. Usman sensed the same and stopped sucking me and started mauling my breast like a animal as if they were nothing and telling me “Saali randi ab kay huwa maza se utha rahi hai apne aap ko tujhe acche se chod ke teri yeh jism ko apna ghulam bana dunga.
Ek sal phle tere ghar aya tha sweetyse teri chadi sunge sunge ke muth mar raha tha, sali randi” ( he tell me that he was stolan one of my panties) I was stunned to hear usman say all that words which only aroused me knowing he was pretty desperate for me.”Usman, please, aisa mat karo. Mera zindagi barbaad mat karo ” I didn’t knew why I was telling all that stuff and from the bottom of me heart i now really wanted it as I was now unable to control meself.
Usman again slapped me but lightly and climbing up on the bed he made me lie properly putting me head on the pillow and parting me legs and looking at me and telling “abe randi sali natak bandh kar” at the same time his hands were on my hips and finding its way in me cunt. Parting my panties his fingers were in me cunt and i was hot and wet with juices.
He removed his two fingers and parted a V “kay hai, kuy natak kar rahe ho randi. chup chap chudva our Ratan sabh ki eak bat sunata hu. Tera choot mast tight hai aur meri liye puri tarah gila hain” I was stunned and asked him, “Kay bhol rahe ho mera bhai ke bare me” Kay kutiyai tuje malum hai? tere Ratan bhai ko sirf gand marne mein maza ata hai aur usse bhi jyada maja marvane me” winking at me, sala gand marwane yeh to aurat ka kam hai bolo, bagwan aadmi ka janam gand marwane todhi diya hai”“Ratan sab kuch tumhe batata hai”I asked him.
I could sense him removing his pants as he lifted his knees and was removing his pants. He untied me hands and brought my hands between and made me hold his cock and gosh it was hot thick long the one i desires at list 9″ I couldn’t know what to do or what not to do.
Whtever he said about Ratan has vanishid from my mind as my hand, which was holding his cock was making me crazy and wanted this hot iron rod in my wet cunt, which was oozing to get fucked. Kay huwa chinal sati savitri bananeka natak bandh kar kaha khoyi ho, Yeh tumhari tarah pyasi randi ko bahut accha lagta hai, aur tujhe to abhi meri chudkad randi banana hai, hai na, banegi na”
My hand kept on holding and gripping firm on his cock and his teasing was making me crazier. He brought himself in front of me and i went mad seeing his cock, which was hiding between my legs. It was firm big much bigger then hamid (my driver) had and he was moving towards my mouth. He again puid me down telling me “Ab apne moo khol aur chooso isse, mujhe malum hai tune abhi talak kisika chusa nahi” he said (but he was rong i often suking of my driver).
I didn’t respond to the same and kept on gazing at it. Usman held his cock and started hitting on my cheeks i pleaded to him, to which he hit his cock hard on my nose, which really hurted “jo bolta huw vo karneka, samzi kay. Dekh teri choot pukar raha hai mere lund ko, chaiye tere choot mein to jaldi choos”I wanted it badly but in me cunt and finding no option i taking his huge cock in my mouth.
The moment it was near my mouth i had to split my mouth wide open to take his cock my mouth was totally dry he pulled his cock back and bent down and gave his first lip-locking kiss to me while kissing he was making my mouth wet with his kisses leaving a lot of spit and i loved, “abh choos meri pyari kutiyai chal jaldi, nahito bahot mar khayegi mera lund dekhe tere muh ka pani kay sukh gaya kay.”
His cock started sliding in and out off my mouth smoothly that didn’t make me resist but wanted more of it. I was eagerly sucking my first cock after 2-3 month’s, and usman was groaning and was using all his slang words, which really only when heard by me was arousing me further.
Yes!” he groaned. “Choos, rundi Jorse choos Choos mere lavde ko hanh uhhh hanh. uhhh aise chal rundi jorse!” usman grabbed me neck and puid his cock further in down to me throat and kept his hips which made me choke and cough and as my spit started to come out made his cock and balls rub it on me telling me “Kaisaa lag raha hai mera lund”.
He again shoved in my mouth and i started to love it and now i was busy sucking him and only gurgled in response. I forgot the humiliation and instantly loved sucking a cock in fact right now i was not even afraid of having me servant have me. In my lust my hands started massaging his dark black balls. He withdrew his prick and asked me to lick his balls telling me, “Mera lund itna accha chusa hai tune, ab usse hi achi tara chudai mast karunga randi.
Aaj teri chut ko chodke bhosda bana dunga Usman bent and as i was licking his cock he was removing the knot of me petticoat inside and hurriedly, shifted his place and usman pulled away my petticoat along with my sari.i was just there in my panties and I just yelled usmanuuuu pleeeeasee kay kar rahe ho”
He just caught hold of my panties and instead of removing it simply tore it off and telling me Aj se yeh chadi mere samne kabhi nahi dalegi isko sung sung ke pagal huwa tha mein”Bending down i could sense he was inhaling taking my cunt smell and started to lick it few times. Suddenly in a haste climbed and parting my legs jerked his cock in my cunt and i wailed loudly at the assault “ahhhh ooo iiiiiii maaaa mar dalegaaa usmau rukhhhh ahhhhh”.
“Teri maa ki chut Sali aisa lagta hai kay ek nabalik ladki ko chod raha haw, chul rundi lele mera lund kay garam chut hai tera, uhh-ahhh-uhhh! Accha lagta hai na rundi Bol saali kuti hhh Bol!” Ahhh Noooooo plssss usmanuu I pleaded as i felt me body was splitting into two with his huge cock. usman stopped moving to and fro and stood without moving and looking at me “kay huwa maza nahi a raha hai”
The sudden stop in the pleasure made me give a relief and usman started teasing me again, “Bolo meri chudkad asha rok du? ya teri choot chudwana chati hai mere lund se bol na randi bol I was beyond shame by now, and lifted me buttocks yelling at him, Yes, bastard, yes fuck me, chod mujhe you son of a bitch c’mon fuck me!”. This seemed to please him “yeh huwa na randi wali bat chudwana chahti he”.
He pulled back and taking me legs on his shoulders eased his cock out till the tip of me cunt and again with huge jerk shoved in his cock in my cunt, “Haaaaaa, Yes I was moaning and screaming as his massive cock moved in and out of me cunt. Le le rundi le le mera lund ko rand leeee! tum dono kooo ek sathhh chodne mein aurrr mazaaa ayegaaa, leeee!” i had never felt the lust and pain and humiliation from the time i knew about sex.
Something stuck me and asked him moaning “hum dono kaun” “bad me btaunga” usman was in no mood for any discussion and stroked in his cock in and out of me cunt and I loved the feel of his cock in me cunt. It was almost after 3 month a cock has entered in my cunt that too it notbelong to my, but my brother’s servant whom I hated.
Usman built up his speed and i to was matching his strokes by lifting and lowering my hips to take his cock in deeper. I could feel waves of pleasure building up deep inside the molten core of my pussy. I closed my eyes and let the feeling flow over me. He was still moving as I came second time within seconds my body spasmed and shuddered and me cunt lips twitched as I cliMustafaed.
He didn’t stop nor even slow down as I was shuddering in the throes of my massive orgasm. He kept ramming in me. Usman began to slam into me really hard. His thrusts were moving me body move up the bed, while his hands clutching my thighs kept me in place impaled on his cock. He was fucking me rapidly now. His heavy ball sack was slapping into me ass as he rammed his cock in.
He was brutally drilling my cunt like a trip hammer now his fingers dug painfully into me thighs. His head was bent down as he pistoned his cock in and out of me wet slopping cunt. He was grunting and groaning as he pummeled me cunt. I knew he was about to flood my cunt with his cum and he fell on me moving his hands behind my back and hugging me very tightly as he was going to crush me giving his bear hug.
I was out of breath as he held me tightly and fucking me in the same rhythm, I locked my legs round his back. He groaned and sunk his cock deep inside. Ohhmmm kutiya le apne naukar ka meetah ras ahhhhh” usman told and his cock throbbed inside my cunt sending hot volcanic spurts in my cunt. His cum splattering onto me cunt walls and that washeavenly, which gave me yet another powerful orgasm just feeling the same.
He kept pumping few more time and releasing me of his clutches collapsed on top of me body.
Usman smiled looking at me and, bending his head, kissed me gently. “Asha teri choot chodne ke liye mera yeh bhukha lunda roz tadap raha tha aur aaj tujhe chodke mera lund or dil shant huw. Bol kaisa lag mera lund teri choot mein, Tere ko aur chodhna he abhi puri taqat se, soch le agar mar nahi khana he to co-oprat karna nahi to mar khaneke bad bhi chudana aur gand to marana hi he”.
Before I could answer anything, he puid himself down bringing his lips on me and kissing me with fierce hunger, thrusting his tongue in my mouth, his hand went in my cunt and two fingers slid in making me moan as usman felt the wetness too pleasure full removing his lips he grunted, “bol randi aur chaiye ki nahi” and started finger fucking me hard. Yes,” I gasped ahhh fuck me again!”
That’s the spirit! you bitch ” he chuckled. I looked at him as he said, “I like that bitch fuck. I like them hot and hungry! Waise teri choot mast hai” usman again using his typical slang language, with a naughty smile “mazaa aa gaya” at that time someone rang the door bell.and both were a bit worried thinking if Ratan might have come back or something and I hurriedly covered my naked body with a blanket.
May dekhta hu” Usman told me and hurriedly wore his pants and shirts nothing underneath and I could hear him hushing him telling no to come back. I peeped from the window to see whom it was at. It was some door-to-door salesman and usman huid him away. I could hear him climb up and i quickly taking my towel and was about to go to the bathroom.
“Abhi kaha ja rahi ho. Aur yeh kis liye? Telling that he was trying to pull the towel. I held it tightly and telling him, “kay kar rahe ho Usman “randi bas bahot huwa etne sal se tujhe kapde mein dekh ke takh gaya abh jab tera gand marau bhai vapis nahi aa jata hai sweety tak mere samne nangi rahegi”but I will be going by tommoro and bhaiya will come after 3 day’s” to tuje kon bola ki to kal mumbai ja rahi he, maderchod nikal towel aur suno tere bhai ke aane se pahele Tu kahi nahi janewali samji, bol de teri mako phone karke taki wo apne liye tin din tak koy mote lode ka jugad kar le aur tere liye ek surprizes bhi hay samji”telling that he try to yanked of the towel but i immediately wrapped again. Dekho maine tumhse bat nahi karungi, ek to tumne mere sath zabrdasti kiya aur abh mujhe badnam bhi karna chate ho.”Usman said mockingly “meri lund ki ghulam hai tu bol randi kaisa laga!
“Please mujhe akela chor do tumh jau abhi” I told him Usman laughed again. Chod du yeh choodh du, aur tujhe chodne ke liye nahi chodha tha. Ek to randi jaise uchel uchel ka chudwai,aadha liter to pani chhoda aur abhi nakre kuy kar rahi ho randi! Tu mujhe randi bol mat, kitna ganda lagta hai”Are kutiya, randi ka matlab naukar ka time pass malum nahi kay” Usman tu ja abhi”
Ek cigarette khatam hone tak jo karna hai kar, bad mein kutch bol mat, aur kuch khaneka paka tujhe chodh ke bhook lag rahihai” (at my home I didne making”khana” ’cause kamwali are there and now this bludy servant who roughly fuck me lick a randi wanted me to making food for him) Tu cigarette leta hai” Tera bhaya ne sikaya, me jab uski gand marta hu bad me ek sigaret wom pita he aur ek muje deta he lagbhag roj
Sigrat pine ki aadat pad gaye he (he mokingli tell me that almost every day he fuck my brother’s ass.) “phele bahar jake aata hu,ek kam bhi yad aaya he isliye tujhe aur time milega, lekin aate waqt teri sharir pe ek bhi kapda dikha tu bahot mar maruga kutch istarah”and he come near me and “smack” “smack” giv me two slape on my both chick. “Khana taiyar rakhna” and he left.
So kaisi lagi ye my real life story you like this if yes so get going to open your mail address and send me fatafat mail. if i got a huge responce from you then I will tell you what is that”surprises” Usman talking above and who was that other persen usman think “tum dono kooo ek sathhh chodne mein aurrr mazaaa ayegaaa” in my next story “usman me and surprises” till that think above wather the persen is my bhbhi or my brother aur someone unnon persen.

Dear Readers I am Nikitha, 30 yrs old, married for 3yrs to a Business man in Bangalore.  I am a regular visitor of ISS and enjoy reading different experiences shared by people from different places. I have not bothered to judge if they are true or not; at least they are ones fantasies. Though I do not have any fantasies or ever had in my life when it comes to sexual encounters because I was too busy with my studies.
Little intro: I am 5ft 6 inches tall, pretty fair complexion, good little lengthy hair, big eyes, well defined nose and lips. Body figure around 35, 29, 37 – I am not fat as such – just that I have a good curvy butt with a good waist and ample amount breasts with really large dark nipples like a big dark grapes. I have noticed some of my neighbor boys stare at my butt and pointed breasts while at home wearing maxi.
I haven’t felt bad about instead I feel good that I get attention but nothing more than that until something happened few days back.  My hubby is a businessman; he runs clothing, dress shop in the city so he returns home like 11 pm or sometimes 12 midnight. We stay like 25kms away from the city on the out skirts of Bangalore as we got a cheaper home there. This is a 3 BHK house – quite big for just 2 of us.
We bought it big as if our parents come they can stay + if we have kids they need separate rooms when they grow up so you know planning in advance, We had a maid, her name was Kamala Devi; we call her Kamala. She should be around 35 to 40 yrs old. Bit on the whitish side, pretty good looking, and typical south Indian style – always on dark Saree. Kamala was married and her husband was working in a nearby office guest house as care taker and cook.
He usually stays there most of the time taking care of that guest house. I have never really seen him. They meet once in a while outside or at her home which quite far away from the out skirts in to the village. I used to wonder how Kamala stays without a man for such a long periods.
One day Kamala fell sick and was not really doing well to do any work. I told her to take rest. There is a small store room in our house where she usually stays and sometimes she stays back in our place itself.
I told her to call her husband and get him to our house so that he can take her to the doctor and take care of her for some time. When we called her husband he said there is couple of guest so he can’t come now and requested me to drop Kamala at that guest house.  So I took her in my car to the guest house. He was waiting for us and apologized with me for not being able to come down to pick his wife. I said that’s ok. Now I really looked at him.
He was dark but well built villager look around 5ft 9inches with good eyes. He was around his 45 to 50yrs but def look 10 yrs younger. He invited us in to the house. Those guests were packing and leaving so he was with them to get the bills settled. After that he served some coffee for us. I also thought I will stay there for sometime as I have no work at home and it was only 3pm.
Kamala went inside a room and was lying down as she was tired and feeling cold. We gave her some medicines so she went into sleep quickly. This fellow s name was Linga Raj. He said he has some kitchen work so he will be in kitchen while I was reading some paper. I notice that Linga was noticing me once in a while secretly from the open kitchen which was right opp to the sofa I was sitting.
All of a sudden I thought I can cut my nails during this time and pass some time – so asked him a nail cutter. After finishing off with my hand nails I bent down to take on my nails in my foot. Initially I did not realize that I was exposing my big boobs. I was wearing a light pink Saree with a sleeves pink blouse. My Saree had moved away from my right boobs and it was hanging right before Linga.
I was checking if he is watching me and to my anticipation he was cleaning the floor but looking at my boobs as he was doing that job. This excited me; as usual I started enjoying the attention of a man. Linga Raj went inside and changed his dress to a small lungi and banyan so that he can comfortably do his cleaning without getting dirty.
He lifted his lungi quite up – just above his lungi and sat down with his knees bent exposing 3/4th of his thighs to me. By this time I was done with my nail cutting. He came to me and said – madam if you are done with nail cutting let me clean this up. I said ok. He was in-between looking at my boobs, my waist, stomach; I was stretching myself on the sofa as if yawning to expose my stomach area.
I was wearing the Saree like 2 inches below the navel and my navel is a deep one – no one can miss it. To my shock I saw linga raj rubbing or scratching his linga…which is his Lund for 2 seconds looking right on my stomach and navel. Then he suddenly went down to clean. I thought now I should tease him more. I lifted my one leg and said I should be shaping my nails as well and started rubbing my foot nails with the nail cutter.
In that process I intentionally lifted my Saree on my other leg and exposed my legs up till knee…and the portion between my legs was slightly visible inside and I knoew if linga bends down he can see my inner thighs. Linga did bend down took a small piece of paper and said madam – you continue cleaning your nails I will hold the paper below your foot so that I don’t have to clean the floor again.
Saying that he came and sat right below me, in between my legs and was continuously starring at my legs and trying to peep inside the thighs to see my pussy. I was getting really horny and at the same time nervous. I thought let me do this for some time for poor linga – he must be starving of sex for a long time.
I decided to show him more so I switched on to the other leg in that process I moved more of my Saree up till my thighs now both my milky white well shaped thighs were shining before linga and his mouth was watering and his eyes were wide open. I told him to bring me some water.
He brought a long glass of water for me immediately. He was standing right in front of me and I was sitting on the sofa. Still cleaning my nails and exposing 70% of my thighs to him. While taking the glass of water from I intentionally let it slip on me and the entire water fell on my stomach and thighs.
He got scared and said sorry mam. I told him to get me a towel. He wasted no time and went to get the towel. I stood up and lifted my Saree well above my knees as water was dripping from my inside of thighs. Linga got a nice towel and I told him in a hurry…jaldi…wipe karo…before my Saree gets wet. He was very happy to hear that and started wiping on my stomach, navel and went down and started rubbing on my thighs.
Hesitatingly I spread my legs to give him more space and he slightly started moving the towel with his hands little more up on my thighs and once or twice he touched my pussy from outside my panty in the process. It was giving me electric shocks of pleasure in my body and I was like let me open my panty and keep my pussy on his mouth. But I controlled myself.
He was also quite tensed and I know his heart was beating faster and faster. I told him enough he got up and I saw his lungi was protruding forward because of his huge long Lund looks like he removed his underwear in the gap time. I was getting very horny by this time. But did not want to take risk by sleeping with this man as he might have slept with unprotected sex with others as well.
Kamla was sleeping well so she was not disturbed by all the drama happening here. I told Linga that it is 6pm already I need to get home before it gets dark outside as I am scarred to drive in the dark. Linga said he can drop me as he knows driving  I was happy to hear that. As it already started raining. Linga works his wife and told her, he is going drop madam and will be back soon.
She said ok and went to sleep again. He drove carefully and we reached the apartment. I told him to come inside and have a chai. He was very happy to hear that. He was wearing a white pajama and juppa. After entering my house, I told him that I will change my dress as its wet and come back. I intentionally kept my bed room open and started removing my Saree. Linga was sitting before me little far way in the hall but he can see me very well.
He was rubbing on his lung watching me undress. I acted like I am not seeing him but I could see him through a side mirror from the bed room wardrobe. I was standing before him with just a bra and panty and then took my knee length black skirt and took one short shirt. Came out of the bed room. Suddenly he adjusted his pajama and crossed his legs so that he can hide is erect huge Lund.
I was like what happ linga he said nothing mam just feeling cold because of the rain. I told him I will prepare some tea for him. I went into the kitchen and kept the tea powder really up in the kitchen cupboard. Called Linga, I told him I need to get the chai powder which is kept really above. So hold the kitchen table so that I can climb. Linga said I will help you mam let me climb up. I said no…You are my guest. Just hold the table so that I don’t fall off.
I intentionally lifted my skirt showing him my legs and kept one on the table and in the process of reaching out the tea powder dubba I raised the other leg and kept right across linga’s face and on the window grill of kitchen so that I get more height to reach out. In that process my skirt lifted even more and I was like standing with 1 leg down on the table and other leg lifted up and in between linga standing and holding the table for the balance.
I saw linga going down and saying mam let me hold the legs of the table so that they stand firm. I know why he went down. He wanted to see my pussy. I was more than happy to show them. That’s why I had removed my panty. Now I lifted my skirt so much that linga was right under my skirt directly seeing my pussy. After sometime I was looking down…linga was no were to be seen but he was inside my skirt as my skirt has moved above his head covering half of his head.
I was wonder ing what he was doing there. Is he trying to touch my legs or reach out to my cherry and eat it?  I was getting hotter and wet. I think he was scared to make a move. So I told I got the dubba then he suddenly got out of my skirt and I told him to help me get down. I was holding his shoulder and told him to hold me around.
In that process I had managed to press my big boobs on his face and slide down his face rubbing the entire boobs on his face and he was also keeping one of his hands on butt and pressing it hard and the other hand was touching my left boob like he was holding me.
I thought I was going to cum right there. He said madam you smell really nice. I asked him where u smelling me when I told you holds the table. He gave a big grin and went to the hall.
By this time I unhooked the shirt top 2 buttons showing him good amount of boobs and I was not wearing bra so my hard nipples were already visible from outside. Lingaraj was getting hotter – I was scared if he would start raping me sometime. After he drank the tea – I took his glass from his hand and intentionally made it fall on his lap and the little tea left inside the glass fell on his pajama. I told him to stay there and brought a towel dipped in water and started wiping it off from his thighs. He was like no madam its ok.
In the process I started wiping on his huge Lund which was already lying like a big snake on left thighs waiting for my touch. It started growing and as it started growing. Linga went silent and let me do it. I started rubbing the towel right on the Lund and told him .Lingaraj your linga is super. He was smiling at me and said it is waiting to go inside your beautiful smelling koodhi madam.
I was shocked to hear his local language but it excited me. I asked him en koodhi unnaku rumba poodichirika. Linga said madam – unga koodhi romba azhagu, And unga koodhi mela irrukka paruppu romba super I asked him atha ellam unakku eppadi theriyum he said neenga tea power edukkum bothu I saw your parruppu madam it was huge I thought of licking it then itself but was scared madam.
It was almost 8pm by then I told him to leave as my husband may come or some neighbors may come. He was disappointed. I told him I will come to his place tomorrow to check on kamala and you buy some condoms and keep. He asked why madam. I told him when you fuck kamala – fuck with a condom only. He was like ok ok madam I thought unga koodhi kku nnu. I was like. en koodhi ellam unnala mudiyathi linga he was like yen madam why madam I told him yours might be small one.
He was like no madam see this. He took his huge 9 inches black rod and showed me. It had like 2 huge balls hanging on both sides like a goats ball. I was like how can miss this Lund now. I decided I will fuck this man today. I went inside the my bed room and searched for condom and got one luckily of my husnands. And kept it with me.
Linga was standing nude in front of me and stroking his pool, Lund to secude me. I lifted my skirt and started massaging my koodhi in front of him to around him holding his Lund in hand he started walking towards and I was moving away to tease him more.
He said madam unga koodhi open pannuka ungala naan innaki samma yaa okka poren madam romba naala acchue kamala kooda pannala madam 2 months back oru office madam aa otthen fuck pannen after that no one madam pls I was moving away and finally I settled on the kitchen table and kept my 2 legs on top of the chair and was sitting in front of him with 2 legs opened showing him the full pussy and was rubbing them to make it more wet he came straight and kept his hard rock pool right at the tip of my clit and started rubbing it I started moaning linga pls enna okka pls da he pushed his dick inside meit was paining in the starting but after it entered completely I was flying with pleasure. He started pushing his lund deep inside and his goat balls were hitting my ass cheeks lap lap chap chap chap he increased his speed.
He climbed up the chairs and started pushing his full Lund from a top position and my legs were on his shoulders. He was moaning, groaning like a lion. I was scared if some neighbor would hear but more than that I was enjoying it. He did not even open my shirt and suck my breasts in-between he was massaging my breasts and finally removed my shirts and started licking my nipples and sucking. I really forgot about the condom.
I told him to remove and put the condom. Condom was only going half the way but still better. Then he took me in his arms and made me bend on the sofa and starting fucking like dog opening by buttocks. I was moaning in pleasure. I had already cummed twice but he was still going strong.
He lifted both my legs with his legs and I was holding on to the sofa. My entire body was on air and my legs in his hands and his Lund hitting my cervix and all the g spots inside. Giving me repeated orgasms finally I gave 3 big shots and loaded all his cum inside the condom. I removed the condom and it was half filled with his thick cum. By that time it was 9 so told him to go now he was also tired so took some water.
Just before going he put his finger inside my pussy and gave me another orgasm I could never forget this day. Next day I went to pick up kamala and to my surprise ling raj showed me how he fucks kamala she was hotter than what I thought she was giving him a blow job and doing 69 and finally fucking in all positions. I was secretly watching from outside the room. I will write more later, now tired. My husband just fucked me as he was tired he came quickly. I’m still horny but linga raj is not around. May be tomorrow I will call him here for a good fuck.

Hi everyone, this is my first story on ISS and I have been reading stories since 1 year now.
I’m very horny for sex and always look out for married women or maids. My name is Sandy (name changes) I am 27 yesrs old and a have few extra pounds but does not matter as my height is 5.9 I live in Mumbai and if any women interested in having safe and secure relationship can leave a message on
There is a maid in our house who is working since 8 years and she is very dark and all her teeth were red because she chews lot of paan. One day I was watching porn movie as my family has gone for a marriage. I was playing with my 8inch dick fully without my pants and suddenly she entered the room and I was shocked to see her and she was laughing after seeing my reaction.
She closed the main door and came to me and holds my dick and started rubbing and then she started to lick the same and gave me nice blow job. She was about to remove her saare and want me to fuck her but I did not want to do that because she sucks big time. So she always helps me getting relieved by blow job. Suddenly she was not feeling well and was now able to work and she called her daughter from her native so that she can take care of her work and she can rest. Her daughter was very sexy with big boobs and firm ass.
I want to fuck her from day one so I try to find out chances and try to interact with her. Time pass by and we were good friends but our family was not aware of it. One day my family went out for a day’s picnic and I purposely did not go because I thought this will be the best chance to get her. My family left at 8.00 in the morning and woke me up. Since the maid daughter was sleeping I pour some water on her and she got up and gave me a smile.
I called her up in my room and locked the main door she came and asked why did I called her so I told her that my back is paining if she could give me a massage and she agreed. I removed my shirt and lie on my bed and gave her ointment she was massaging my back and I told her to go massage down near my bumps and she did that and i was enjoying and precum already started and my undies was wet.
Once done she told me that she is also having back pain and if she can use my ointment and i told her that i can massage her back but she refuses at first but finally agreed but was not ready to remove her kameez. I locked my doors and windows and ask her to lie down and started massaging her. She was enjoying the same and finally i reach her bra hook and open the same to which she was shock. I told her that it was giving problem while massaging so she was relaxed.
Finally I climbed her and started kissing on her back to which she started running away but suddenly I grab her and started kissing on her neck to which she was neglecting but finally I started sucking her earlobes. After 10 mins her grib was loose and she started enjoying my touch and started responding to my kisses. Without wasting any time I removed all my clothes and hugged her tightly.
Slowly she started moaning and I removed her kameez and her bra and started licking her boobs. she lied on the bed and i was on top of her licking her boobs and biting her nipples and this activity continues for 20mins. She was moaning and she holds my cock and pointer to her pussy. So i want and wore a condom and then removed her salway and panty. It was a clean shaved pussy I just climb upon her and started rubbing my dick on her pussy and she was moaning loudly.
I tried to fuck her but was unable to insert my dick and then I came to know she was a virgin so I slowly inserted my finger and moved to n fro so that her hole gets loose. She already cums twice once on bed sheet and once on my hand which was fully wet. After 10 mins is started to insert my dick slowly and was getting success. Finally after 15 mins of struggle it was fully inside and she was enjoying the same and I was in different world altogether.
Keeping my dick in i smooch her and was kissing on her neck, sucking her boobs like a wild animal and her arm pits which was also clean shaved. She was moving upwards and finally told me to fuck hard. I started moving to and fro slowly slowly and then increased my speed she hold me tight and her nails were scratching my back I was enjoying.
She came and wants me to remove but I was not satisfied so keeping my cock inside her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy from one of my hand and she was enjoying finally she was ready for one more and started to fuck her really hard this time she hold me tight and started shivering but I fucked her till 30mins and finally I came inside her.
We lied on each other and then she went to take a bath. I also went with her to make her bath and she did not refuse. We both started rubbing soap on each other body and it was slipping. I changed my condom and lied on the bathroom ground and ask her to ride me.
She sat on me and I guide her and we had one more session she was cuming but I was not able to come in that session because all my cum was over I think we had 5 sessions on that particular day till my parents came. Still we fuck each other as n when we get chance. Feed back are always welcome. Any females would like to have safe and secure relationship can message me on my next story will be published soon I am after my neighbours maid who is married with 2 kids buts looks awesome.


Hi every one this is Ravi age 26 male from Chennai doing job staying alone in a room. I am very much passionate about sex the story I am writing had happened when I am studying in 10th class. I used to study in a hostel from my child hood when I reached my 9th class I came to know about well from my friends in class. I never had any kind of bad view on girls in my school but this changed when I saw a new maid in my schoolher age is 18 she used to wear half sari, she has the hot pair of boobs (36) and with nice ass 36 that attracts every man towards her every guy in my class used to stare at her with starving desires coming to the story she used to come every day in the morning at around 6.00 am she used to clean the class rooms then keep the drinking water for children by the time they reach the class for study hours n then clean the offices.
Every day I used to reach early to my class so that I can meet her alone in my class and enjoy her assets by looking at her while she is bending to clean the class room for some days it went like that we exchanged names she told that her name is Bhanu, we became friendly I used to pamper her by her beauty, she enjoyed it a lot. I used to dream to fuck her very badly imagine her boobs ass sucking them.
I was waiting for the rite time one day she came early to clean the class I am waiting for her she looked sad n worried did not talk to me at all I went near her asked what’s wrong did i do some thing wrong she came close to me looked in to my eyes n broke in to tears. I held her face on to my chest n took her close. I asked her what happened. She did not stop crying I lifted her chin with my fingers n asked to say. I looked in to her eyes she told that one of my school teachers is trying to get her to bed and she hates him a lot.
I griped her on her waist pulled her close n told her that its natural for a beauty like you for this kind of proposals n tried to convince her my breath is touching her face her breast is touching my chest while we are talking so close by hugging she didnt mind in hugging me. I told her that any man on this earth will dream to have her on his bed she has a smile on her face now she slowly whispered in my ear that “do you have that dream too I was very dam happy when she asked me that.
I immediately told her that i dreamed her every night and I am coming very early to see her and to love her in that time I took my hands on to her ass pulled her close. I am pressing her hard in my hug we r looking in to our eyes i took my lips close to hers planted my lips on her. I pressed my lips deep in to her lips those are very soft n good. I can feel her mounting on my chest with her hot breath. I slowly made her bend her knees n made her lay on the floor so that no one can see use.
I kept my hands next to her body n mounted on her my cock is touching her thighs my chest is one her sexy boobs. I slowly kissed her forehead then her eyes she is giving some low moans for every kiss. I took my face under her neck I was smooching round her neck kissing her neck nicely she stared moaning loud n sexy. I then went down to her boobs kissed her boobs over her half sari.
She is enjoying every move I make she is getting hotter. I then took off her pallu of her sari from her breast. I could believe I am taking the women i am dreaming all nights. I pressed my face on her blowse kissed her boobs on her blowse she is breathing hard her boobs r getting huge n tight in her blowse. I took my lips close to the area of her cleavage kissed the line between her both boobs.
I slowly unhooked her blowse. I could see her boobs bulging out from every hook I unhook, I then took off her blowse i pressed my face on her naked boobs smooched hard with my face. I kissed all through the line of her boobs she is maoning loud n hard saying that she can’t take this much of pleasure. I slowly pressed my lips on her nipples pulled her nipples with my lips from her she was shivering while i am doing it wrapped me hard with her hands around me.
I didn’t stop my acts I slowly whispered and asked her do you like this she spoke loud that this is the best pleasure she got in her life. I took her both big boobs in to my hands folded them again n again she gave a big moan by lifting her body up she came twice she relaxed there with her moans I took my hand down lifted her skirt up till her thighs I can feel her smooth big thighs. I slowly parted her thighs wide pushed my hand down in to thighs.
She is warming up by my touch again, she opened her legs wide for my hand I pushed my hand deep in to her thighs, I could touch her pussy lips when my fingers touched her pussy she is shivering by lifting her body up again n again. I pushed my finger further in to part her pussy lips wide open, pressed the finger tip between her pussy lips n rubbed her pussy from bottom end to till the top end.
She stared moaning saying she can;t take it any more moaning load with moan Aaaaohh fuck me with your finger Ravi I love your touch your moves aaah ummmmmh make me yours she started moaning very badly all the class is filled with her love moans. I kept my palm on her pussy covering her pussy and started folding her pussy in my palm hardly she is going crazy while I am folding her pussy hard she shook her body again n came in my palm n rest on her back with out any move.
I came next to her slept next to her her turned towards me pulled me close whispered in my ear that you are the only one who can make me cum again again Ravi, I will serve you in what ever way you want me, I am all yours ” she kept her head on my chest n slept for some time the whole class room is smelling with her love fluid I am happy that I made her mine so that I can have her any time I want  I whispered in her ear that how is it she answered me back by her kisses.
She whispered in my ear that she wants me soo badly she wants to enjoy with me she kissed me all over my face with love saying that she loves me soo badly she wants to make love with me. I could hear the foot steps of the children coming to class rooms from hostel. I kissed her again n told her that I will be waiting for her in the class room soo early in the morning she told that she will come soon so that we can make love for more time.
She hooked her blouse wore the half sari and gave me a good kiss for the day while moving she touched my cock with her hand and winked at me for the next session when ever I face her she used to see me with an hungry eyes for my fuck I hope every one enjoyed my story this is just the beginning of the story. I will post my remaining in the next post please send your comments to my mail

Hi ISS readers. It’s me Hari. I’m gonna narrate my experience with my hot and sexy maid Deepshika. We recently shifted our home. As both my parents work we needed a maid to take care of the house keepings at our home. We found a maid named deepshika. She was around 28 and and her husband died within 2 months of her marriage. She was married in her 26. She didn’t marry after that.
She had no child either. Let’s first explain about me. I was 18 years old then and 5.11 feet tall. Moderate in color and well built body. My dick is 9 inches long. Deepshika is a sexy babe. She was 5.3 feet tall. Average sexy body. Sexy bubbly boobs and a plumpy ass. Her structure would be around 34dd-30-36 I used to go to school and back in the evening. She used to come in the morning and finish the job. I never had a chance to see or talk with deepshika.
During Sundays my parents were in home and I was afraid to with her or stare at her.
I used to mastrubate thinking of her in my room. At last my exams were over. I thought this was the chance to seduce her. First day i used to stare at her ass when she is not seeing me. She used to wear her saree below her navel and i madly wanted to lick that bubbly navel. Then i stared at her boobs while she was brooming and mop the floor.
The third i made my mind i should fuck her today. I was in the night dress. My parents went for work and deepshika arrived. I asked for coffee and she gave it. She came into my room to broom the floor. She saw me staring her boobs and adjusted her saree. I lost my confidence. I refreshed myself and went to watch tv. There was a kissing scene in an English movie, she saw that and got horny.
She went to my room to clean my bed. I later went to the room to get my phone and was shocked to see her having a look at my porn books which were under my bed. She was sweating badly and i thought she was in the perfect mood to fuck. She dint notice me. I slowly placed my hand at her shoulders; she hesitated and stood from my bed. I asked did you enjoy seeing it. She asked me are you mastrubating by reading books like this.
I replied i’m a teenage guy and everyone wants to do this at this age. I asked her dont you feel something else seeing these pictures. She kept numb. I got closer to her and placed my hand on her shoulder and asked dont you feel lonely without sex. She was silent. I placed a kiss in her forehead but she went back and said this is wrong. Dont think like that this is just giving pleasure to each i said. I got closer to her and planted a frech kiss.
She was trying to resist but i dint leave her. She started to enjoy it later. I asked her do you enjoy it. She smiled. I got green and placed my hand on her boob and started to press it softly. She started to moan. I went to her stomach and kissed her navel and licked it madly. I removed her saree first and get rid of my t-shirt and we both fell on the bed. I startted to press her boobs over the jacket, shr was enjoying it a lot.
I kissed her boobs over her jacket she cried in pleasure. I unhooked her blouse slowly and got rid of it. I removed her petticoat too. I myslef got off my night pants. We both were in our underwears now. I continued to press and kiss her 34dd boobs. I asked her how many your husband fucked you. She said almost daily. I asked her did he use condoms, she replied yes. I asked her can i see your bare boobs, she said its all for you my dear.
I removed her black bra and played with the 34dd for 10 mins. She was moaning hm. Anhhhhhh faster harder mmm please faster. Then she asked me whether she can give me a blowjob. I said its for you only. She got my 9 inch cock and was shocked to see a big one like that. She informed her husband’s was very small and she was not at all satisfied by him. She happily started to lick my dick and played with my balls.
This time I was moaning in pleasure. She was really sucking my cock good. I cum her mouth which she drink all. I went down and removed her panties. She had a hairy pussy which was already very wet. I asked can i shave it now but she we can do it later first lick it. I kept my mouth in it and started the job which i did to her boobs. I fingered her pussy and played with it. In no time her juices came and i drank it off.
I ran to my dad’s drawer and got a condom from it. I asked can i fuck you. She said its all waiting for your dick. Well i’m going to have a good time she said. I slowly placed my dick near her pussy and pushed it slowly. She screamed in pain. Even after fingering and wetting her pussy it wasn’t enough for my dick to get into her tight pussy.
I slowly pushed and got it inside the heavan she started to moan again. Hmm it was really good to fuck her in pussy. I stroked her slowly and slowly. She wanted me to do faster. I did so. I then asked have you ever had gone anal she said no. I said i want to fuck your ass now. She said no because she never knew about anal and said the hole is too small. I showed some anal sex pictures to her and made her mind to go fot it. I licked her plumpy ass which was only done in my dream before.
She was moaning and shouting hmmm. I wetted her ass as much as i could and went with my monster to her ass. It was tighter than her pussy. She almost cried and told no. I pleaded to her and promised it will more pleasure. Then i slowly and very slowly accessed my dick in her ass. Ahhhhh that was amazing and i was feeling like flyin. Hmm ooooh yeah.
She tooo moaned and cummed in 5 mins pumping her ass. She drank my semen again and said thanks and dont tell to anyone. She asked will you do this again and i replied call me when you need. From that we had sex in every two days and we had the best sex. Please rate my experience. Give me more advice to make more pleasure to my maid.

Hi Friends, This is a true story that happened when I was 22 and first moved to Mumbai for my job. I was new to Mumbai and settling down to the fast paced life of the city. I shifted to an apartment owned by dad’s friend who was now living in US. His apartment was lying empty from last couple of years though was fully furnished. All I had to do was move in with my suitcase.
The apartment was in the sub-urbs and far from where my office was but than you don’t get such nice apartments in Mumbai even at double my salary and I had it for free. The burden of such a place is to keep it tidy and decided to keep a maid to keep it clean and wash my clothes. I requested watchman of my building and next day he sent a lady to my apartment for the purpose. I asked her the usual questions where all she works and where is she from etc. She was dark complexioned and had big expressive eyes. She was from Latur in Maharashtra.
She was totally clad in a Sari. I did not pay much attention to other physical attributes and decided to keep her. She joined work from next day and came at 7:30 in the morning. Her first day at work and I was getting ready for office, I would take a peek at her every now and than to see if she is working Ok. She had squeezed her pallu and tightened up so that it does not interfere with her working.
That is when I first noticed shape of her boobs which were like a perfect round and I could not feel any sagging there. They looked lovely. Just before she was to mop the floor she lifted her sari to almost knee length and tucked it in her petticoat so that she can comfortably sit and mop the floor. She had dark but satin legs completely hairless and all those sit-ups for work had made her legs very shapely. I than noticed her tummy and realized that there is not an inch of fat or flab visible. Later when she bent to mop I could see her cleavage from front, Her boobs were not big but just the right size to compliment her petite figure. I was turned-on completely.
All I could think of was to go back to the bathroom and masturbate. This than became a daily routine, she will come work and I will enjoy her raw beauty for sometime and than masturbate. I just could not gather enough courage to take it to the next level. I was getting frustrated by each passing day and decided to do something about it. I took out a magazine from my porn collection and opened a centerfold with a nude photo of a model and kept it on the floor as if it fell from a table and that page is lying open accidentally. She started to work and noticed the magazine while I was watching from behind the curtain in other room.
She picked up the magazine and looked around to see if I was there and than quickly glanced through the rest of the magazine which had other photos with couple having sex in various position, nude models etc. I was sure she liked what she saw and I became hopeful of taking it to the next step.
I suddenly entered the room and she dropped the magazine. She again picked up the magazine kept it on the table quietly and proceed to the room where I was earlier. I called her, she came and before I could ask anything started explaining that she was just keeping it back from the floor. I asked her to relax and said it is ok and it is natural to like such stuff and pointed Her to the cupboard on the top and told her in case she wants more there are others there as well.
She is free to go through the stuff if she wants. She was totally silent may be not knowing how to react and red flush was visble on her face even though like I said she was dark complexioned. I passed her the magazine again and went back as if nothing had happened though smiling within that things are going as per plan. Later she came to me and asked “Can I ask you a question?” I said “Yes” Why do these girls pose like this? I answered “Money what else”. I quickly asked her back – Do you want to make money like that? and couldn’t believe what she said “I wouldn’t mind but who would pay money for an ugly one like me”I just laughed a little and commented back, you don’t know what you have and anyone would be happy to see her that way. I would love it for sure.
Saying this I held her hand drew her close and gave a tight hug to her. She smelled of sweat but at that point nothing seemed to matter. She tried to set herself free from my grip but I held her firm. Realizing she can’t wrestle her way out she requested “Please leave me, it is not correct, I am married”I did not pay any heed to it. I could feel her lovely breasts against my chest. Slowly her resistance to me died down and felt her arms also behind my back and I understood she is giving in.
I loosened my grip over her and cupped her right breast over her blouse and squeezed them a little and she lent out a little moan. I lifted her and took her to the bed and hugged her tightly, felt for her ass above her sari and it surely felt nice. I started un-hooking her blouse from the front and as I spread it open I saw the pair of beautiful melons which as I expected were firm and just the right shape and size. She was not wearing any bra. Without wasting any time I attacked them like a hungry dog and started licking her nipples and sucking them in-between.
I bit her nipples a couple of times and she requested not to do it as it hurts. I was on the other hand going mad fondling and loving every part of her boobs. I slowly lifted her saree from my right hand and started caressing her silky legs with my right and fondling her boobs with my left hand. Suddenly, she held me closer and tighter as if she was about to come and she did come as I could see a glow in her eyes that said it all.
My dick was rock-hard and was having trouble staying in my shorts but before undressing myself I quickly undressed rest of her by removing her Sari, Petticoat and black panty which was dripping wet. She had dense pubic hairs but I quickly got down to undressing myself and as soon as my cock came out of my shorts without even saying something she quickly got hold of it started giving it gentle strokes and went down to lick my balls.
I was enjoying every moment of it and felt that I could burst out any second. I stopped her than and there, opened my drawer and took out the condom, wore it and decided to penetrate her vagina. She understood and placed my cock on the edge of her vagina and my dick found its way inside. Her vagina held my dick like a Vise and I started to give her slow strokes and kissing her over her neck and shoulders. She was enjoying it and giving out light moans at first and getting louder as I increased my speed, I was on seventh heaven and I finally exploded my love joices in the condom.
It was just too good. We stayed lying there hugging each other tight for next few minutes when she let her grip go and asked if she can say something. I asked her to go ahead. She said it is the first time that she has felt sex was so good. Else, her husband usually just puts his dick inside and is done in few strokes.
She just loved the way I fondled her and made her cum multiple times. My dick in the meanwhile was semi-hard again and I showed her that and asked her to put in her mouth and suck it. She was scared a little but I told her nothing will happen, she reluctantly put it in her mouth but soon started sucking it as if she has been doing it for years.
I was ready to fuck her again but wanted to try something different so took her to the bathroom and took her under the shower and fucked her again while the shower was watering our bodies. Having come once already this time it lasted much longer and felt much better. We later toweled each other dry and had fun with each other’s body.  After this, We than had sex almost everyday and tried multiple positions, locations and had a great time till I had a girl friend and she decided to move-in with me. I had to let go of her services once she shifted. We re-ignited our passions a few months later but that is a different story.


Hi, I am dukej and a daily ISS reader. I am going to narrate you an event that happened a week ago. My maid Rinki is now 24. She was had previously worked here for 7 years and then went back to her village for marriage. She got married at the age of 18 and soon had a child . After 7 years of her marriage there were family chaos and she was thrown out of her home. Her parents did not take her back, unwilling to bear the extra expenses of her along with a child.
Helpless and without a shelter with a child she came back to us seeking help and homage. And so it was. We were also in need of a maid and she would be better than anyone as she already knew how thing happened in our place and need not be taught again. When she came she was very depressed and upset. Worried about her small boy and that he had to be admitted in a school and that his needs had to be taken care of. So, my mom kept her with a good pay and also provided her with a separate room in our home to stay.
She was slowly recovering. And it could be understood clearly with the smile coming back on her face. Though a villager she was a charming personality. Always smiling and giggling. Her looks were also pretty decent. She was about 5 feet tall and had a decent figure. She is 36-32-36. The female is appealing which is enhanced by the comparatively bigger ass that she has because she had a normal delivery.
Days started passing by and I would generally be busy in m work and college. I used to leave home at 9 A.M. and be back by 8 P.M. She used to take good care of my home and specially me. She used to wear a saree and her age saree was very appealing. With time I started getting attracted towards her. She was also careless. She would not take much care of her saree and her hands. She would touch my hand or hold it when she passed me a glass or a plate.
Her saree would fall down from her shoulder when she would mop the floor etc. My summer’s had started and generally now I used to sleep late in the morning. I have this habit of sleeping bare body, with just shorts. She would come and clean the room in the morning and mop the floor etc. I do not know but she must have watched me. I told to myself. “Let’s plan for it”, so I did. I used to sleep early at the night but stayed in my bed until late morning. I used to watch her do all the work.
I noticed her quiet a lot of times brush her hair with her hands in front of my mirror and arrange her saree by pulling the pallu down and tucking it over her waist. 2-3 days past and I thought now that I have observed her general whereabouts’ it was time to start the plan. The first thing I did was to remove my blanket in the morning and pull my shorts down. What surprised me was that she noticed it the very first day. She stood beside my shorts while she was wiping the floor and gave a huge broad stare to my decent relaxed 4 inches.
I thought this is the best time. I knew that at her age she might me quiet frustrated with her sex life and would really want a decent hump. At night I thought of a plan and put it to action. When everybody was asleep I went to her room and knocked lightly. After a while she was there standing with her hair open and her saree just clinging on to her. This made me know that she did not sleep with her saree on. She would sleep only in her blouse and petticoat. I told her I was having back pain and asked her to apply medicine. I went back to my room.
She came in after she arranged herself after 5 minutes and she took the medicine and applied it on my lower back. Her warm hands were a feeling I tell you. It was a glimpse of paradise. I held her hand and thanked her and said sorry that I disturbed her sleep. Next night I did the same thing and while leaving she gave me a smile. I smile that was neither a general one but not a naughty one too. It was something else. When she left 30-35 minutes had passed and I could not sleep. So I went to her room and knocked again.
It was 2 in the morning then. She opened the door and asked me “Kya hua bhaiya dard gaya nai kya?”, I said “Nai dard toh kam hai lekin muhe neend nai aa rahi hai. Kya main tumse thoru der baith ke baat karun” She showed no retaliation and called me inside. Her son was sleeping on the floor on a mattress and she was on a low tool. She hurriedly removed her clothes that was hanging on the rope for drying and asked me to sit.
She sat beside me and I was bang on the topic. I asked her about what happened with her. She narrated me the incident but slowly began to break down and then burst into tears. She tried to hide them but for me this was the chance. I held her by her arms and hugged her. She laid her head on my shoulder with no retaliation and wept. After a while when she calmed down, I pull her up and looked into her eyes and said “Main hoon na, roti kyun ho” she smiled and hugged me again. I pulled her up and kissed her in the head. She was delighted.
There was a small smile on her face. I understood that this is satisfying her. I pulled her towards me and put her legs across my lap and made her sit on my thighs and held her tightly with my arms around her waist. She smiled and slowly kissed me on my lips and then without wasting time I turned the kiss into a wet smooch. We smooched for a while and in the same time I was caressing her back and she was pulling my hair.
I a moment I removed her saree from her shoulder and kissed her neck and her collar bone. She was by now turned on. She was moaning lightly when I was kissing her and was rubbing my chest hair. I unhooked her blouse from behind followed by her bra and removed them. That pair of breasts were beautiful. With a decent nipple on top of them it was worth licking. I slowly caressed her breasts and she would moan whenever I slightly bit her nipples.
She told me “Bhaiya zor se kato” and I obeyed and as I was doing so I felt moist stuff in my mouth. I removed my face to see that she was milking. I was delighted. I pressed harder on her tiny nipples and she was milking and was gulping it. I was awesome! She now gained courage and slid her hand through my and touched my penis. Oh! Bhaiya yeh toh kitna bara aur mota hai” She said. At once I knew she was asking for it. I made her lie down on the bed and removed her saree and petticoat and saw her pubic region full of hair.
I removed the hair and touched her pussy. I was dripping wet. I knew she was ready. I asked her to suck my penis for a while. I went in top of her put my penis in her mouth and fucked her mouth and when it was fully erect and ready, I put my 7.5 inch cock in her pussy. I kept it on her clitoris and then pushed the whole length in, in one go! She gave a loud moan followed by a huge smile. I knew she was okay!
In the missionary position I held her legs up pointing towards the ceiling and fucked her unprotected for 15-20 minutes. In the meanwhile she came thrice. I was about to burst out and told her I was about to come. She told me to come inside her. I was worried but then she said she has been fitted with a Copper-T to avoid pregnancy. I was delighted and burst into her. I fell on top of her and she hugged me tightly.
Then after 20 minutes she turned me over and laid in a 69 position over me. She was giving me a BJ. I was on top the world. Her pussy was above my face and her juices were dripping over me. I cared less about the hair and stated licking it. After 5-7 minutes she came all over my face and I came again, but in a little quantity after 5 more minutes. I was fully relaxed. She swallowed my cum and licked my face clean and also my penis.
She laid beside me and cuddled me and pull the blanket over. I asked her if she was happy and she gave me a naughty look and I asked her if she wanted more. She smooched me and I knew she did. We do this very often these days and I sometimes help her with some cash or anything that she wants. I am in love with her body and she is just the perfect maid. She often waked me up with a blow job and I tell you guys that’s the best feeling in the world. I hope you enjoyed my story. Thank you.